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Logistics and Procurement Supervisor

Al Sadd, Qatar
May 11, 2019

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Al Mirqab, Street 39, Bldg. # 89, Flat #7C, Al Sadd Doha, Qatar Mobile #: +974-********

Tel #: +974-********



Operation Support Engineer Assistant

(related to Engineering, Logistics, Procurement & Warehouse job ) Schlumberger Overseas SA

Date Employed: December 29, 2001 – February 22, 2016 Employment Duration: 14 years & 2 months

Location: Doha, Qatar

• Develop strategies and directives for the group to maintain on-time product and service deliveries to support highly demanding operational requirements.

• Responsible for creating external repair work order, repair ship ticket and purchase order in FMS to send the Tools to third party supplier for repair.

• Responsible for creating “supplier return ticket” in FMS for all the tools returned from third party repair and make them available and ready to go condition in the system.

• Responsible for processing/checking all third party invoices for payment.

• Responsible for creating an invoice to the client on monthly basis.

• Good knowledge of Smith Business policies especially those related to Inventory control and Asset management.

• Co-ordination with Operation department in inventory reduction and movement of under- utilized tools.

• Conducts tool & inventory cycle counts on a weekly basis.

• Responsible for establishing and effective infrastructure, along with implementing the required processes and policies to supply inventory needs with minimal lead time and in a cost-effective manner.

• Supervision of account receivables invoices to the customers.

• Responsible for inventory integrity and accuracy.

• Regular monitoring and achievement of monthly targets.

• Performs administrative duties and analyzes future workshop requirements.

• Keeps abreast of changes in operational practices, territories, systems etc on the requirements of dispatch and best working practices that will help goal achievement.

• Provides departmental & operational overviews for Customers.

• Monitors the delivery cycle to identify potential workload issues and re-prioritizes and re- distributes works as necessary to ensure all service commitments are met.

• Evaluates request for third party collections/deliveries as necessary. CV of F. C. PALASPAS



• Follows up on invoices etc to ensure all costs are reviewed for accuracy & forwards to the Finance advising on any billing anomalies.

• Prepares and provides Management with various reports relating to productivity, volume information, non productive regular pick-ups, service levels, individual Courier performance issues etc.

• Inspect all inbound tools & inventory parts, prepare checklist accordingly and inform shipper of any discrepancies.

• Perform daily maintenance of operational tools and send the defective ones for repair.

• Provide support on import and export operations of the company through effective coordination.

• Handle the necessary documentation and forms for the efficient, cost-effective and lawful execution of all import & export activities.

• Coordinate stock control, warehousing & distribution influenced by import and export activities.

• Involved in inventory control including receiving, storing and issuing material, parts, sub- assemblies supplies and asset tools.

• Documented all damaged or defective items and any discrepancies including shortages.

• Ensure that received goods are properly stowed for easy retrieval and documentation is in place.

• Coordinates with cross functional teams to get data on material status such as stock balances and shortages.

• Carried out investigation on shortages or out of balance conditions and took appropriate action.

Construction Logistics Manager

Qatar Building Engineering Co.

Date Employed: March 2, 2016 – August 30, 2017

Employment Duration: 1 year & 6 months

Location : Doha, Qatar

Responsible for all aspects of the logistics supply chain, stores management, development and optimization of site logistics solutions to meet the needs of the project. To manage the movement of people, goods, and equipment at the construction site and control site facilities management.

Ensure early engagement with project planner, commercial manager procuring the works and the senior construction manager on the site. Ensure that the construction team is fully aware of logistics activities in support of the building program.

• Plan site set-up to move labor, plant, and materials around site efficiently (eg hoarding, gates, site accommodation, cranes, hoists, security, temporary services, material delivery and waste management strategy)

• Responsible for all traffic management internally and externally and road network cleanliness.

• Manage installation of site accommodation and manage these facilities

• Create operational procedures and method statements CV of F. C. PALASPAS



• Organize site inductions, ensure induction records are securely stored.

• Create a schedule of logistics meetings and ensure logistics is represented at site meetings.

• Describe the characteristics of the site, including site access /egress, storage capacity and arrangement by program, labor, hoists, cranes etc.

• Use the description to produce daily, weekly and long term movement plans.

• Control materials in and out of site.

• Plan and integrate with key contractors to meet the needs of the planned program and de- confliction of on site space and time where appropriate.

• Assist in the evaluation of potential logistic suppliers and appropriate delivery management booking systems.

