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Electrical Engineering Project

Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
May 13, 2019

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Onteddu Rama Krishna Reddy

Second Year Undergraduate

Department of Electrical Engineering



Degree Institution CPI/ % Year

B.Tech IIT Gandhinagar 8.17 2017 - Present

Class XII Sri Chaitanya, Hyderabad 97.1 2016-2017

Class X Sri Chaitanya, Hyderabad 9.7 2014-2015


● Error Correction using Hamming Code ; Prof. Joycee Mekie [Time Duration] o Used in detecting 2-bit error and correcting 1-bit error in transmitted bit string.

● Behaviour of LEDs and photodiodes, Prof. Arup Lal Chakraborty

I learnt about the characteristics of the devices with AC and DC current.

● Compact Stationary Pack ; Prof. Amit Shah

I was a member of a six-member team.

I learnt how to start designing a product by considering all the influencing factors.

I was involved in the final prototype making.

● Linear Algebra in Game Development ; Prof. Chetan Bhagat

I was the team leader of 5-member team.

I learnt how the linear algebra is involved in game development. Technical skills

● Languages: Python, Verilog, Octave, Matlab.

● Tools: Autodesk Inventor Professional, ISE Design Suite, Latex. Positions of Responsibility

● Senator, Student Senate, [2017 - 2019]

We discuss the problems faced by the students of IIT Gandhinagar and try to solve them.

● Jashn Event Coordinator, Jashn-2019

I coordinated with a team of 6-member team and successfully organised an event, Picture perfect.

● Jashn Event Organiser, Jashn-2018

I was part of a 9-member team and successfully organised Labyrinth Extra-Curricular Activities

● Srija Memorial Cup [2018]

We won silver medal in the volleyball league.

Ongoing Project/ Courses

● Shaft Control Mechanism ; Prof. S. Rajendran

This project involves the controlling of speed and position of motor shaft and some applications of it.

● Machine Learning ; Prof. Andrew Ng

This is an online course offered by Coursera.

This course involves the basics of machine learning in octave.

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