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New Milford, New Jersey, 07646, United States
May 10, 2019

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Tiyodora Akbulut

** ***** ******

New Milford ***46 NJ, US

Phone: +1-201-***-****



B.Sc. Genetics & Bioengineering, CGPA: 3.17 / 4.00 Istanbul Bilgi University (Laureate International University) 2013-2018 High School Education,

Davutpaşa Anatolian High School; Istanbul/ Turkey 2009 -2012 WORK EXPERIENCE

● Düzen Laboratories Group – Intern July 2016- Sept. 2016

(First Accredited Laboratory in Turkey)

Isolation DNA from blood and amniotic fluid

Applying RT-PCR, QF-PCR, sequence analysis, mutation analysis, MLPA tests on multisystem disease

Next Generation Sequencing

Molecular karyotyping from abort sample

Analyzing the results of each test

● Yeditepe University Healthcare Institutions– Intern July 2017- Nov.2017

Applying all cytogenetic requirements including FISH analyzing in the cytogenetic department.

Applying and controlling all cell culture process like cell culturing with medium, harvesting, spreading, banding and analyzing in general with both types of culturing which are short term cell culture and long term cell culture differ based on the cell types.

Applying the tests in the tissue typing laboratory based on the requirements. Working at cancer laboratory learning process of cancer cells culturing, develop and analyze the cancer cell lines based on the project of the instructor.

Experience in flow cytometry and ELISA. Also analyzing the data based on statistical techniques.

● Istanbul Bilgi University- Research Associate Sep 2017- Continue

Continue to work on my thesis project part-time to be able to collaborate with people to create a new drug candidate for cancer which includes some software skills, statistical techniques and so on it can be see in detail below. PROJECTS

Targeting the Interaction Between Immune Checkpoint Receptors and Their Ligands- Senior Design Project (Thesis of B.Sc.)

Immune checkpoint receptor TIGIT plays an important role in regulating T cell responses and they were proven to be effective targets in treating cancer. Therefore, we will target the interaction between immune checkpoint receptors and their ligands namely TIGIT/CD112. Thus we aim to create small molecule inhibitor against CD112 using structure-based rational drug design approaches by using Auto Dock 4.2 program. End of the study we got some results and added to as a result of the thesis. It is still an ongoing project that I am working with my supervisor and my thesis partner to get the best 10 drug candidates. Early Detection of Hemoglobin S for Sickle Cell Anemia Disease on Newborns Through Antibody Based Immunosensor

Early detection of this disease is been doing in the US for a long time. I learned that from my newborn brother who is born in NJ has sickle cell trait. Therefore, we learned it is in our family and do the tests to know the condition of it. This is because if the condition is left untreated, it can cause a shortage of red blood cells (anemia), organ damage, or even death. However, if Hb SS is identified and treated early in life, individuals often can help to have healthier lives. In Turkey, we want to spread this test as a newborn test because it is not applied without requirement in specific conditions. Therefore, we want to detect this disease in newborns with biosensor design. Thus it can inform the family about inheritance and treatment. Inhibiting Allergenicity of the Dimeric Allergen Profilin (Hev b 8) by Using Site-Directed Mutagenesis

Popular misunderstandings about allergens are that they are usually harmless substances. However, allergens are capable of triggering a response that starts in the immune system and the result of this response cause allergic reactions. Allergens have disulfide bond formation in its proteins which provide structural integrity. Whether allergens preventing disulfide bonds break down, it will lead to losing their immunological identities and it can be achieved through site-directed mutagenesis. For our project, we will work with the crystal structure of the dimeric allergen profilin (Hev b 8).


● Best Senior Design Project Award July 2018

Project: Targeting the Interaction Between Immune Checkpoint Receptors and Their Ligands

● Honors Certificate July 2018

Successfully completed all the requirements in Genetics and Bioengineering program of the Faculty of Engineering with a cumulative grade point average of 3.17 / 4.00.

