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Machine Operator Project Manager

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
May 09, 2019

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Last Updated 4/25/2019


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Reinaldo Corey

Construction Foreman

Las Vegas, NV


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Reinaldo Corey

Construction Foreman

Las Vegas, NV


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Construction Foreman

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

November 2005 to August 2018

• Supervise daily construction operations

associated with gas pipeline & transmission


• Oversee the safety of personnel, environment,

general public and company & customer property.

• Lead field crews on projects by delegating tasks and evaluating time-lines to complete projects.

• Motivate the team and ensure all tasks are being done in accordance with the construction


• Provide cost estimates for entire projects and

assist in material procurement.

• Perform manual duties with field team such as

operating equipment and digging trenches.

• Train crew members in accordance with company

safety practices.

• Serve as single point of contact with customers, inspectors, subcontractors and vendors working on


• Create and monitor schedules for each worker and ensure that he has the physical and mental ability to cope.

• Confirm accuracy of work orders prior to handing them out and make sure that time efficiency is taken into account.

• Ensure that work sites are cleaned & cleared of

hazardous materials prior to the beginning of a

construction project.

• Brief crew members about how daily tasks need to be carried out in accordance to city/county codes.

• Manage construction budgets and track

construction costs.

• Ensure that all machinery and tools are available to the crew are in proper order and state of


• Perform inspections to ensure that the crew's

performance is up to the set standards.

• Coordinate separate modules of the construction

process to ensure harmony.

• Ensure that all materials, supplies, tools and

equipment are procured in a time efficient manner.

• Monitor progress of crew to insure satisfactory job completion, keeping construction progress in line

with overall project schedule and cost estimates.

• Create progress reports on a daily basis and

ensure that any significant information is

communicated to the supervisor.

• Handle onsite incidents and emergencies in a

proactive manner.

• Create and maintain positive working relationships with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely

procurement of supplies and materials.

• Secure work site at the end of each shift to ensure public safety and safety of equipment and


Construction Field Worker

Teichert Construction, Inc

May 2001 to November 2005

• Site management of residential and commercial

construction projects.

• Read, review and interpret project specifications and interpret blueprint to assign various tasks to crew members.

• Determine requirements and organize, plan, and

schedule jobs with project manager.

• Produce daily progress reports, keep accurate

field notes, and assist Project Manager.

• Inspect work site and progress and maintain


• Review costs, progress, and identify issues


• Verify safety and design specifications are met and support quality control programs.

• Organize, schedule, direct, oversee, and evaluate onsite staff and subcontractors. Coordinate payroll as needed.

• Supervise and coordinate activities of labor,

subcontractors, deliveries, and testing.

• Meet with subcontractors to ensure satisfactory

job progress.

• Analyze any issues or worker and production


• Ensure all reports and records are completed in an accurate and timely manner.

• Respond to reports and issues. Make

recommendations to address challenges or to

improve production methods.

• Handle field procurement and coordinate and

maintain equipment.

• Initiate field change requests and prepare back

charges (paperwork admin for construction sites).

• Conduct safety meetings, prepare minutes,

address issues, and help develop a commitment to

and safety "culture".

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John F. Kennedy High School - Sacramento, CA



Electrical (2 years)

Project Management (2 years)

Management & Leadership Skills:

Planning & Execution — Familiar

April 2019

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- Construction Management - Staff Supervision

- Project Coordination

- Metal Sheet Layout - Measurement

accuracy - Carpentry

- Machine Operator - Pipe Fitting -

Electrical Installations

- Blueprint Reading - Class A Transport -

Crew Coaching

- Utility Industry (Air Brakes) -


- Written & verbal - Gas Distribution -

Log Reporting

communication & Transmission -


- Exceptional problem solver - Detail oriented

- OSHA Guidelines

- Hardworking - Pipe Fitting & Laying -

Enthusiastic & friendly

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