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Electrical Engineer Power Plant

Bussey, Iowa, 50044, United States
May 11, 2019

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Paul Vernon Zylstra, PE

*** *******

P.O. Box 36

Bussey, IA 50044

Mobile: 563-***-****


Country of citizenship: United States of America

Veteran: Yes

Contact Current Employer: Yes

WORK EXPERIENCE Energy Technologies, Inc 10/1991 - Present Bussey, Iowa US

Hours per week: 50-60 when not

working elsewhere

Controls Engineer/Owner

Principle and President involved in machine automation, control of process systems, automated assembly systems, design of communications sites, and design of industrial electrical systems. This includes: 1) Designing and specifying electrical and pneumatics control hardware. 2) Ladder logic programming and VLC flow chart programming. 3) Programming stepper and servo-drive motors in multi-axis applications. 4) Programming variable frequency drives. 5) Programming PID loops for process control. 6) Programming of operator-interface. 7) Integrating bar code, vision, and character recognition systems. 8) Integrating analog instrumentation and control for heating systems, fluid flow, and air test systems and electrical testing. 9) Designing power distribution systems including motor control centers. 10) Developing electrical prints for project construction. 11) Writing manuals for machine operation and developing programming and control guidelines and standards. Also involved in energy audits, whole building analysis, motor efficiency analysis, lighting analysis, and refrigeration and air conditioning modifications for energy efficiency in commercial and industrial facilities. Other projects not related to process controls and machine automation include: 1) FEMA PA - After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, five months in south Louisiana doing damage assessments to medical facilities for FEMA. This included work as a project officer and on a building assessment team assessing hospitals, medical schools, clinics, and research facilities.

2) New York City 9/11 Mitigation - Five months of 2006 in New Jersey and New York working on the Channel 16 communications project to provide an emergency communications network for the City of New York. This included the site electrical plan, the site power supply, the grounding systems, the RF cabling, and the antenna layout for fourteen sites. Coordination was made with Motorola and installation conformed to Motorola R-56 standards.

3) FEMA PA - Three months in 2007 working for FEMA as a Program Manager assisting four Rural Electric Cooperatives in Iowa after an ice storm downed transmission and distribution lines throughout the state. Work included project worksheets and site assessments.

4) IRAQ Deployment - Five weeks in 2007 working in Iraq surveying projects and creating 1391 scopes of work and estimates to fund the completion of Dining Facilities, Maintenance Facilities, Water Treatment Facilities, Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Incineration and Recycling Facilities, and Warehouses. In addition helped to map the water system and electrical distribution system at a large air base. Oxford International 1/2013 – 8/2013

Beverly, Massachusetts

Hours per week: 40

Electrical Engineer for Berhinger Englhiem Vetmedica in Ft. Dodge, IA Performed owner acceptance and oversight for renovation of pharmaceutical facility. Work included checking drawings and specifications prepared by numerous Architectural and Engineering firms, providing supplemental designs for power distribution and communications, and providing control drawings for equipment 2

modifications. In addition edited and updated all of the company electrical specification, along with editing the remaining construction specifications. ARCHON ENGINEERING 1/2012 – 6/2012

Columbia, Missouri

Hours per week: 50

Project Engineer for Louisiana Energy Services (URENCO) in Eunice, NM Performed owner acceptance and oversight for a nuclear enrichment facility under construction. All work was Class 3 commercial interface to the proprietary systems. At time of leaving was negotiating to return and program several GEVS. Print check control drawings including panel drawings, wiring diagrams, process and instrumentation diagrams, and power panel schedules. Systems checked included Gaseous Effluent Ventilation System, Centrifuge Cooling Water System, Plant Pneumatic Air Distribution, and Standby Generators with Fuel Distribution System. Helped to update and maintain the Material Equipment List for plant operations. Designed hardwired pumping control schemes for HVAC condensate water collection. Hansen Professional Servicers 9/2011 – 11/2011

Springfield, Illinois

Hours per week: 55

Project Specialist – FEMA PA

After Missouri River flooding prepared project worksheets for drainage canals and secondary county roads to assist in determining eligibility for federal payment for restoration. Deployment was for 60 days.

Micheal Baker Jr., Inc. 5/2011 – 8/2011

FOB Shank, Afghanistan

Hours per week: 64

Project Engineer

Manage MILCON projects for the United States Army Corps of Engineers at the Logar Resident Office at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Shank. Projects include the construction of a cargo handling area ($2.1 million); a brigade headquarters ($5.1 million); and rotary wing taxiways, aprons, hangers, maintenance facilities and administration ($19.7 million). Work requires familiarity with RMS and Dr. Checks. Contractors include Afghan National companies and Third Country National companies. Stanley Consultants, Inc. 11/2010 - 4/2011

Muscatine, Iowa US

Hours per week: 60

Senior Electrical Technician (FEMA Mitigation)

Electrical distribution staking for Rural Electric Cooperatives using GPS/GIS surveying equipment. Calculations included uplift in hilly terrain and National Electric Safety Code clearances to grain bins and top loading grain storage. Design required selection of poles, pole top units, guying and anchors to support predetermined conductor sizes. MACTEC Engineering & Consulting 4/2010 - 6/2010

Kabul, Kabul Afghanistan

Hours per week: 72

Principle Electrical Engineer

Provided oversight to Afghan Electrical and Mechanical Engineers including: 1) Title II construction oversight and inspection for compliance to US and international codes and standards.

