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Naperville, Illinois, United States
May 10, 2019

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Certified SAP Sr. BI/BW/HANA Solution Architect

Email: Voice: 516-***-****

Professional Summary:

15+Years of experience including building, architecting solutions and implementation, configuration, testing, support and project management to develop an integrated system that delivers a strategic business advantage to the client.

Having extensive experience in the areas of SAP ECC, SAP BW/BI, BPS, BO (Webi, Lumira, Design Studio,AO Etc), Data Visualizations tools (Cognos,Tableau/Qlikview), HANA, Data Analytics & Reporting Delivery, Consulting, Managing and executing multiple projects for Fortune 500 Companies.

Worked on migration to SAP BW on HANA, SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW/4HANA projects.

Helped companies to align strategies with people, processes and technology with holistic approach that transforms visionary ideas into successful working realities with excellent techno-functional understanding of what is required to achieve business objectives through implementation of business system using enabling technologies.

Prepared strategy, scoped, collected business requirements, analyzed the process to be modeled, performed the business content checks, Conducted workshop for defining Report requirement using prototype.

Also worked as Lead and coordinating with the team members in different Geographical locations in delivering the Project on time.

Ensure that project meets it’s deliverables in the agreed schedule, as per the scope, within stipulated budget and as per the quality standards.

Quick study who rapidly assimilates into organization and employs new ideas, concepts, methods and technologies to support business objectives. Ability to absorb complex business scenarios and Thrive in both independent and collaborative environments.

Energetic and self-motivated team player. At ease in high stress and fast-paced environments requiring the ability to effectively handle senior level responsibilities.

Core Technical Skills:


Created SAP HANA Design Developments, complex information models using Packages, Attribute Views, Analytic Views, CDS Views and Calculation Views using graphical and SQL scripts

Deep understanding of SAP HANA in-memory technology S/4 HANA, BW/4HANA, columnar database, innovations

Worked on SAP Native HANA and SAP BW on HANA Hybrid Scenarios.

Best practice on LSA++ architecture with BW 7.5 on HANA and HANA Studio using Open ODS Views, Advanced DSO’s and Composite Providers. Data provisioning using ODP/ODQ into BW on HANA.

Expert in building performance efficient complex HANA data models on SAP, non SAP Data

Expertise in using extraction of data using SLT, SDA, SDI, DXC and BODS and deploying RDS solutions in HANA.

Creating Store Procedures, Functions, Windows functions, Input Parameters, Stored Procedures using SQL Scripts and Graphical views.

Well verse with SAP HANA Administration, Performance Optimization, Modeling using Different types of views.

SAP BW: SAP BW 3.5, 7.0, 7.3, 7.5 BW, BPS,IP BW on HANA

Strong technical and functional experience in SAP BW with various projects SD/MM/FI-CO/SCM functional areas across consumer products, Retail, hi-tech, and manufacturing industry verticals

Extracting data from SAP and non-SAP systems into SAP-BW while designing ETL, data-model and reporting layer and worked on BW Integrated planning.

Database analysis, and SAP BW/BI modelling areas (Info objects, Data Sources, DSO’s, Info cubes, Multi providers, APD’s, Open Hubs and Info spokes)

Created ABAP routines in BW modeling in Start Routines, End Routines, Expert Routines, Field level Routines, Programs and Function Modules to implement business rules

Expertise in creating Process chains. Integrated with Scheduling tool for batch data load monitoring.

Hands knowledge on BW/4HANA modeling concepts.

