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Nurse Practitioner Registered

Linden, NJ
May 08, 2019

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Highly motivated Advanced Registered Nurse with 5 years of nursing experience in an outpatient and hospital settings. Very effective at educating, counseling patients and caregivers on diagnoses and self-management. Proven leadership and communication skills that enhance patient outcomes and improve patient care. SKILLS

● Patient evaluation

● Lab result interpretation

● Infection control

● IV drug therapy management

● Clinical Experience

● Organizational Skills

● Pain Management

● Critical care nursing

● Women's health exams

● Physical assessments

● Teamwork

● Leadership skills


University Hospital Newark, Newark, NJ February 2018 - Present Emergency Room Registered Nurse

● Administered critical IV medications such as Cardizem, Dopamine, Insulin, Nitroglycerin, and Adenosine

● Assisted in the care of multiple traumas, cardiac arrests, stroke codes, sexual assaults and conscious sedations

● Provided care to people across the lifespan with different conditions from infants, children, pregnant women, and the elderly

● Independently maintained safe and effective care to patients with different acuity levels in a time- restricted and demanding environment

● Constantly communicated and collaborated with physicians and other healthcare professionals to ensure optimal care was given to patients in a timely manner

● Closely monitored E.R. patients, alerted Physicians with any changes in patient’s status

● Interacted with patients and family members experiencing pain, stress, shock or grief

● Efficiently and knowledgeably provided RN care for all ER patients, handled intubations, defibrillations, auto transfusions, Medlock insertions, splinting, conscious sedation and hypothermia protocol

● Leveraged interpersonal communication strengths to establish rapport and built trust with patients and families

● Reacted effectively in emergency scenarios, demonstrating sound decision making that helped save patients’ lives

● Supervised LPN's, CNA's and served as a preceptor/mentor to new nursing staff Complete Primary Care, South Plainfield, NJ February 2019 - April 2019 Family Nurse Practitioner Student

● Completed 144 hours of clinical work in primary care

● Helped patients manage acute and chronic pain

● Facilitated an on-going assessment of patient/family needs and implementation of interdisciplinary team care plan

● Provided medical services and care to patients with chronic and acute conditions

● Educated patients on health promotion and disease prevention

● Assessed patient conditions by performing thorough examinations and asking appropriate medical questions

Special Care OB GYN, Newark, NJ November 2018 - February 2019 Family Nurse Practitioner Student

● Completed 144 hours of clinical work in women's health.

● Worked in women’s health services, including providing contraception, counseling on reproductive issues and assisting with family planning needs

● Assessed and treated STD’s in females

● Assessed necessity, ordered, obtained and interpreted appropriate lab tests

● Provided preventive care such as gynecological examinations Shore Care Pediatrics, Tinton Falls, NJ August 2018 - November 2018 Family Nurse Practitioner Student

● Completed 144 hours of clinical work in pediatrics

● Educated parents on preventive measures to promote disease prevention

● Provided care for children aged 0-21

● Advocated for and administered childhood vaccinations

● Conducted complete medical examinations and evaluated children's health conditions.

● Performed basic physical assessments of newborns and infants

● Provided preventive care such as well-child checks and physicals CVS Minute Clinic, Livingston, NJ May 2018 - August 2018 Family Nurse Practitioner Student

● Completed 144 hours of clinical work in adult health

● Assessed patient condition by performing thorough examinations and asking appropriate medical questions

● Provided information on health promotion and disease prevention

● Assessed necessity, ordered, obtained and interpreted appropriate lab tests

● Performed vitals/glucose testing and assisted in administering injections and urinalysis

● Skillfully performed suture removals for patients of all ages

● Performed pregnancy tests and sent specimens for laboratory testing University Hospital Newark, Newark, NJ October 2017 - February 2018 ICU Registered Nurse

● Assessed patient’s disease condition, age-specific needs. Planned, implemented and altered care plans as necessary to meet those needs

● Provided advanced life support and treated wounds

● Observed, recorded and evaluated patients’ vital signs and lab data to determine emergency intervention needs

● Assisted physicians in performing procedures

● Ensured the proper function of ventilators, monitors and other types of medical equipment

● Administered blood and blood products. Monitored patients for signs and symptoms related to transfusion reactions

● Administered medications intravenously, by injection, orally, through gastric tubes, and other methods

● Set up and monitored medical equipment and devices such as cardiac monitors, mechanical ventilators and alarms, oxygen delivery devices, transducers, and pressure lines

● Collected specimens for laboratory tests

● Collaborated with other health care professionals to develop and revise treatment plans based on identified needs and assessment data

● Monitored patients for a change in status and institute appropriate interventions

● Acted as patients’ advocate.

● Provided education and support to patient families University Hospital Newark, Newark, NJ February 2016 - October 2017 Medical Surgical Registered Nurse

● Assessed, diagnosed, planned and intervened in actual or potential health problems

● Evaluated patient’s response to the care

● Patient and family education and discharge planning

● Mobilized patients to prevent skin break down, falls and implemented appropriate measures to achieve this

● Collaborated, coordinated and guided team members in planning patient care in a safe environment

● Achieved patient care goals according to the patient/family developmental stage and cultural expectations

● Accountability for the care activities, safety and goal achievements

● Employed problem-solving techniques and critical thinking in patient care

● Administered intravenous fluids and medications

● Responded to life-saving situations using nursing standards and protocols for treatment

● Acted as patients’ advocate.

● Provided bedside care for pre and post-surgery patients and initiated corrective actions whenever the patient displayed adverse signs and symptoms

● Educated patients and families on how to manage their illness/injury by explaining their post-treatment home care needs and encouraging them to go to their follow-up appointments

● Participated in discharge planning

● Floated to other units such as Trauma, Hepatology, Oncology and Neurology Davita Inc., Summit, NJ June 2015 - May 2016

Medical Surgical Registered Nurse

● Assessment of patients, medication administration, cannulation of patients with vascular access and assessment and dressing of patients with catheter access

● Setting up of hemodialysis machines and connecting patients to the machines

● Education of patients and family

● Managed complications during treatment

● Collaborated with other members of the healthcare team to ensure patient’s wellbeing

● Maintaining safety precautions in all aspects and providing aseptic procedures in accordance to universal precautions/facility protocol

● Monitoring of patients during treatment

● Specimen collection for lab tests

Enugu, Nigeria February 2014 - August 2014

Community Outpatient Clinic Registered Nurse

● Provided basic care and assessment of patients, managed medication administration and wound care

● Managed immunization of children

● Provided antenatal and postnatal care to pregnant and new mothers respectively EDUCATION

Walden University, Minneapolis, MN May 2019

Master of Science: Family Nurse Practitioner

University of Nigeria, Enugu, Nigeria May 2013

Associate of Science: Nursing Midwifery

University of Nigeria, Enugu, Nigeria May 2012

Bachelor of Science: Nursing


Advanced Nurse Practitioner License June 2019

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certification 2018 - Present BLS - Basic Life Support

PALS - Pediatric Advanced Life Support

New Jersey RN license

New York RN license


American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)


Available upon request

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