2) Electrical Master Planning support for the Afghan National Army and the Afghan National Police. This included the expansion of 15 kV service and sizing of generation for remote locations.

Provided assessments of Fire Stations in Kabul to bring them up to usable construction standards for safe operation. Provided assessments of generating facilities for the Afghan National Police.

(Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: Korey Mullins, Supervisor's Phone: 515-***-****)

Stanley Consultants, Inc. 5/2007 - 7/2009

Muscatine, Iowa US

Hours per week: 40 except on

overseas assignments

Senior Electrical Engineer


Primarily hired to work on overseas projects including: 1) Kabul, Afghanistan: Design cherette for Army Corps of Engineers to develop electrical and communications portions of a 30% design of the New Kabul Compound. The design was used to solicit design/build bids.

2) Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, and Afghanistan: Inspected fifteen communications sites and towers to bring them up to commercial standards. The sites were to be eventually turned over to the host nations. Site reports included tower data provided by a climbing team, site descriptions, site sketches, a summary of compliance issues, estimates, and a brief description of codes and standards. State side work included: Small projects for motor starting and load additions using Milsoft Windmill, provided interconnection guidance to add solar and wind generators to Cooperative Electric Power grids, inspected facilities for fault studies and sectionalizing studies.

(Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: Brian Schoer, Supervisor's Phone: 563-***-****)

Stanley Baker Hill LLC 7/2007 - 5/2008

Baghdad, Baghdad Iraq

Hours per week: 72

Deputy Program Manager - SCADA

Managed the program to attempt to finish the SCADA system in Iraq at the transmission level and to complete and initiate distribution SCADA in the larger cities of Iraq. This included:

1) Interface with the United States State Department for project funding, interface with the United Nations Development Program for project coordination, interface with the Iraq Ministry of Electricity to implement the projects, and interface with the Army Corps of Engineers to manage the projects.

2) Developing a group of Iraqi Local Nationals into a project development team, able and willing to travel to various locations around Iraq to assist in project development and implementation.

3) Attempt to organize an effort to complete a project costing over a hundred million dollars to finish automating the high voltage electricity grid in Iraq including the National Dispatching Center for control of power plants and 400kV transmission and three regional control centers for control of the 132kV grid. This includes communications systems using point-to-point microwave, UHF radio, and power line carrier.

4) Manage the program to complete the installation of a nationwide Generation Remote Monitoring System for acquisition of data via satellite from twelve combustion turbine generation facilities.

5) Complete oversight of the installation of the distribution SCADA system in east Baghdad including contracting with ABB to train fifty-two Iraqis in seven different job classifications over a five month period with courses of study lasting from two to ten weeks.

6) Developed presentations on Distribution SCADA for the Provincial Reconstruction Teams to present to local jurisdictions to help manage load. Typically the nation as a whole can only meet half of their electricity needs and load control is essential. 7) Additional duties included outage analysis, regional and national blackout analysis, special studies in VAR control and under frequency relaying, and data gathering and mining for programmatic use.

(Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: Jim Koch, Supervisor's Phone: 341-***-****)

BES Corporation 2/1995 - 8/1995

Kansas City, MO

Hours per week: 50

Senior Electrical Engineer

Worked on fast track projects which required detailed electrical design and a broad knowledge of NFPA standards for building design. Projects included: 1) Negotiated a fire system for Marion Merrill Dow World Headquarters which was functional for their needs in a high-rise. The system was a Cyberus-Pyrotronics network with style 7 communications and six panels throughout the campus. 2) Managed a fuel distribution system project for a convenience store. This included product distribution, vapor recovery, and hazardous location wiring. 3) Coordinated relaying in several locations, including performing the fault studies. 4) Completely engineered the electrical portion of the conversion of a warehouse into a world class laboratory facility for chemists and biologists at Select-Tide. This 4

included changing out the service entrance, moving panels within the facility, providing conditioned power in separate raceway, providing power and lighting in a Class 1, Division 1, hazardous location, facility evacuation in compliance with ADA, and general lighting and power distribution.

4) Provided company training to both mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians in the areas of motors and transformers. (Contact Supervisor: No, Company out of business)

Ames National Laboratory 11/1988 - 11/1993

Ames, Iowa US

Hours per week: 40

Electronics Engineer

Responsible for designing and building various pieces of equipment to interface with the experiments of the scientists. This includes high voltage, high speed switching circuits and high speed analog amplifiers, as well as special matching networks. Among the projects managed were: 1) The electrical design for a large, twelve-room, clean room facility. 2) The responsibility for the laboratory's Johnson Control Systems, JC85, fire and security system; as well as the Laboratory notification system including public address (PA) and private line radio installations. 3) The specification, purchase, and installation of numerous UPS, a dual frequency, 50 kVA induction heating system, and several small computer systems. 4) An assessment of the power system security for the laboratory complex and the design of new multi-voltage service entrances for Laboratory Buildings. 5) Responsible for all Laboratory electrical safety training. 6) Performed SPICE computer modeling of medium scale, complex circuitry and modeled the spatial electrical effects of various objects and chambers. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: Dr. Delwyn Bluhm, Supervisor's Phone: Unknown) Bergoust Engineers & Co. 1/1988 - 6/1988

Missoula, Montana US

Hours per week: 45

Electrical Engineer

Company no longer in business.

