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Data Manager

Adelphi, Maryland, United States
May 08, 2019

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Background Summary

Highly skilled ETL/SQL developer with practical experience of +6 years with a Strong background in business intelligence system design planning and strategy implementation. Designed, developed and maintained data warehouse including, gathering business requirements, transforming them into technical requirements, logical and physical data modeling, configuring ETL work flow to populate fact and dimension tables. Team lead and responsible for creating SSIS package to extract, transform and load data from various sources to the data base and prepare reports by using SSRS/power BI/Tableau where necessary.

ETL/SSIS/ Package

Well versed on building SSIS package for file management and data flow

Excellent in building SSIS package to integrate data from various sources into a DW

Strong experience in creating, configuring, deploying and testing SSIS packages

Experienced in data profiling and transformations using SSIS

Produced documentation for all kinds of reports and SSIS packages

Implemented Event Handlers and Error Handling in SSIS packages

Scheduled reports to refresh and run on daily, weekly and monthly basis in the report manager.

Extensively involved in knowledge transfer for the documentation team

MS SQL Server Database

Experience in creating database, tables, indexes, complex queries, stored procedures, triggers, user defined functions, temp tables, complex joins, T-SQL, MS SQL Server2005/2008/2008R2/2012/2014

Hands on experience on identifying and resolving performance issues using SQL profiler, database tuning advisor, DBBC commands and execution plans.

Experienced in building parameterized stored procedure to support application team.

Experienced in converting functional requirements into T-SQL scripts and materialized views.

Data Warehousing and Data Modeling

Experienced in dimensional data modeling including start and snow flake schema

Experience in BI Semantic-layer modeling and cloud databases.

Well versed on implementing slowly changing dimensional using SSIS package

Experienced in denormalization process and grain identification

Designed a new database model for public school library project.

Experienced in writing T_SQL script to sync staging data to Dim and Fact tables

Reporting and Data Migration

Expertise in creating reports through SQL Server reporting services (SSRS)

Experienced in configuring and managing report subscriptions.

Excellent in building C-level Dashboards using Power BI

Well versed in configuring and managing dataset refresh on Power BI service.

Hands on experience managing in users on report server and Power BI service.

Hands on experience on configuring Power BI Work Space.

Performance Tuning, Installation and configuration

Expert on installing and configuring MS SQL Servers

Hands on experience in configuring SQL Server Reporting service

Expert in configuring MS SQL Integration Service Catalogue

Experience in Database optimization using SQL profiler, Database tuning adviser and window performance monitor

Experienced in partitioning, Creating and managing portioned tables indexes

Project Management and Plat forms

Experienced using Agile project management tools like Trello and JIRA

Experienced working on Agile projects with multiple sprints cycles and scrum meetings.

Hands on experience working on water fall projects with full SDLC

Professional Experiences

Metro Center, Washington DC

Position: SQL/ ETL Developer August 2018 - Now

Project: SQL/ETL & Reporting


Defined, prepared and executed migration packages for new ETL objects.

Consolidated data from various sources into a common data warehouse for reporting and analysis purpose using ETL

Troubleshoot ETL issues, validate result sets, implement process improvements & resolve daily reporting automation issues

Identified and resolved issues related to SSIS package configuration and deployment.

Produced documentation for all kinds of reports and SSIS packages

Involved in the full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) phases

Constructed high performance ETL for data warehouse

Designed Extract Transform and Load (ETL) process to populate the data warehouse using SSIS

Maintained SSIS package for loading data from multiple databases to data warehouse dimension tables and fact tables.

Deployed SSIS packages and scheduled job in SQL Server Agent for automation.

Migrated SSIS packages from development to test to Production environments using SSIS XML Configuration files and

deployment wizard

Developed interactive and static reports, sub reports, drill through, drilldown reports using various features like Matrix, Table, Charts, Graphs and Dashboard.

Developed SSIS packages with monitoring features and logging

Involved in creation of dimensions using Star and Snow Flake Schema

Designed cubes with star schema using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

Defined relationships between Measure groups and Dimensions

Created SSAS Cubes, Facts and Dimension tables and then applied various services like KPI's, Partitions, Calculated Members and actions

Developed SSAS Cubes and export them out as pivot tables in Excel for analysis purpose

Participated in designing in developing MDX Queries in order to perform drilldown reports and for calculating measures

Created and maintained SSRS report using OLTP data, OLAP multidimensional data, and SSAS Cubes

Developed query for generating drill down reports in SSRS.

Implement report parameters, a report layout, interactivity in a report created by using an SSAS data source

Prepared Ad-hoc reports through report builders and published through Report Manager, Tableau is also used.

Generated Snapshot, Drill Down, and parameterized reports using SSRS

Designed, Developed and Deployed reports in MS SQL Server environment using SSRS

Setting catches and snapshots on the server, ensuring security like distribute and change different security roles for users, scheduling the reports delivery to clients email or shared files.

Implemented Table, Views, Function, Stored Procedures and Triggers for load data and validation purpose

Land Management & Development, Co

Position: SQL/BI Developer From Sept. 2016 - May. 2018

Project: SQL/ETL and data modeling


Designed and Developed database modelling including conceptual, logical and physical by using oracle data modeler.

Involved in designing, reviewing, and creating Views, Indexes, Stored procedure, Functions, Triggers based on logical design models, user requirements and physical constraints

BI semantic-layer modeling and Experience with cloud databases

Worked on the complete life cycle of the project from design to implementation.

