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Norwalk, CT
May 13, 2019

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William R. Mack, CPA

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Pawling, NY *2564


May, 2019

Robert Half

Attn: Human Resources

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express an interest in the position Chief Financial Officer (Interim) advertised by your company.

I consider myself an innovative Financial Manager/Accountant, having worked in the capacity of Controller/C.F.O. for firms in a number of different industries. I consider myself especially adept at creating new reports (especially for sales, financial analysis & costing), and ways of interpreting information in such a way that can benefit managers in other departments, and can help the company prosper. Having worked in a very "hands on" basis in a number of start-up companies, I am adept at setting up complex financial models, formulating and documenting financial & accounting processes, establishing banking relationships, software conversions, and enabling the companies I have worked with to grow aggressively while maintaining and then increasing profitability. I was recently very instrumental in securing my company a $2.5M Line of Credit with a major bank. I feel my interaction with other divisions or departments, would be an asset to your company and contribute to a well-integrated organization.

Having worked with a number of successively larger companies, I have fulfilled roles that one would not ordinarily associate with a CPA (which I have been since three(3) years after graduating from Purdue University), including also acting as a General Manager for a (small) manufacturing concern. I have supervised accounting & financial operations staffs as large as nine (9) people, and feel my references would attest to this being a considerable strength. I have had ‘hands-on’ experience with multiple accounting software programs---most recently SBT, Great Plains/Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks (certification course), Timberline (12+ years including family construction business not shown below), MIP Fund Accounting, Campus VUE (at TCI College), Solomon, SAP & MAS90/200. I have functioned in a number of positions as Systems Administrator for our office network. Typically, I have been responsible for procuring all insurances, and have acted as HR/Office Administrator in a number of positions.

Thank you for your consideration.


Bill Mack

William R. Mack

LinkedIn Profile:

William R. Mack, CPA

Pawling, NY 12564



Well-rounded (all aspects of operations) entrepreneurial controller, finance technician & hands-on manager, looking for continued professional development within a wide variety of companies, which provides challenges in financial operations, systems and management. I am seeking a position where I can contribute to the growth, profitability and improved operations of the company.


2017 to Present Controller/Operations Manager – Soule Blake & Wechsler USA – Contract Position


Responsible for typical financial oversight & responsibilities)

Operations Manager (supervision of traffic & associated logistics, and in-house proprietary financial & logistics software, insuring timely procurement of goods, routing & order delivery).

Report to company founder

2016 to 2017 Controller – Tunstall North America (Astoria, NY)


Report to CFO of a $50M (U.S.) established manufacturer (in U.K., where parent co. is) and distributor of remote patient monitoring devices, and call centers (Based in NYC and Pawtucket, RI facility).

Work with auditors in both U.K. and locally, manage a staff of 7 accountants. Other Controller-related responsibilities include key person for financial reporting (tight reporting deadlines), payroll, and lead banking person. Maintain financial model & budget (RF3) which serves as basis of U.S. operations budget, other specialized U.K. reporting (IFRS).

2014 to 2016 Controller – Unilux Advanced Mfg (Niskayuna, NY) – Contract Position


Report to owner of a $15M established manufacturer (67K square foot facility, 40 employees) of industrial boilers

In addition to duties of preparing for yearend audit, and other Controller-related responsibilities, creating detailed cost studies on existing and new boiler products, other special projects assigned by owner

Lead conversion to ERP software (Global Shop)

2011 to 2014 Controller – Miller Proctor Nickolas (Sleepy Hollow, NY)


Serve as ESOP Administrator & created sophisticated Financial Model of projected payouts over 10-year timeframe

Banking relationship responsibility, including refinancing a Mortgage ($900K) on the Co.-owned building, and increase in the Line of Credit from $500K to $750K

Supervised Credit & Collection, automated & instructed/staff follow-up, reduced % of Delinquent Accounts (90+ Days) from 25% to 8% over tenure with company.

Suggested & helped implement Deposit-In-Advance Requirements on Equipment Orders that provided for benefits to cash-flow collections, and no Bad Debt Write-offs were required during tenure

Implemented tight inventory controls & streamlined ordering process (Great Plains/MS Dynamics) that resulted in a reduction in required Inventory from $1.2M to $800K.