• Capable of managing sub-contractors to deliver their package of goods or services. Logistics, Plant & Equipment Supervisor

Fujita Corporation

Date Employed: September 15, 2017 – December 31, 2018 Employment Duration: 1 year & 2 month

Location: Doha, Qatar

• Arranges and booking all heavy equipment to support site requirements.

• Ensure that all equipment are in good condition and operational at all time.

• Coordinate with third party suppliers whenever there is machine breakdown.

• Ensure that the third party and operator certificates are up to date and available at all time.

• Verifies repairs and replacement request from service providers

• Prioritizes and plans tasks well and complete tasks within set deadlines

• Raise purchase request to the procurement department

• Coordinates with stores and all subcontractors for the delivery and completion of all the works

• Coordinates with service provided for any lack of maintenance/scheduled adjustments

• Asset Maintenance Daily walk around on site for all issues related to the common area

• Inspects and ensures the upkeep of the area is always maintained

• Visits/inspects site daily and reports discrepancies if any

• Inspects the site daily and raise service requests for any issues that service provider requires immediate action.

Warehouse Supervisor

Philippine Sunny Electronics Corporation

Date Employed: February 02, 1996 – May 30, 2000

Employment Duration: 4 years & 4 months

Location: Cavite Export Processing Zone, Philippines

• Supervises the preparation of stocks for deliveries that has to be in accordance with customer’s order as to type, quantity and specification before it would be turned over to traffic section.

• Ensures that machines are operational and in good running condition.

• Submits daily production output based on standards. CV of F. C. PALASPAS



• Supervises submission of daily stock positioning report and stock arrangements that they are properly arrange at their distinct location.

• Supervises conduct of regular physical inventory with or without the auditing personnel.

• Implements first –in-first- out system in releasing stocks to avoid possible deterioration of finished goods.

• Reports slow and non-moving finished goods. Inform sales department to avoid product obsolescence.

• Coordinates with quality assurance and technical services department in establishing quality products.

• Supervises the quarterly, mid-year and physical inventory.

• Submits and explains reconciliation reports in cases there are variances.

• Reviews periodically on the design, lay out of existing warehouse – recommends monthly budget performance report with explanation of actual expenses against budget.

• Submits semestral performance evaluation report of warehouse personnel. Import-Export Officer

Philippine Sunny Electronics Corporation

Date Employed: June 01, 2000 – December 31, 2000

Employment Duration: 7 months

Location: Cavite Export Processing Zone, Philippines

• Processing of documents for local sales, imports and exports of the company.

• Coordinating with the brokers and forwarders of the company.

• Processing of papers (farm-In & farm-out) in PEZA Admin (ESD).

• Supervises the receipt and issuance of finished goods from production department to traffic section.

• Checks the posting of delivery receipts to another document up to stock sheets.

• Prepares reports in case there are undocumented receipts for proper action.

• Monitors finished goods inventory level – minimum or maximum inventory level has to be established in accordance with the approved buffer level. Purchasing Officer

Philippine Sunny Electronics Corporation

Date Employed: January 01, 2001 – September 30, 2001 Employment Duration: 9 months

Location: Cavite Export Processing Zone, Philippines

• Create LPO for products and services to support Business Unit requirements.

• Responsible in checking the materials for the requirements of production line.

• Agreeing prices and lead times to ensure the target dates as requested by Business Unit.

• Processing of papers (farm-In & farm-out) in PEZA Admin (ESD).

• Coordinating with the customers and monitoring all purchase order of the company.

• Continually monitor KPI’s to ensure progress against purchase order in line with delivery timing agreed.

• Liaise with finance with payments

• Support organization in sourcing decisions. Focus on total cost of purchase and reduce ordering cost





College : Bachelor in Transportation Management

Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Year graduated : April 1994


• NEBOSH Training, July 2016

• IOSH Training, July 2016

• Certified Fire Warden, July 2016

• First Aid Training, July 2016

• Basic Field Management System Training, Dubai March 2003 SPECIAL SKILLS:ORACLE, ERP, SAP R/3 (SD Module), system Knowledgeable in local area network

Encoding /typing

Knowledge in software application MS Office

Working on: windows 7/ 5.0, Microsoft

Word, Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Access


Date of birth : February 28, 1968

Place of birth : Manila

Height : 5ft & 6 inches

Weight : 178lbs

Nationality : Filipino

Religion : Catholic

Civil Status : Married

Sex : Male

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