SAP Business Objects: 3.x/4.2

SAP Business Objects 4.2/3.x (UDT, IDT Designer, Info view, CMC, Web Intelligence, Designer, Universe Builder, Import Wizard, Publishing Wizard, Life Cycle Manager, Promotion Management

Expertise in creating new universes and enhancing existing universes using Universe Design Tool (UDT) and Information Design Tool (IDT)

Create, Modify and improve performance of Web Intelligence Reports using underlined Universe or BEx queries

Support Business users on trouble shooting various production issues with Universes and Webi reports

Migration of BIAR files to Production Environments by performing Developments and Collecting Test Results

Project Management:

Experience in executing, leading production support projects in SLA model

Experience in building new SLA models and conducting strategic meetings with business partners

Expertise in resource planning, estimations and prioritization of pipeline enhancements

Additional Technical Skills:

Languages : ABAP/4, Oracle SQL and PL/ SQL, T-SQL, Unix Shell scripting

Database : Oracle RDBMS (7.x, 8.0, 8i, 9i), SQL Server 2000, MS Access 2002

Software : Crystal Reports, SQL*Plus (8.0.6), OLTP

1. Company

Great Lakes Cheese Co Inc, Hiram Ohio.


Sr. SAP BI/BO/HANA Solution Architect

Industry Type

Manufacturing Consumer goods


Apr’2014 Onwards to Till Date. ( Around 5 Yrs)


ECC EHP 8.0, SAP BW 7.3/7.5, HANA 1.0 (SP12), BW-IP, SAP BOBJ 4.2

Analyzing the business requirements and converting them into Functional design and Technical design documents

Delivered comprehensive solutions within the SAP BI, Native HANA & Business Objects environment.

Served as the technical and functional expert.

Architected solutions to support the business needs, defined templates, and proposed new technologies that can provide value added solutions to the business.

Worked on migration to SAP BW on HANA and SAP BW/4HANA projects.

Created data models from different source systems and modeled the as a composite provider in SAP BW basing on SAP HANA and Native HANA, BW IP etc.

Created Open ODS view, Cubes, reports and changes in existing data flows to sophisticate with BW on HANA

Created HANA views, Composite providers and Used ODP source to fetch the data.

Worked on SDA (Smart data Access) for accessing data virtually.

Worked on SLT (SAP Landscape transformations).

Worked on writing in transformation translation to Native HANA Calc Views etc.

Involved in Develop, design and maintain reporting and analytic solutions from the data warehouse, providing subject matter expertise.

Published Dashboards, Reports into Enterprise Portal and BI Launch Pad for end user access.

Provided thorough documentation around technical structures, best practices for reporting, implementation steps and standards.

Existing data flow change from 7.1 objects to SAP BW 7.4 by using SAP HANA-Optimized InfoCube, Semantic Partitioned Object, Composite Provider and Virtual Provider

Created ABAP routines for Start, End, Expert and Field for implementing business rules. Created Function Modules, programs, DTP customer filters using ABAP routines.

Developed Business Object Data Services BODS4.1 jobs to pull external data from Flat files and Oracle DB into HANA

Created Analytical views to support multi-dimensional reporting by joining Fact table data foundation to modeled dimensions attribute views, selected attributes and measures

Created Calculation views using data base tables, attribute views and analytic views, in order to address complex business requirements created SQL Script based Calculation views

Created SQL scripts for procedures, functions and business rules.

Having in Experience with report development in MS Power BI

Involved in creation of Calculated attributes, measures, Restricted measures, Calculated columns, filters, hierarchies, variables, input parameters to satisfy reporting requirements using SAP HANA STUDIO

Used Information Design Tool IDT to create connections to SAP HANA databases, Create data foundations and also created Business layer and publish these connections and layers to Repository

Used Information Design Tool to create Relational Connection, Data Foundation and Business Layer and accessed the data in HANA, BOBJ Dashboard Design, BOBJ Web Intelligence Webi, BO Analysis.


SONY-BMG, Bertelsmann AG, New York, NY.


Sr. SAP BI/BO Solution Architect

Industry Type

Media and Retail Industry


July’2008 to Apr’2014. ( 5 yrs 9 Months)


ECC 5.0, BI 7.0, SEM-BPS BO XI3.X, BO 4.0 etc


Involved in full life cycle and special projects like Migrating all the mainframe systems to SAP systems and merging two SAP systems of different companies, Implementing BOBJ, Upgrading BI version to 7.x, Server migrations, archiving SAP data project.