Designed the business requirements and system requests based on the user requirements.

Performed data conversions from various files into a normalized database structure.

Created check constraints to maintain data integrity.

Extensively used Joins and sub-Queries to simplify complex queries involving multiple tables for reporting purpose

Extracted data from diverse data sources such as CSV, Excel and Text file from Client servers and through FTP

Extensively used SSIS Import/Export Wizard for performing the ETL operations.

Involved in ETL Design documents review

Extensively used package configuration to migrate SSIS package from one environment to another

Implemented Event Handlers and Error Handling in SSIS packages

Scheduled SSIS Packages daily and weekly Basis.

Developed Standard Reports, Sub Reports, Cross Tab Reports, drill down Reports, used various Charts and graphs

Scheduled reports and exported in various format for decision makers

Created Ad-hoc reports using Report Builder and maintained Report Manager for SSRS.

Provided disaster recovery procedures and policies for backup and recovery of Databases.

Extensively involved in knowledge transfer for the documentation team for the development activities

Land Management & Development, Co

Position: SQL Database/BI/ETL Developer From Sept. 2014 - August. 2016

Project: ETL and SSRS


Developed and deployed SSIS packages using proper control and data flow elements with error handling.

Enhanced and deployed SSIS Packages from development server to production server

Experience on hosting and sharing dashboards on the cloud

Experience in publishing power BI desktop reports built in report view to the power BI service.

Experience in using Agile project management tools like Trello and JIRA

Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills

Expertise in ANSI SQL coding and standards

Experience on relational (ANSI standard) database performance tuning

Experienced working on Agile projects with multiple sprints cycles and scrum meetings.

Hands on experience working on water fall projects with full SDLC

Create and produce ad hoc reports for the business as needed and per cyclical schedules

Created tabular, matrix, chart, drilldown reports, and parameterized, cascaded reports

Performed backups and restores and resolved server job failures.

Participated in data designing architecture, data model and mapping process to load data based on business requirement

Worked in optimizing T-SQL DB, tables, views, stored procedures, user defined functions, indexes and triggers.

Participated in designing Data Warehouse schema such as star schema and snowflake by using ER-win

Maintained data integrity by performing data validation checks.

Wrote complex T-SQL queries and used stored procedures, triggers and modified existing ones.

Modeled dimension and fact table using star schema

Created simple and complex SSAS cubes with multiple fact measures groups, and multiple dimension hierarchies based on the OLAP reporting needs.

Querying and manipulating multidimensional cube data through MDX Scripting in SSAS.

Extensively worked on designing reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Created report crucial stored procedures and functions to support reporting dataset manipulation.

Wrote queries for drill down reports to get the dataset required to build the report.

Designed and deployed reports in MS SQL Server environment using SSRS report services configuration manager.

Formatting the reports, writing costumed codes and using them in the expressions.

Performed database recovery and backup tasks on daily and weekly basis.

Generated reports using Tableau and power BI

Education and Professional Certification

Bachelors of Science in Architectural Engineering (2014)

From Addis Ababa University. 2009 - 2014

Certification in MSSQL SERVER


Ministry of Health, A.A, ETH

Position: BI/ETL Developer From Dec. 2007 - Jan. 2009

Project ETL and Data Migration


Highly involved in all activities related to development, implementation, administration and support of ETL processes for large-scale Data Warehouses using SSIS

Vigorously involved in client meetings in requirement gathering and development updates

Loaded data to the interface tables from multiple data sources such as MS Access, Oracle, Text files and Excel Spreadsheets

Created SSIS Sequence container to load dimension and fact table for data warehouse

Created common and various dynamic SSIS package using Variables, Expressions, and Package Configurations to populate the data warehouse

Used SSIS to create ETL packages to validate, extract, transform and load data to data mart and data warehouse databases

Configured and deployed SSIS solutions; Customized dimensions and measures

Monitored SSIS packages with SSIS log and event handler

Implemented dimensions, storage design and processing options in a cube

Modified existing dimensional and fact table and relationships. Configured report execution and delivery

Applied perspectives and KPI using calculated measures based on requirements.

Configured permissions and roles and diagnose and resolve performance issues in SSAS

Designed, developed and deployed reports like: drilldown, drill through and parameterized reports using SSRS.

Generated various reports like: Cascade type, Tabular, drill down reports using Expressions, Functions & Tableau.

Used complex expressions to calculate, group, filter, parameterize, and format the contents of a report

Build effective queries for high-performance reporting and rendered them to PDF and Excel

Worked in designing and optimizing T-SQL DB objects tables, stored procedures, user defined functions, using Management Studio

Technical Skills

Core Technology

Core Competencies

Database- MS SQL Server

Data Warehousing, T-SQL Scripting

ETL - SSIS, Import and Export

SSIS Package Development and Implementation

Reporting - SSRS, Power BI, Tableau

Report, Dashboard and stories

Modeling - Oracle SQL Modeler

Relational and dimensional data model

Collaboration - Slack, WebEx

Remote Work and Team Collaboration

Project Management - Trello

Agile and Water Fall

MS Office

Excel, Power Point, Word, Access DB

Soft Ware Language skills

Transactional SQL (T-SQL), My/SQL, PL/SQL

Navigation, Mapping, Coordinates, Arch


Soft Skills

Excellent Communication Skill, Ability to Work Under Pressure, Decision Making, Time Management

Self-motivation, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Adaptability, Teamwork, Creativity

Reference: will be available on request

Authorization: Permanent Resident/GC/

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