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Manager Customer Service

Bethany, Oklahoma, United States
May 13, 2019

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Darryl A. Bottoms

**** *. ******* ****

Bethany, OK 73008

405-***-**** Home

405-***-**** Cell

Work History

Aug 2017 to 25 Feb 2019. Certifit Auto Body Parts. Deliver Auto Body Parts to Body Shops overthe State of Okla.

Feb 2016 to Aug 2017 Off for back Surgery and recovery.

Certifit Auto Body Parts, Jul 2015 to Feb 2016 Certifit Auto Body Parts. Deliver Auto Body Parts to Body Shops over the State of Okla.

March 2013 to Jul 2015, CNG Interstate, Edmond. Convert Gasoline Vehicles to Compressed

Natural Gas.

Oct 2010 to March 2013, Regal Plastics, West Reno, OKC. Cut, Machine, Sand, Thermally Bend, Glue, Flame Polish Plastic Sheet to Customer Specifications for display of goods, signs and other uses.

Mar 2010 to May 2010, Yukon Wal Mart, Tire & Lube Express, Customer Service Rep, Left Due to my personal inability to serve the customer adequately as a result of Wal Marts inept policies.

Supervisors, Sherry, Robert, Randy.

Jun 6, 2006 to Sept 1, 2009 (Retired), General Motors, Wentzville, MO, Dynamic Vehicle Testing and Repair, Supervisors Jim Childs, Steve Wilson.

Oct 29, 1979 to Jun 6, 2006, General Motors, 7447 S.E. 74th, OKC, Production Line Worker,

Repairman, Trainer, Work Place Organization Instructor, Problem Solving Instructor, Preventive

Maintenance Assistant, Instructor. Supervisors, Lou Spratt, Wilbur Tripplett, Nasser Parsi, Ralph Buckheit.

1982 to 1983 (18 Month Layoff due to GM Shutdown), Harlan’s Auto Repair, N.W. 10th & Villa,

OKC, Mechanic. Owner, Harlan Gilliland.

1975 to Oct 1979 (Called to work for GM OKC), Bolen Oldsmobile, 12th & Shartel, Mechanic.

Service Manager, Lowell Gray, Operations Manager George Pello.

!975, Sharmain Auto Repair, Main & Shartel, OKC, Mechanic, Owner, Jack Edsel

1972 to 1975, Magnetic Peripherals Inc., N.W. 39th & Tulsa, OKC, Manufacturer of Main Frame Computer Accessories, Production Worker

1970 to1972, Greb X-Ray, 3rd & Western, OKC, X-Ray Equipment Repair, Manager A. B.

Clement, Supervisor Paul Briggs.

Oct 1968 to 1970, General Dynamics, 301 E. Hill, OKC, Aircraft Instrument Repairman

Apr 1967 to Oct 1968, US Air Force, Ellsworth AFB So. Dakota, Pavement Maintenance and

Snow Plow Operator.

1966 to Apr 1967, Chick Coker Pontiac, 4th and Shartel, OKC, Driver, Mechanic Helper. Joe Coker


Education and Training

H.S. Graduate - 1966, Crooked Oak High School

General Motors Delco Remy - Charging Starting Systems (1966), Carburetors (1966), Ignition Systems (1966), Oldsmobile Diesel Mechanics (1977)

General Motors Manufacturing - Facilitator or Instructor, (Human Resources, St Louis, MO)

Work Place Organization, Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Business Plan Deployment

(GM - OKC)

I have also attended many short update classes too numerous to list in fields I am interested in or work related.

Special Skills

My experience as an assembler and training as an Instructor in Work Place Organization

and Problem Solving is unique. I have the ability and training to set up a work station in an

effective and efficient manor that can speed production, increase quality and do it safely.

There were six of us given the task of organizing and designing the WPO class known as

Job Scrolling. We learned how to set up a stationary work station, and a moving line work station. This enabled the person doing the job to work efficiently with little wasted motion, and effectively so that it was ergonomically easier and safer.

Problem Solving classes were organized with 4 to 10 persons to solve a problem that was

a top priority to quality. We were given the problem and went out onto the assembly line with the tools and resources to solve that problem. We then made a presentation to Management on what we found and how we solved the problem. I don’t know of any problem we couldn’t find a root cause for, and a way to cure it.

My last assignment with GM was Dynamic Vehicle Testing and Repair. This entailed

driving the vehicle over a pit, where I aligned the front end, aligned the headlights, and

electronically tested the electrical systems. I then drove it onto a dynamometer where I drove up to 70 MPH where it was electrically and mechanically tested for any running problems. Because of my ability and background in mechanics I was able to diagnose problems that others could not.

I enjoy working, and I like working with people. I would like to work for a company that can

use my talents and abilities to help the company grow and help the people around me work in a safe secure environment. I have a working knowledge and some computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, & PowerPoint.


I have my own work shop with Air Compressor, Table saw, Radial arm saw, Drill press, Scroll

Saw, and a good complement of hand tools and hand held power tools. I added 1000 sq feet to the first house I bought and went from 500 sq ft to 1500 sq ft and 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms. I have built a number of various toys and home projects over the years that have brought much joy and happiness to me and my Family and friends.

I have a full set of automotive pneumatic and hand tools that I repair and maintain my 2010 GMC pickup and my wife’s 2006 Malibu Maxx myself.

My wife and I raised 6 sons and 1 daughter we can be proud of, who have given us 24

grandchildren. Of all that I have done, this one is the most important one, and the one I am most proud of.

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