Participated in gathering the requirements and architectural design and scope of the project.

Analyzed Business process and participated in discussions/workshops with users for mapping requirements in BI system.

As a functional consultant I have evaluates the demands in talking with the customer's representatives, transforms the essence into an abstract and algorithmic model. Hence, I have identifies the use cases and transforms them into logical and technical views.

After go live I have guarantees that the procedures remain usable and consistent in real live situation and propose enhancements.

The main duty of a consultant is to transfer external know-how to the client. It is not manpower that counts but intelligence, understanding of processes, a feeling for defects and general a common sense.

Interaction with the management and business Decision-makers to identify business requirements. Document reporting needs of the Business Service and Support Organization and disseminate those requirements into a data warehouse strategy resulting in both operational and analytical reporting.

Designed the dataflow diagrams and defined the reporting flavor depending on client’s

Requirements after Business Blue Print.

Identified the gaps between Business Content and Requirements.

Migrated BW 3.x Objects (Data Sources, transfer/update rule, Queries etc.) to BI 7.X objects.

Evaluated BW Statistics on Info Cubes and Aggregates to perform optimization for reporting.

Extracted data from ECC and Legacy systems like URPT, SRDB, ECOM and DB2 by using the DB and UD Connect.

Understand on demand requirements and Designing the enhancements and developing Reports.

Was responsible for the change management process and moving the objects to production.

I was involved in the Proof of concept implementing the various tools and co-relating them to Business use cases.

Involved in installation and configuration of BO Enterprise XI 4.0 components, BI Launch Pad, Dashboard Designer, Crystal Reports for Enterprise, Live Office, Webi, Advanced Analysis for Microsoft office and OLAP.

Interacting with users for customized and standard reports, gap analysis and associated solutions. Designed and developed functional specifications, technical specifications for BOBJ reporting on top of SAP BI/BW, PCM and HANA as per the system landscape.

Interacted with Project manager and end-users in architecting reporting solutions by understanding the requirements and writing universe, report and Dashboard specifications.

Created OLAP Universes on SAP data (Info cubes / BEx queries) using the Information design Tool

Designed and Developed BEx queries against the cubes and multi providers from GL, AR, AP, HR, Payroll and budget areas

Worked with Admin Team to integrate Dashboards, Reports into Enterprise Portal and BI Launch Pad for end user access.

Set-up, presented and created reports on SAP Mobile platform using the SBO Explorer and Webi application on the Apple I Pad and I phone.

ENVIRONMENT: SAP HANA 1.0, SAP BI Net weaver 7.3, SAP PCM, SAP BOBJ Enterprise BI 4.0, Business Explorer (BEx), Crystal Reports Enterprise, Information Design Tool, Webi, Dashboard Designer, Advanced Analysis for OLAP and Microsoft Office, BI Launch Pad, QAAWS, Live Office


DHL USA Inc, Scottsdale, AZ


Sr. SAP BI/BPS Architect

Industry Type

Service Industry


January’2008 to June’2008


SAP 4.7, BI 7.0, SEM-BPS/BCS,


Identified the necessary Business Content using content browser and content analyzer, mapped the business process requirements with the available Business content. Installed and activated the relevant Business content for master data and transactional data.

Implemented SD, MM, HR and FI-CO.

Implemented the data extraction process on BI 7.0 that includes installation of the Business content, creating data transfer processes (DTP) using the new BI 7.0 features.

Implemented standard Business Content FI-GL and FI-AP cubes for transaction figures reports.

Worked on Routines, User exits & Customer exits.

Developed Transfer rules, Update rules and Start routines using ABAP to incorporate Business logic and perform data manipulation.

