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Product Specialist, Customer Service, Legal Assistant

Seattle, Washington, United States
May 13, 2019

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Daniel K. Yuen

**** *** *** **, *** ***

Seattle, Washington 98105




Product Specialist/Activities Director

North Creek by Bonaventure

1907 201st. PL SE, Bothell, WA 98012

Boss: Kendra Meredith

October 2017 - Present

-Product Specialist/Activities Director to more than 70 residents

-Helping bring ideas, goals, and dreams to life.

-Built road maps for projects and ensured communication and gate completions.

-Began and ran events and activities ensuring smooth operation and high attendance. Overseeing all aspects.

-Kept the peace and aimed for client happiness.

-Pulled the power and resources of all departments to ensure events remained funded properly, was well regarded/attended, and that all sides were pleased with the outcome.

-Ran and/or scheduled one major even every month, one large event every week, and a few small events throughout the week.

-Published newsletters and calendars (monthly, daily, and weekly’s).

Legal Assistant

Kristof James M Law

7525 SE 24th St., #360, Mercer Island, WA, 98040

Boss: Jim Kristof

October 2016 – October 2017

-Assisted the two partners with day-to-day tasks.

oPrimarily with the focus towards drafting complaints, summons, and defaults.

-Edited and completed final copies of drafts.

-Sent out letters requesting confirmation from the insured and our clients.

-Completed service packets to be served to the defendants.

-Worked to ensure the clients goals were reached, and their information properly documented and used.

Product Specialist/Technical Writer/Customer Service


15815 25th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA 98087

Boss: Stephen Winterbottom

May 2013 – October 2015

-Worked with Product Managers to better communicate with Customer support and to assist with training.

-Focused primarily on customer service and supporting other branches of the customer service department.

-Assisted Product Managers in the realm of customer service.

-I learned and practiced the skills of de-escalation.

-Improved my skills in sales, ranging from the equipment itself, to services and installs.

- Managing accounts, ensuring that they were moved and transferred properly.

-Performed technical writing projects.

-Helped lead the fitness campaign within the specific center I worked at.

-Comcast gave me the necessary push to be able to handle more projects at once, more efficiently and accurately. They also gave me more opportunities towards leadership, from presentation of new products and services to my fellow co-workers, to leading projects to raise numbers and goal potentials.

Aquatics Coordinator

Seattle Athletic Club

2020 Western Ave., Seattle, WA 98121

Boss: Teresa Nelson

May 2013 – Present

-Gave me the reins to figure out a profitable aquatics program for the weekends within a set budget.

-Gained stronger understanding in the discipline needed to continue a successful program and client satisfaction.

-Provided opportunity to become a stronger leader, instructor, and an even better communicator.

-Allowed me to work closer with the clients, to learn their wants and needs and providing an environment to really master them.


Seattle University

Enrolled 2018 – Present

School of Law

Washington State University

Enrolled: 2008 to 2013

Major: English with an enthuses in Professional writing and rhetoric

Minor: Philosophy

-Played Tennis and Ultimate, and participated in Judo and Fencing

-Vice President for my Resident Hall

-Found my love for Logics

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Enrolled: Summer of 2010

Major: took courses with a focus in the Chinese language (mandarin)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Enrolled: Summer 2012

Major: Taking courses in Chinese Medicine and International business

-Focused on understanding the goals of Eastern Medicine and their uses

-Gained a better understanding of international commerce

-Allowed me practice in the Chinese language

-Gained a better understanding of business in Asia and the differences laws make in various regions of the world.

Skill: Proven abilities to bring together multiple departments for large projects while maintaining a constant level of communication and understanding of the process and path of the project. Maintain strong monthly schedules, goals, and budgets for my projects and events. Maintained contact with vendors and clients, ensuring happiness and a productive calendar always full with events and activities.

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