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Middleware, WebSphere Application server, Ansible, AWS, Tomcat, IIS

Bentonville, Arkansas, United States
May 11, 2019

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M: 479-***-**** E:

Professional Summary

●Technical Lead with 15 years 8 months of work experience in Retail, Pharmacy and Telecommunication Industry Processes Systems / Solutions. extensive experience in middleware technologies, application development, implementation and production support.

●Expertise in installation, configuration and administration of IBM WebSphere Application Server ND/6.x/7.0/8.x, IBM HTTP Server, IBM WebSphere plugins and Apache V2.x Web Servers.

●Strong knowledge on Ansible and Jenkins for Automation deployments.

●Installation and configuration SAML on WebSphere to configure Single Sign on.

●Successfully implemented WLM using cloning and clustering techniques including Horizontal and Vertical Cloning for fail over and backup/recovery processes.

●Hands on experience in deploying, testing and support of full life cycle implementations of various J2EE/Internet/Intranet and distributed applications.

●Experienced in applying Refresh packs, Fix packs, Cumulative Fix packs for various versions of WebSphere application server, IBM HTTP Server and plugins.

●Expertise in configuring/creating JDBC Data source connections and WebSphere JMS/Queue connection factories, queue destinations and Listener ports for MDB’s.

●Expertise in generating CSR's and getting them certified by CA (VeriSign, Entrust, Cybertrust etc.).

●Expertise in GSKit commands for creating key stores and trust stores and other SSL related functions.

●Expertise in Shell scripting, Jacl and little knowledge on Jython Scripting.

●Excellent working skills in optimization and analyzing of Enterprise Applications using tools like Tivoli Performance Monitor/WAS Resource analyzer and Garbage Collector Tool, Memory Dump Diagnostic Tool.

●Excellent skills on troubleshooting and problem determination of WebSphere/ System/ Network related problems including monitoring, capacity planning and maintenance by providing 24X7 support on call for all mission critical applications.

●Working knowledge of industry standard development practices and concepts. (J2EE, EJB, JDBC JMS, Java, JavaScript, Servlets/JSP, XML, XSLT, SOA, Web Services).

●Experienced in DNS, LDAP, FTP, Remote Access, Security Management and System Troubleshooting skills.

●Over 4 years of direct client interactions experience and strong co-ordination with Business Owners, Offshore team.

●Experience in managing and leading team size of 10+.

●Excellent analytical and problem solving skills and a team player with strong interpersonal and communication proficiency.

●Good exposure and working knowledge on F5 load balancer.

Technical Skills:

Web/App Servers

WebSphere Application Server 6.x/7.x/8.x, WebSphere portal Server 5.1/6.0, WebSphere XD 6.0/6.1, IBM Http Server 6.0/7.0/8.x,IIS, Apache Web Server, Tomcat

Operating Systems

IBM AIX (5.1/5.2), Linux, WINDOWS 2K, HP-UNIX




JACL, WSADMIN, Shell Script, Perl, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS.


Oracle (8i/9i), DB2 MS SQL Server.


TCP/IP Protocols, DNS, Active Directory, F5 Load balancer

Frame work




Professional Experience

Bentonville, AR, USA

Client: Wal-mart Stores Inc WebSphere Admin May’12 to till Date

Description of the Project : The business objective of the Build Middleware Support project is to build an environment for the middleware platform as per the Standard Operating Procedure, identify and mitigation of the root cause for any issues specific to the build. This project involves requirements gathering, design, build, testing, implementation and support.

Role: WebSphere Admin

Responsibility :

●Involved in planning, design and implementation of several e-business application hosting and working knowledge in most of the following areas: EJB, JSP, Servlets, Logging mechanism (ex, Log4J), XML, JMS, JDBC

●Installed, configured and maintained IBM Http Server, WebSphere Application Server Network deployment (7.0/8.x), created profiles using profile creating Wizard and silent profile.

●Install IM,WAS and create profiles using ANSIBLE modules and Jenkins

●Enabled Performance Monitoring Service (PMI) to collect JVM statistics and garbage collection data for monitoring the heap and physical memory in Web Sphere for large distributed applications.

●Complete the new update of all expiring SSL certs with research and renewal process, update the includes files.