Designed and implemented a custom extractor to extract FI tables from R/3 into BW.

Using BEx Query Designer (new layout, Exception Aggregation) to define complex queries, defining Exceptions, Conditions which are later deployed in variety of scenarios like Excel workbooks and web applications.

Expertise with BI reporting for Data Analysis with BEx Analyzer, Web Application Designer and implementing BEx Queries, Variables and Workbooks.

Using Report Designer to change the formatting of components of the report. Designing the layout of the report using headers, footers, defining the static and dynamic sections, row pattern concept and executing or saving the report on the web or as a PDF file.

Using the Command Wizard to include complex web commands in web reports and using the new web chart functionality to create sophisticated report graphics.

Using navigational panel to improve navigational capabilities of the workbook with drag and drop features.

Worked extensively on modifying the web templates in WAD using HTML, XHTML, and other web technologies.

Worked on dashboards using SAP Enterprise Portal.

Transport Organizer – maintained transport throughout BI landscape.

Worked extensively in creating Transactional Info cubes for BPS Layouts.

Worked extensively in developing BPS Layouts includes creation of Planning Profile, Planning Area Planning Level, Planning packages and Planning Layouts.


T-Mobile USA Inc, Bellevue, Washington State.


SAP BI/BPS Lead Consultant.

Industry Type

Wireless Telecommunication Service Provider


June’2006 to December’2007


SAP 4.6c, ECC 6.0, BW 3.5, BI 7.0, SEM-BPS, BI-IP


Responsibilities/Deliverables: (SEM-BPS, BI 7.0 IP Up-gradation, Development & Production Support)

Analyzed the Client/End user reporting requirements in Net weaver and OLAP, and identified the Standard Business Content for business Scenario and lead the team proficiently.

Involved in the Design & Construction Phase and Build & Test Phases, Fit-Gap Analysis, Process Design Documentation.

Analyzed and reported the clients’ business requirements and processes and developed Blue Print.

Created Transactional Info Cubes and Planning Areas in Planning Workbench

Created Planning Layouts for manual entry of Sales Forecast data.

Involved in development of Queries using Filters, Conditions, Exceptions, Restrictions, Calculations in BEx Query Designer and BEx Web Application Designer.

Worked on the design and development of Budget Planning, Personnel Expenses Planning, Revenue Planning in SEM BPS.

Worked extensively on Integrated Planning.

Involved in end-user training and Documentation.

Involved in the Upgrade Apps, Pre-checks, Tech. Upgrade, Prepare, Post Activities, Migration to New Weaver 7.0, Web Objects to Net Weaver 7.0, Plug-in release.

Tested the new features of BI 7.0 which includes new data flow, re-modeling, integrated Planning, Real-time Data Acquisition, enhanced features of Process Chains etc.

Testing has been done by taking the scenarios existing in the current BW 3.1 implementation and creating the same in BI 7.0 system

Data flow analysis Queries/Workbooks in BW 3.1 System, Technical Upgrade BW 3.1 Dev to BI 7.0 Dev, Post Upgrade Analysis (DEV environment).

Involved in Unit Testing, Data Loading, Execute Workbooks, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Test.

Knowledge in SAP Net Weaver BI 7.0 upgrade with sap service market place.

Involved in Basis related issues coming in BI 7.0n and fixed the issues.

Worked on new data acquisition capabilities (new Data Source concept, enhanced remote-access capabilities).

Extracted data using LO Cockpit, CO-PA data sources from SAP R/3,CRM Source Systems.

Extensively on Material Management modules (Purchasing and Inventory).

Worked on to establish Central User Administration to BI 7.0.

Worked on Integrating BI 7.0 with Enterprise Portals 7.0, CRM, and SRM & SCM also for publishing BI Web Templates, Reports from BEx Web Analyzer, Query Designer and Web Application Designer into Enterprise Portals.

Extensively worked on Extraction of Data using open Hub (Info spokes).