Designed building electrical, lighting, and special systems (including nurse calls, public address, and fire alarm). Worked on schools, medical facilities, and light industrial. Designed power and lighting systems for the St. Patrick Hospital MRI facility and the Sisters of Providence Center Chemo Dialysis unit. Completed the engineering and checkout of numerous other projects including schools, hospitals, and a forensic medical facility.

Centel Electric - Kansas 9/1985 - 1/1988

Great Bend, Kansas US

Hours per week: 45

SCADA & Communications Supervisor

Company no longer in business.

Was given the oversight of a communications section with three technicians. Primary responsibility for the installation of the company's first system-wide SCADA system. Among added duties were: 1) Interfacing with Southwestern Bell and AT&T communications for communications services between substation remote terminal units and the master station. 2) Writing specifications for a 928 - 952 MHz multiple address radio system and licensing that system with the FCC. 3) The ongoing oversight of communications personnel in the areas of power line carrier, telephone, land mobile radio, and RTU/Master station communications. 4) Represented the utility in the Mid-Central Utilities Telecommunications Council. 5) Factory acceptance of a Landis & Gyr 6700 computer master station with nine remote terminal units. 6) Writing specifications and procuring equipment for substation modifications necessary to implement the SCADA installation. 7) Programming the new computer to manage the power system, including data-base entry and the development of custom displays.

(Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: Mike Saber, Supervisor's Phone: Unknown)

Nebraska Public Power District 5/1978 - 8/1984

Columbus, Nebraska US

Hours per week: 40

Relay and Controls Engineer

Studied a wide variety of topics related to the electrical power industry and became very adept at relating the theoretical world of computer analysis to the practical world of field measurement and design criteria. This included the sizing of a neutral resistor 5

for the step-up transformer of a 650 MW generator; Ground Potential Rise for substation communications (GPR); transmission line reactor and transformer parallel resonance including field measurement and an IEEE paper; voltage transformer ferro- resonance including field measurement; the complete analysis of shield wire insulation methods including an economic evaluation; analysis of the magnetic and electrostatic induction of power lines, including shock hazards and the effects to pivot and corner pivot irrigation systems; analysis of power system harmonics; analysis of power system voltage and current unbalance, including three years of field measurement data and the empirical formulation of current magnitude unbalance equations; transient analysis at both 345 kV and 500 kV using both the BPA Electromagnetic Transients program (EMTP) and the McGraw-Edison Transient Network Analyzer (TNA). Among the areas studied were series capacitor compensation at 500 kV and capacitor bank MOV protection, single pole switching, transformer line termination, and general insulation coordination.

Other responsibilities included some relay coordination of much of the 115 kV transmission system. Also worked with fault studies and oscillographs to analyze the nature and cause of various faults on the transmission system. Provided seminars in electronic repair, current and voltage unbalance, and reactor resonance Publications:

"Guidelines for Determining Parallel Resonance on EHV Transmission Lines"; Reid, Gustin, and Zylstra; September 1983, IEEE Volume PAS-102, No. 9.

(Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor's Name: Dr. Douglas Kallesen, Supervisor's Phone: 877-***-****)

EDUCATION Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa US

Master's Degree - 12/1988

38 Semester Hours

Major: Electrical Engineering

GPA: 3.75 out of 4.0

Relevant Coursework:

Thesis Masters in power systems analysis and electro-magnetic fields & waves. Used the BPA Electro-magnetic Transients Program to compare various models for lightning performance on a shield wire down lead.

Modeling of a Shield Wire Downlead for Lightning Performance. Paul Zylstra, September 1988, Iowa State University, Thesis MSEE. Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa US

Bachelor's Degree - 5/1978

205 Quarter Hours

Major: Electrical Engineering

GPA: 2.88 out of 4.0

Relevant Coursework:

Emphasis on electrical power systems, communications, and power plant operations. Twin Cedars Community Schools

Bussey, Iowa US

High School or equivalent - 5/1970

Relevant Coursework:

General Education with a math and science emphasis. Lettered 4 years each in band and vocal. lettered 3 years in football, 3 years in track, 3 years in basketball, 1 year in baseball, and 1 year in bowling. Drama club.



Professional Engineer in State of Iowa: Registration 10809 Completed FEMA Operations 1, October 30, 2005.



"Guidelines for Determining Parallel Resonance on EHV Transmission Lines"; Reid, Gustin, and Zylstra; September 1983, IEEE Volume PAS-102, No. 9. 6

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Warren Rushton Yavapai Design Build Manager

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Cameron Berkuti Chemonics International COP

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