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Sales Manager

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
May 09, 2019

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E-Mail: Skype I.D: mark.wessel2 Tel: 1-587-***-**** (CAN) (WhatApp) Executive Management in International Sales, Marketing and Finance

Born in Canada of Russian-German origin, raised in Spain and is a resident of Costa Rica, Canada and the United States. Mr. Wessel speaks a multitude of languages. Mr. Wessel has over 35 years’ experience in international business development in global trade, specializing in North America, Latin America, Europe, Mid-East, SE Asia and Oceania. Mr. Wessel has successfully taken six companies into the international markets (Oil & Gas, Telecom, LED Lighting, Automotive, Clean-Tech Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction and Industrial/Environmental sectors principally).

A dynamic leader with a passion for people, the environment, culture and providing quality service. Graduate of FSU with post graduate studies at LSU, USA. Mr. Wessel holds his degree in international commerce with majors in marketing and finance. His emphasis is in small to mid/large-sized corporations seeking to develop profitable and efficient global sales, distribution networks and strategic Joint Venture alliances. Post specialization in banking and finance, and during the last 10 years has focused his efforts on the facilitation of funds, technologies, sales and project development on a global scale. Mr. Wessel is a seasoned facilitator at high levels, a creative visionary with an exemplary business track record on a global scale.

Some of the highlights of Mr. Wessel’s career include:

• Development of profitable international sales programs, trade and representation offices in over 100 countries in the Americas, Europe, Russia, Mid East Asia and Africa for leader technology companies headquartered in the USA, South Korea, Israel and Canada.

• Development of a financial services company in 2001 initially focused on opening Latin America representative offices in México, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile and Peru, then expanding into global markets.

• Accreditation since 2008 by a major foundation accredited by the UN Security Council as Roving Ambassador for Latin America facilitating meetings with Heads of State in the region for funding of socio-economic, commercial and infrastructure projects. Sales and Marketing Skills:

- Develop thriving international sales or marketing programs for Latin America, Asia, Europe, CIS, Mid-East and North America for leading edge Hi-Tech companies.

- Initiate start-ups, joint ventures, expansion into international markets, development of strategic planning, increasing revenues and market share

- Develop new international markets successfully using proven strategies and intuitive sense

- Sale of capital equipment, process manufacturing equipment and services for Oil & Gas, Energy, Mining, Telecom, Automotive, Road & Infrastructure Construction, heavy machinery and other industries

- High level lobbying and contract facilitation for financial and commercial products/services with Heads of State and Cabinet members internationally.

- Demonstrated success in closing sales with international heads of state and industry leaders

- Communicate effectively, facilitating high level public and corporate negotiations

- Committed to quality customer service

Management Skills:

- Lead and manage employees maximizing productivity and revenue

- Develop successful international business (Sales & Marketing) strategic programs.

- Manage budgets effectively

- Facilitate corporate re-structuring programs increasing efficiency, customer satisfaction and revenue. Development and implementation of training programs

- Develop incentive programs which increased staff motivation and performance

- CEO expertise including Finance, Accounting and Human Resources Financial & Banking Skills:

- Development of Multiple Investment Projects worldwide. Procurement of Investment Funds and Strategic Joint Venture Partnerships.

- Funds movement, Premier Accounts

- Complex Financial Engineering Services

- Wealth Management Services

Personal Profile:

- Dynamic, innovative, self-motivated and creative

- Disciplined, self-learner, respected team player

- Open to international relocation and extensive travel

- Analytical thinker skilled in resolving numerous problems

- Fluent in English, Spanish, and German, Semi-fluent in French, Brazilian Portuguese and a basic understanding of Swedish and Korean.