●Configured WebSphere resources like JVM heap settings, JDBC providers, JDBC data sources, connection pooling, virtual hosts, Global security and SSL

●Worked extensively on the Implementation of LDAP Server, and Global Security to provide a comprehensive level of security

●Installation and configuration of SAML on WebSphere to enable the Single sing on.

●Generated http plug-in config and updated webserver plug-in after deploying applications in a clustered environment.

●Troubleshooting Admin Server start-up issues, memory leaks, Java code defects after deployment and class path issues.

●Involved in backup and recovery of WebSphere configurations using backupConfig and restoreConfig tools.

●Good experience in installing and configuring Webserver JBoss, Apache.

●Good experience in installing and configuring Tomcat application server.

●Create and configured the proxy setting, vhost for Apache server, IHS server.

●Worked with Network team to setup the virtual on Load Balancer.

●Strong experience in working with server teams and understanding of server configurations for Large J2EE applications.

●Good working knowledge of configuring clustering and F5 load balancing.

●Installed JDBC drivers and created the data sources and configured the parameters of the connection pool.

●Enabled SSL security between Websphere Application server and IBM HTTP Server. Monitor the Expiration on Certificates and update them before they expire.

●Good experience in HTML, UI, CSS and Java-script.

●Strong understanding and working with database systems i.e Oracle, SQL Server, DB2.

●Strong experience with configuring, installing and administration of ESB products such as IBM WebSphere ESB.

Client: Diageo UK WebSphere Admin June’09 - Apr’12

Role: WebSphere Admin


Installed, configured and maintained IBM WebSphere Application Server ND 7.x/6.x, IBM HTTP Server 6.x on RHEL, AIX 5.3 and Solaris platforms.

Performed Tuning by implementing Workload Management (WLM) and setting up various parameters in Web server.

Worked on defining and configuring Application Servers, Virtual Hosts, Web Resources, JDBC Drivers, Web Applications, Servlets, and Servlet Engines-as well as deployment of EJB’s across multiple instances of WebSphere.

Configured JMS Provider using WebSphere MQ.

Implemented the Clustering Topology that meets High Availability and Failover requirement for performance and functionality.

Integrated and deployed Enterprise J2EE applications on WebSphere ND 7.x/6.x that involves EAR, JAR, WAR files

Involved in server log and domain log monitoring and application deployment of WebSphere Application server.

Log rotation of web and application server logs on a daily basis.

Enabled Global Security feature by configuring LDAP as user registry and LTPA with Single Sign On for authentication and authorization privileges.

Worked with the IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler.

Good experience in Installing and Configuring Webserver JBoss, Apache.

Enabled SSL and was responsible for installing the certificates and configuring them in the IBM HTTP Server.

Installed SSL certificates on the webserver using ikeyman tool.

Managed Security and Performance optimizations for IBM WebSphere, IBM HTTP Server.

Troubleshooting on issues such as out of memory, memory leaks, session replication and federation of nodes and synchronization of nodes with Network Deployment Manager.

Ability to work on on-call duties 24/7.

Client : Aetna Inc. USA WebSphere Admin Oct’07 – Feb’09

Role: WebSphere Admin


●Involved in planning, design and implementation of several e-business application hosting.

●Administrated, installed, configured and provided technical supports on IBM WebSphere Application Server 7.0/6.1/6.0, 5.1, 5.0, on AIX, Solaris and Linux in UNIX.

●Installed and configured WebSphere Application Server, cumulative fix packs, JDK fixes, JVMs, etc to new environment.

●Created and configured clusters having multiple vertical and horizontal clones, configured and tuned JVM parameters, class path settings, virtual hosting and session management.

●Configured JDBC providers, Data sources, connection pool etc, for Oracle, DB2. Involved in troubleshooting many database issues and worked with DBA to fixing those issues.

●Configured WebSphere MQ JMS provider that provides J2EE connection factories for making connections to MQ queue and destination.

●Setting up environment for application packaging and deploying Enterprise Application Archive (EAR), Web Application Archive (WAR) in WebSphere on Development, QA, UAT and production environments.

●Developed shell scripts, JACL, Jython and ANT scripts to automate the WebSphere Administration (recycling the application server, deploying customer applications, logs rotation, monitor applications state)

●Enabled Performance Monitoring Service (PMI) to collect JVM statistics and garbage collection data for monitoring the heap and physical memory in WebSphere.