Monitor and Support & Troubleshooting of Existing Data loads by using Process Chains.

Getting the Error messages through Pager and responding accordingly.

Resolving the tickets according to priority based created in the Remedy Tool.

Participating in the Status meeting with the Client.

Advising the Client regarding the Performance improvement.

Checking data consistency and error handling.

Close Interaction with the Content Owners and Service Line Managers for different lines of Business.





Industry Type

Manufacturing ( SD, MM, FI/CO, CRM )


September’2005 to June’2006


SAP 4.6c, ECC 6.0, BW 3.0b, 7.0, BI-IP

Extensively worked on End to End implementation on BPS.

Worked extensively in creating Transactional Info cubes for BPS Layouts.

Worked extensively in developing BPS Layouts includes creation of Planning Profile, Planning Area Planning Level, Planning packages and Planning Layouts.

Worked extensively on Integrated Planning Tool.

Worked on Data slices maintenance in Planning Areas.

Worked on variables creation in Planning Areas.

Maintained Characteristics and Key Figures selection.

Maintained Layout Category (KF in Data or Lead Column)

Maintained Layout settings for Characteristics and key Figures.

Data Captured into the Planning Layouts by using the Planning Area, Planning Levels, and Planning Packages for the 2008 year planning and given the support.

Involved in the Power user training.

Extensively worked on BI Integrated Planning.

Provide Production Support for SAP BPS Core.

Worked with Executive and Business users to refine the requirements regarding the weaver and OLAP

Implemented both Accounts Payable Line Item and Accounts Receivable line item by enhancing BI 7.0 business content.

Extracted data from CRM Data sources.

Designed a process for HR and MM to work with Employee Census information. Data loads are performed using Flat file source system.

Designed a process to capture Inventory status from legacy applications. Data loads are performed using DB source system.

Involved in BI Up gradation activities:

Checked for inactive Update & Transfer Rules and activated the same. All inactive and update rules which are not required were deleted.

Checked for inactive Info cubes and activated which are required and deleted which are not required.

Ensured that all extractions and loads were completed and no requests are pending.

Ensured that all delta queues are empty in SAP Source System.

Tested Integrated Planning by creating a scenario using real-time info cubes multiproviders and input-ready queries.

Tested the ETL process with new data flow using emulated data sources. Also tested the old dataflow for the data sources which are not emulated and cannot be uploaded using new data flow process i.e. Transformations and DTP (Data Transfer Process).

Closely worked with testing department for developing and implementing test scripts.

Performed Unit, Integrity tests and data consistency was verified with ECC 6.0

6. Company

GE Insurance, Kansas City, MO.


SAP BW Consultant

Industry Type



December’04 to August’2005


SAP 4.7EE, BW 3.5, Module : Financial Reporting

Implementations of Claims Data Warehousing, US Life, Collections & Discernments Modules:

As a BW consultant, interact with Client, carrying out all the development activities as per the requirement, resolving the issues if any and ensuring the deliverables on time

GE ERC requires to get their Claims data which resides at various source system to Oracle and then from Oracle to SAP BW. By using these reports Top Management will analyze and get Business Critical decision.

Proposed a data model design to the GE ERC based on the Life Claims business requirements.

Defined Master data and attributes (Navigational and Display).

As a part of it, created Info objects required and assigned Oracle views to BW Info sources

Created 7 ODS’s, out of which 4 are for Staging Layer and 3 for second level layer and a Cube.

Performance issues raised during the design have been handled effectively.

Created 23 reports for GE Top Management, which involves developing global structures for few Complex reports.

Worked on variety of reporting requirements using concepts of variable offsets, Exceptions and Conditions.

Worked extensively on cell restrictions and creating workbooks depending on the user requirement

Prepared Technical Specifications and Test Case Documents

Created the Process Chains to automate the Data Loads according to client requirements.


GE Silicones Waterford.