Career Experience:

SIGNIFY CONSORTIUM LLC: CEO-International Business Development Director 2019-Current. Global Financial Services, Energy (Hydrogen, Lithium, WTE, and other Clean-Tech technologies) Investment Procurement & Global Market Development. CYPHER ENVIRONMENTAL: International Business Development Director 2016-2018: Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Development of 56 International markets Within 24 months. Highest level Government Lobbying, major Global Trade Shows. NEMALUX LED LIGHTING: Director International Business Development 2013- 2016 (Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Development of International Sales and Distribution Network for Industrial (HAZLOC) principally targeting Oil & Gas, Energy and Mining and Construction Sectors. (End User Clients & EPC companies) GRUPO OURO S.A. Director of International Business Development 2005-2013

(Based in San Jose, Costa Rica and Newport Beach, CA ) Company Headquarters CA, USA, Hong Kong and Madrid, Spain. Development of International Sales and Distribution markets for several corporations, encompassing a variety of industries including Energy, Electrical, Road Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas. Managed Offices in México, Costa Rica, Panamá, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. ORMAT INDUSTRIES INC. International Sales Director - Americas 2002 - 2004 (Based in San Jose, Costa Rica) Company headquarters in Israel Design and Implementation of representative network in North America, Mexico, Central America, Panama and South America of power generation systems (CCVT) for the telecom, mining and oil & gas industries.

Expansion and further development of existing sales and distribution network Identification of, lobbying and high-level negotiations with key major companies in the Oil

& Gas, Energy, Mining and Telecommunications Industries. GLOBAL THERMOELECTRIC INC. International Sales Manager 1998-2002 (Based in Calgary Canada)

Development of International Representation Offices in 26 countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe for Fuel Cells and Thermoelectric Generators for the Telecom, Energy, Mining and Oil & Gas industries.

Design and implementation of international sales and marketing program Generation of multi-million sales and sales contracts International lobbying with Diplomatic and Consular Agencies High level Corporate negotiations

IBERO INVESTMENTS CORP. Global Business Development Manager 1992-1998 ad Office in Panama, Rep. of Panama, based in San Jose, Costa Rica) 1992-1999 Negotiated high level technology transfer and alliances successfully Developed international Sales and Marketing programs for major Industrial Companies Established leading business consulting firm in Cuba in alliance with British Government Successfully recruited and appointed Master Distributors for several international manufacturing companies in Latin American and European markets Developed and directed global sales and distribution programs for major Korean Trading Company for consumer electronics product lines and other capital equipment. Established several successful foreign subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Latin America Created an innovative global distribution network for several U.S industrial manufacturers Designed and implemented international market development and strategic planning programs.

Development of mining operations in Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Peru. PARKER AUTOMOTIVE CORP. EVP International Sales and Marketing 1989-1991Head Office: Irvine, California, USA)

Developed International sales and distribution for automotive product lines in 64 countries within a 2-year period

Signed sales contracts totaling over USD $200MM up from $8.5MM annually. Effective top-level foreign government lobbying

Designed and managed international distributor product launch, trade shows, service and support networks

SIGMA CORPORATION: International Sales Manager Central America 1985- 1991: (Based in San Jose, Costa Rica)

Development of sales network for Texas Instruments for exclusive Texas Instrument Distributor for all of Central America. Management of Rotoflex and Magma: Sales of capital equipment in packaging industry. Primary and Secondary Education:

Primary: Attended Grade School in Ontario, Canada

Secondary: Attended Jr. High and High Schools in Valencia, Spain Post-Secondary Education:

Initial Studies at Mount Royal University and University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Florida State University, 1983. Majors in Marketing and Finance Post Graduate Studies at Louisiana State University, New Orleans, Louisiana. USA. 1985.(International Commerce)

Life Residency and Personal:

Resided 8 years in Spain, Europe. 5 years in Panama, 21 years in Costa Rica, 12 years in USA

(H-1 Status) 4 years in Cuba and 14 years in Canada. I am currently a Canadian citizen holding a Costa Rica residency and US Social Security Number. Married to a Costa Rican. Father of 5 children.

Life Travel:

During the past 20+ years (spent in successfully developing global markets for several companies) I have logged over 10,000 commercial international flights. I am North American born, come from a Russian-German family, was brought up in Europe and have lived in several Latin American countries for the past 20+ years, and thus have a very in- depth understanding of the mentality of people in each of these 3 geographic regions, which has proven time and time again to be of the utmost importance in successfully being able to develop global markets as well as have over the years gained valuable insight on cultures from the Mid- East, Asia, S.E Asia and Africa.

Hobbies/Sports: Skiing, Mountain Climbing, Painting, Carpentry, cooking and Tennis References:

Provided upon request

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