2006 to 2011 Controller/CFO - General Energy Services dba Genergy (New York, NY)


Started as Consultant (approx. 3 years), then accepted FT position reporting to CEO, for proprietary “smart-metering” technology/software firm ($8M Annual Revenues) with utilities, municipalities & NYC-based landlords as customers

In addition to traditional accounting duties, and managing Dept., created a Financial Model & conducted meetings with bankers instrumental in securing increased (from $500K to $1M) Line of Credit

Oversaw the reduction of programmer workforce due to loss of major contract with Port Authority. NY & NJ

2005 to 2009 C.F.O./Vice President-Technical Career Institutes (TCI), Inc. (New York, NY)


Worked as the head financial person (reporting to President/CEO) for a proprietary college and subsidiary of a Publicly-Traded (NASDAQ: EVCI) company based out of Yonkers, NY

Implemented software conversion to Great Plains(GP)/MS Dynamic, reducing Finance Staff by one(1) FT Staff Person.

Oversaw the reduction, through use of GP Collection Module & staff follow-up, of Delinquent Student Accounts (90+ Days) from 24% to 11% over tenure, despite Revenue increase from $35M to $39M

Investigated various Banking options & helped implement a system to increase (with low risk) interest rate earned on early semester collections from State/Federal funding sources (sometimes aggregating more than $5M for 45+ days) by 50%

1999 to 2005 C.F.O./Treasurer-PlasmaNet, Inc. /FREELOTTO.COM (New York, NY)


Original Controller (Employee #8) for Startup intending on IPO (worked with Merrill Lynch on Prospectus, S-1), that raised 21.5M in two-stage financing.

Company transitioned from Online Advertising ($70M Revenue, 1st full year/operation) to Subscription-Based Financial Model (created & maintained both very complex Models) over a 2-year period (drop to approx. $8M 1st year of transition, but marginally profitable)

QuickBooks accounting software. Responsible for Banking/HR/Payroll, Cashflow, Monthly Reporting & Annual CPA Firm Review.

Implemented through Bank of America a “Positive Pay” system of required small checks (“winnings”) that eliminated fraud for the company’s revenue producer—

1993 to 1999 CONTROLLER-Mason Medical Products (Glendale, NY) ---


160K square foot manufacturing plant with varied product line (10 factory depts.), $40M in annual sales of consumer/institutional medical products (incl. CPG)

Reporting to company President/CEO, all traditional accounting duties (including Banking (refinanced existing LOC), HR, Insurance, Lead Payroll (ADP), Yearend Audit Coordination, Monthly Financials,etc.), Supervised a staff of nine

Company substantially reduced products from 4,000+ to approx. 1,500, based on profitability analysis, including repetitive time studies/labor component

Instrumental in implementing precise Inventory Controls, including introduction of Bar-Coding, and oversaw Quarterly Inventory Counts (approx. $2M)

Supervised Credit & Collection, automated & instructed/staff follow-up, reduced % of Delinquent Accounts (90+ Days) from 25% to 8% over tenure with company

Implemented “just in time” purchasing module that reduced average A/P from $2M to $1.5M despite same Revenue

Arranged for Letters of Credit to Overseas Suppliers (Taiwan) through Banking Relationships

1990 to 1993 CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-New Chapter, Inc. (Brattleboro, VT)


Oversaw cosmetic & vitamin (CPGs) manufacturing company’s sales growth & EBITDA from $2.5M/$100K to $5M/$600K over four(4) year period

Reporting to company President/CEO), performed all traditional accounting duties (including detailed cash-flow/budget projections) and supervised a staff of three(3) people, in-house Lead Payroll person, Banking, Insurance/HR/IT

Company was able to profitability integrate introduction of 50 new products based on detailed cost analysis, entailing labor studies, required materials & overhead application

Using Report Writer (working with SBT software), introduced detailed reports for sales force that was instrumental in allowing for an increase in reps from 6 to 14 during tenure

Implemented materials purchasing module that served to reduce order lead time by approx. 45%, and benefit cash-flow by allowing inventory to increase only 10%, during a period of high sales growth

Developed graphical/interactive Financial Model with Cash-flow projections, for long term sales growth & profitability

1986 to 1990 CONTROLLER/GENERAL MANAGER/COO-Flamstead Mfg. Co. (Chester, VT)


Oversaw company’s sales growth & increased profitability from $500K/$40K to $1.5M/$250K over five(5) year span

Designed & implemented materials planning module, substantially reducing backorders (by 75%) for large catalog orders

Implemented a general ledger accounting software program (SBT) that reduced clerical staff requirements by approx. $75K

Supervised staff & automated ordering process for retail operations for three(3) company managed country store “boutiques”


New Hampshire CPA Certificate No. 1234; NY & CT reciprocity certification available upon request

Bachelor of Science - Accounting; Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN)

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