SAP BW Consultant

Industry Type

Manufactturing (Chemicals & Plastics)


April’04 to November’04


SAP 4.7EE, BW 3.5


Clorox, Oakland, CA


SAP BW Consultant

Industry Type



August’03 to March’04


SAP 4.6c, BW 3.0b, Module: SD, MM and FI

Responsibilities/Deliverables: (Implementation)

Implemented SD, MM and CO-PA.

Involved in Gathering the user requirements.

Understanding, Analyzing and Documenting the Performance Indicator (PI) and classifying them as Base PI, Derived PI accordingly.

Documented the understanding of all the Performance Indicator’s & Business Objects by using Project Measure Glossary.

Designed the Data-Models by using the Performance Indicator’s & Business Objects, starting with Bubble diagrams and convert them into MDM Data Model ( Extended Star Schema ), Data-Flow diagrams by doing the GAP analysis on the extractors available from the Source System.

Expertise in Writing Customer Exits variables to meet the reporting requirements.

Extracted data from SAP R/3 using Function modules with generic data sources.

Enhanced Business Content data sources according to the user requirement.

Used BADI’s to retrieve data from data targets through Open hub services

Involved in improving the process by taking initiatives to improve the System performance, which involves Maintaining DB Statistics, Analyzing the Utilization OLAP Statistics and taking the effective decisions to improve the query performance and Analyzing the WHM Statistics and improved Load Performance.


Coca-Cola, Atlanta, GA


SAP BW Consultant

Industry Type

Beverages ( SD,MM,CRM,SEM )


August’02 to July’03


SAP 4.6c, BW 3.0b, Module: SD, MM, FI.

Responsibilities/Deliverables: (Implementation)

Requirement Study, design & development of the application.

Freeze the scope, framed the project schedule & ensured adherence to the committed schedule.

Preparation of road map to support project Implementation.

Involved in Gap analysis for end-user requirements.

Explored SAP business content components to determine best fit for user requirements.

Created a new LO & CO-PA data source to meet the reporting requirements.

Developed the Enterprise controlling (ECCS) Budget Vs Actual reports.

Involved in Modifying the Existing BEx Queries according to new Business Logic.

Validations of the Queries.





Industry Type

Manufacturing ( SD, MM, FI/CO, CRM )


January’02 – July’02.


SAP 4.6c, ECC 6.0, BW 3.0b, 7.0, BI-IP

My responsibilities include: Developing and testing new Reports, Transactions, Scripts, Smart forms & User Exits in Sales & Distribution (SD), Materials Management (MM), Financial Accounting & Controlling (FI-CO), Warehouse Management (WM), Production Planning (PP) and Plant Maintenance (PM).

Basic & Interactive Reports, Reports using ALV,

BDCs & Interfaces


SAP Scripts & Smart forms.

SAP Queries

Developed BDCs for Initial Stocks (MB1C) & create Transfer Orders (LT03), Condition records (FV11)

Developed Transactions for Bin to Bin transfer & Pallet Substitution in RF device

Developed Transaction for creating a sales order from e-portal

Developed Smart forms for Packing list, Picking list & Rebate Agreement

Developed SAP Scripts for Miscellaneous Invoice, Miscellaneous Credit Memo & Account Statement

Developed a Payment Instruction HDFC File Format for Online Payments after the Automatic Payments run through F110 Transaction

Worked on many SD Pricing Condition Routines Worked on User exits& Customer exits.


Hitachi, India.


ABAP/4 Technical Consultant


June’ 01 – January’02.


ABAP/4, Oracle 8.0, Windows-2000


Created a report that displays Pricing Conditions for different customers in a sales organization

Developed a report which displays the ranked list of materials based on price for given materials

Developed a report that displays the all the late shipments in a particular period by giving the period on the selection-screen.

Developed a stock overview report that includes opening and closing stock as per the periods.


Masters in Computers from University of Madras.

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