● Poster Presentation Honor Dec 2018

Accepted to be as Poster Presentation with Targeting the Interactions Between Immune Checkpoint Receptor TIGIT and Its Ligand CD112 to be presented at 6th International BAU Drug Design Congress.


Laboratory skills:

● Efficiently conducting laboratory experiments alone or with a team.

● Performing efficiently isolation of DNA, PCR, ELISA, flow cytometry, bioreactors, centrifuges, chromatography, hemocytometry, SDS PAGE, HPLC, IEF, Capillary Gel Electrophoresis(CGE), Cell culture (mammalian, plant etc.)

● Knowledge and experience with enzyme, receptor-binding and functional cell assays

(whole-cell and cell-free), immunohistochemistry with fixed cells and frozen tissues

● Proficient in a range of general lab techniques including accurate microscale pipetting and buffer preparations.

● Performing cancer cell culture, transfection with liposome then applying drug test on different cell lines.

● Performing expression vector construction, plasmid preparation to generate cell lines

(mammalian cell culture especially) and also experience with antibodies.

● Performing principles of plant tissue culture, observing steps of seed germination and effects of some hormones which are NAA and BAP on corn and bean seeds etc.

● Observation of drosophila melanogaster by Mendelian rules.

● Knowing and applying the gene expression steps like the isolation of RNA, cDNA synthesis and RT PCR. Besides knowledge and application that cloning gene with plasmid vector.

● Performing site-directed mutagenesis technique for that designing primers and obtain the best primer for it.

● Observing growth of microorganisms (E. coli, B. bacillus etc.), preparing agar plate, knowing different plate techniques, using selective, differential and enriched media, performing agar diffusion test.

● Qualitative analyses of proteins and carbohydrates. Coding & Software Packages:

● MatLab (Beginner)

● Java Eclipse (Beginner)

● Phyton (Intermediate)

● R programming (Intermediate)

● Auto Dock 4.2 (Good)

● Pymol (Good)

● LigPlus (Good)

● MGLTools (Good)

● Amber-MD (Good)

● GROMACS (Good)

● Schrödinger (Good)

● Excel, PowerPoint, Word and MS Office(Good)

● Google Drive, Google Docs(Good)

Key skills:

● Strong project management skills

● Excellent presentation skills

● Highly organized professional

● Supervising people and processes or events

● Solution oriented thinking


• Syriac (Native)

• English (Fluent)

• Turkish (Fluent)

• French (Basic)

• Swedish (Basic)

• German (Basic)

• Romanian(Basic)


● Traveler

● Amateur Photographer of landscape photos

● Volunteer for KAÇUV which is a charitable institution for kids who have cancer.

● Give a lecture on some courses (Mathematics, Geometry, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English) to high school students.


● Yeditepe University - 4th Genetics and Bioengineering Student Congress/20, 21.02.2016

● Bilgi Health 16', Bilgi Entrepreneurship Club/ 15,16.03.2016

● Istanbul University - Forensic Medicine and Forensic Biology (Basic Training)/09, 10.04.2016 and 16,17.04.2016

● Bilgi Genetics and Bioengineering Student Congress'16 / 07.05.2016-08.05.2016

● Uskudar University, Experimental Animal Usage Education Program from 10.02.2017 to 30.03.2017

● 6th International BAU Drug Design Congress, Bahçeşehir University School of Medicine, December 13-15, 2018.

● Protein-Ligand Docking and Molecular Dynamics (MD) Simulations, Bahçeşehir University School of Medicine, December 12, 2018.

● MetaCore/MetaDrug’s Binary QSAR Models, December 12, 2018. REFERENCES

● Hatice Gülen, Prof. Dr., Head of Department

Istanbul Bilgi University, Genetics & Bioengineering Eng. 34060 Eyüp/Istanbul +90-212-***-****

● Özlem Ulucan Açan, Faculty Member, PhD

Istanbul Bilgi University, Genetics & Bioengineering Eng. 34060 Eyüp/ Istanbul +90-212-***-****

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