●Involved in RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and advanced trouble shooting techniques including profiling.

●Analyzing, performance tuning and troubleshooting WebSphere components, using Tivoli Performance viewer, Log analyzer and Thread analyzer.

●Administrated, installed, configured, monitored, troubleshoot and provided technical supports on several Web Servers such as IBM HTTP Server (Apache/Tomcat) 1.3.26,,, 6.0, on AIX, Solaris production, staging and development servers.

●Installed and configured VeriSign Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Self-signed certificates in Web Servers.

●Provided 24x7 application/infrastructure production supports.

PROJECT TITLE: Shell Manual Online Software Engineer Nov’06 -Apr’07

Client: Shell Singapore

Dev. Environment :,C#, Window2000,SQL Server2000

Role and Responsibility: Application Support, Bug Fixing, Client interaction.

Project Description : The software is being developed for Shell Singapore.

Shell Manual Online is one of the e-business solutions for Shell Singapore region, which enables you to utilize Shell web applications. Shell Manual online is a repository for the shell Singapore region. It gives users to online documents, project details, Information of different region application.

User can login with their username and password. They can upload their documents in doc format. By using HTML transit that documents are published and translate into HTML scripts. At last the html scripts are browsed.

PROJECT TITLE: EcoRepair Software Engineer Sep’05 to Oct’06

Client: British Telecommunication Inc, UK

Dev. Environment : C#, ASP.NET,SQL Server 7.0,IIS 4.0, Window2000

Role and Responsibility : Programmer

• Involved in designing of User Creation module, Create Fault, Fault Tracking.

• Involved Creation of ASPX pages for User Creation module:- Managing Company users, SP Users, End users

Project Description : The software is being developed for British Telecommunication UK eCoRepair is one of the e-business solutions from BT Wholesale, which enables you to utilize BT web applications. eCoRepair is a complete on-line Fault Reporting, Tracking, and Diagnostics Tool that gives you the ability to create, track and diagnose faults within a secure real time environment.

eCoRepair can handle private circuits, interconnect link, ISDN2, ISDN2 Home Highway, ISDN30, PSTN, Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) faults. eCoRepair integrates with FastRepair a versatile Fault Management Tool to provide a total visibility of eCoRepair fault report messages and update information.

Providing real time visibility, eCoRepair has a range of features which offer seamless time-saving facilities that produce, fast, up to the minute customer reports, tracking and closing of faults plus updates to BT.

PROJECT TITLE: SAHAKARA 1.0 Programmer Analyst Feb’04 Aug’05

Client: Bharat Electronics Credit Co-Operative Society, Bangalore

Role and Responsibility : Programmer

• Involved in designing of Admin module, Account module,RDFD module

• Involved Creation of GUI forms pages for Admin module, Account module,RDFD module

• Written Classes of GUI forms pages for Admin module, Account module,RDFD module


Bangalore Client : JIVAS Hospital, Bangalore

Role and Responsibility : Programmer

• Consulted with Client for Requirement gathering.

• Visit to Client places to study the Requirements.

• Involved in designing of InPatient and OutPatient module, Admin module, OT module.

• Involved Creation of GUI forms for InPatient and OutPatient module, Admin module, OT module.

• Written Classes for InPatient and OutPatient module, Admin module, OT module.

• Involved in Unit testing of InPatient and OutPatient module, Admin module, OT module.

PROJECT TITLE : VIDYA Software Jul’01 - Jun’02

Dev. Environment : VB, Oracle, Window2000, Crystal Report

Role and Responsibility : Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Coding

• Requirement handling with client.

• Involved of designing of Student Registration module, Exam module, Admin module.

• Created GUI forms for VIDYA.

• Written Classes for Student Registration module, Exam module,Admin module

• Done Unit Testing.

Project Description : Vidya automates most of the critical activities of a St Marks School thus saving a lot of time and paper work. Vidya includes all the modules, which basically cater to School Management operations


PG Diploma In Advance Computing (DAC) from CDAC-ACTS, Bangalore Jan 2003

Amaravati University, JDIET, Yavatmal Maharashtra, India Jun 2001

Bachelors of Textile Engineering, 66.56%


70-646 - Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator

IBM WebSphere Application Server v7.0 ND Administrator


“University Topper” in Undergraduate Degree

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