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Machinist/ Welder

Al Lith, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
May 14, 2019

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Camarines st. Brgy. Dulong Bayan


Mobile Number: +63-906*******/+966-*********/+966-*********

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Summary of Qualification

I am a graduate of academic preparation in Bachelor of Science and Industrial Technology, Mechanical Technology major in Machine Shop, with more than eighteenth (18) years experience as machinist from local companies and foreign clients. Developed specialization in operating machines like, lathe machine, slotter, surface grinder, vertical milling,horizontal milling machine, press machine, drill press, shaper, aligned boring machine, reboring machine,valve setting machine (SERDI), crimping hose machine and valve grinder. And with additional skills in operating arc welding machine, oxy acetylene, spot welding machine, tig welding machine, mig welding machine.CNC Tarret machine Doosan.

Professional Background

Work experience:

Company: Solb Steel Company

Address : Jizan Baysh, K.S.A.

Service : April,16 2018 up to present

Job descriptions:


1.) Lathe Machine

2.) Numerical Control Surface Grinder

3.) Milling Machine

4.) CNC Tarret Machine(DOOSAN)

5.) Welding Machines

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.) Remachined finishing outer flunge and inner flunge

2.) Fabricate roller guide

3.) Fabricate guide shafting

4.) Remachined chock flunge

5.) Fabricate pin guide for R-E-2 EIG Setting bar spacer

6.) Fabricate bearing cup cover

7.)Fabricate sleeve extractor

8.) Fabricate tension volt and adjuster volt

9.) Reface shear knife blade lower and upper

10.) Fabricate hose fittings

11.) Fabricate leaf pin (WZ-80/100)

12.) Fabricate leaf shafting

13.) Fabricate bumper arm

14.) Fabricate pin for stand HL-400-16

15.) Fabricate clamp guide saddle

Salem S.Babgi Trd. Co. Ltd. March 2011 to March 2017


Sanaya, Gizan, KSA

•Valve setter

•Hobbing gear

•Machining of shafting and threading with diff.sizes

•Welding and refacing of aluminum and cast iron cylinder heads

•Valve clearance and adjustment

•Welding, allignment and balancing of boat and ship propeller (Bronze materials)

•Fabrication of plunges,bushing and king pin

•Pull out and pressing of ball bearings with different sizes

•Hydrotest of diff. kinds of cylinderheads,exhaust manifolds,radiators.

•Fabricates roller

•Fittings of hydraulic hose and pipes

•Repair and installing of different parts in a rolling mill department where steels are made

•Dismantling and assembling of gear box (Repair)

•Build-up machining of gears (Ring Gear,Rock Gear,HelicalGear,Cone Gear,Bevel Gear)

•Build-up machining of shaftings (Bearing Portion)

•Dismantling and installing of diff. mechanical parts in a steel factory and cement factory

Al Shark Turnery August 2008 to Nov. 2010

Al Khuderia, Dammam KSA


•Fabricate die and molds

•Welding of iron,cast and aluminum materials

•Valve set of cylinder head rings

•Reface of cylinder head

•Rebore of cylinder head block

•Threading of shaftings and diff. kinds of pipes

•Machining of shaftings 12” dia. x 12 ft. long

•Machining of blank gears

•Fabrication of hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic shafting,fittings.

SRTECH. Engineering and Industrial Supply January 2007 to July 2008

Brgy. Makiling, Calamba Laguna, Philippines

Machinist Supervisor

•Estimates and getting jobs from the clients

•Checking the works done by my co-workers

•Responsible on time or due date of the jobs to be finish

Also if needed:

•Grind Circle knife

•Machining of shaftings and threading

•Fabricates Die and Molds

•Hobbing Gear

•Fabricate Jigs and fixtures

•Grinding of rubber rollers (polyurethane)

•Reface and valve setting of cylinder head

ROVI MATERIAL HANDLERS, INC. August 2001 to Nov. 2003

Las Pinas City, Philippines


•Machining of shaftings,pipes,engineering plastics

•Fabricate Hydraulic repair kits / conversion of

Oring to packing type (polyurethane)

•Refacing of disc brake, drum brake and fly wheel

•Build-up machining of crankshaft (oil seal portion)

•Valve Setting

•Refacing of cylinder head

•Welding of cylinder head (aluminum and cast iron)

•Fittings of main and connecting rod bushing

DASH Engineering

Alabang Muntinlupa, Philippines


•Fabricate Plastic injection

•Fabricate Die and Molds

•Welding Works

•Valve Setting

•Fabricate/ hobbing of Gear

•Fabricate plunges

•Fabrication of jigs and fixtures


School : Marinduque State College

Located in : Boac Marinduque, Philippines

Field of Study : BSIT Mechanical Technology major in Machine Shop

School Year : 1996 to 2000


Date of Birth : February 02, 1979

Age : 38

Gender : Male

Civil Status : Married

Place of Birth : Mogpog Marinduque

Nationality : Filipino


Furnish upon request.

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