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IT Director

San Francisco, California, United States
May 07, 2019

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Fei Ying



Highly accomplished IT management professional with 20 years of experience in the Financial, Medical and Education fields. Demonstrated expertise in compliance, information security, and financial technologies. Competencies include networking, telecom, support center administration, data warehousing, business intelligence, software development management, Internet apps, vendor management, and project management.


Suntek systems Inc Fremont CA, 8 / 2016 – Present

Chief Technical officer / Chief Information officer

Providing strategy, technology guidance and implementation for team that provide Cloud base solution to end client, building out an easy-to-use solution for end client to manage compliance, risk and Information Security.

Effectively influence change and work toward best practices, at an enterprise scale.

Work and collaborate with key stakeholders to identify the right opportunities and put together strategies to success.

Execute successfully through diligent planning, effective delegation and efficient decision making.

Track and analyze metrics to inform on efforts. Partner very closely with the Information Security team to deliver a highly secure infrastructure.

Collaborate effectively with department Directors, company executives across the organization.

Lead the development and evolution of technology standards to achieve business objectives.

Lead complex projects and initiatives, coordinate effectively between various IT team, stakeholders and valued company vendors.

Identify system needs, capture requirements, evaluate current environments, assess risks, convey architectural recommendations and pursue resolutions of factors impeding success.

Ensure major programs and projects of high impact to organization and customers are delivered, on time, on budget with high quality.

Support the integration of acquisitions by leveraging a repeatable scalable model.

Build and manage financial plans and budgets.

Manage vendor relationships and drive vendor negotiations.

Unitek College Fremont, CA, 5 / 2015 – 7 / 2018

Director of Information Technology

Providing strategy, technology guidance and implementation for the team that supports Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Faculty and other common business departments at seven different sites, state-wide with 99.9% uptime.

Create IT plans, road map, policies and procedures for technology related issues

Manage IT budget, IT projects, vendor relationships

Tech support for ERP, CRM and other business/educational systems

Devise company emergency and response procedures

Ensure that vendors meet performance expectations and service level agreements

Strive to continuously improve delivery and availability of IT services

Perform other duties and tasks as assigned or requested by the CEO and other executive level management

Create new nursing school student learning system, include classroom, library, lab and setup Medical I.T. training program.

Lead company IT infrastructure move to cloud project, move on-premise MS Exchange 2013 and Skype for business server to Azure system.

MNHC (Mission neighborhood Health center) San Francisco, CA, 8 / 2014 – 5 /2015

IT Director.

Provided Hospital headquarters and four branch offices with 24x7 system support, ensured all procedures and best practices were being followed and provided guidance and coaching as necessary, composed and maintained internal documentation, managing EHR and EMR system.

Created IT plans, policies and procedures for technology related subjects.

Created IT budget and projects.

Tech support for Accounting, Finance, HR department, with EHR and EMR systems Epic and Nextgen.

Created disaster preparedness solution.

Ensured that vendors were meeting performance expectations and service level agreements

Strove to continuously improve delivery and availability of IT services

Performed other duties and tasks as assigned or requested

Special project, rollout VOIP system, EHR system upgrade.

WestEd San Francisco, CA, 8 / 2005 – 8 / 2014

IT manager,

Leading engineer for all Microsoft related systems. Managing company ERP (Deltek Costpoint), CRM (Salesforce). Provided support for Windows servers with file sharing, database and remote connection technologies. Provided 24x7 support for Windows servers, Cisco firewalls, routers and switches, Symantec backup solution, EMC backup system, NEC, ShoreTel phone system, Citrix system, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence system, and Macintosh servers across multiple sites.

Created IT plans, policies and procedures; managed IT budget, projects, and vendor relationship; system support for Accounting, Finance, HR department, with ERP and CRM systems

Upgraded multi-site Active Directory domain from 2000 to 2003 and then 2003 to 2008

Maintained Windows application servers, multi sites AD, SQL servers with data replication and DFS file sharing replication

Designed and implemented monitoring service with Solarwind, HP Openview, MOM, Nagios for Network -device and servers

Administered multi platform backup system support, including Symantec backup, Dell Compellent SAN, EMC SAN, HP EVA, Evault

Database migration from SQL 2000 and SQL 2012

Windows Hyper-V system and windows virtual server

Cluster environment for SQL and Terminal services

VMware ESXi 5.5 system virtualization, used Vcenter as management tools VM

VMware and Citrix Xen server virtualization, XenApp, Xen desktop and VMware Viewer for VDI project

Business Intelligence system support, IBM Cognos system management with Cognos BI versions 8 to 10, Enterprise Planning and TM1 systems

Integrated Mac OSX in Windows AD environment

Data center management, public and private cloud service management

Provide support for NEC, Shoretel phone system and Security Gate system

Providing strategic and tactical planning, development, evaluation, and coordination of information and technology systems

Functioned as the Information Security head for the IT organization. Managed and oversaw policies and procedures associated with security and responded to inquiries concerning IT security systems

Oversaw the back office computer operations for the company’s system, including local and wide-area networks

Responsible for the management of multiple information and communications systems and projects, including voice, data, imaging, and office automations

Designed, implemented, and evaluated systems that supported end users, developed and implemented user-training programs

Responsible for maintaining system compliance and annual HIPAA certification

Hotwire, San Francisco, CA, 7 / 2004 – 8 /2005

Sr. Windows system Engineer. led five fellow admins in the MS system team and helpdesk. Provided 24x7 support for Windows application servers (Active Directory, SQL, Exchange, ISA, terminal server, Management sever), Cisco Routers, Veritas BackupExec, and Citrix Metaframe XP servers. Designed and maintained Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition solution.

Implemented new monitoring system with MOM and Compaq insight manager

Multi-platform backup system support

Database SQL2000 server management

Exchange 2000 with multi sites

Oracle 9 and 10 database management support

Windows 2003 Terminal server and file sharing

Citrix MetaframeXP farm setup and Safeword security system integration

Cisco VPN concentrate maintenance

WestEd San Francisco, CA, 9 / 2003 – 6 / 2004

IT consultant, lead engineer for all Microsoft systems. Provided support for Windows servers with file sharing, database and remote connections. Provided 24x7 support for Windows servers, Cisco firewall, routers and Switches, Symantec backup solution, EMC backup system, Novell Netware 5.0, NEC PBX system, Citrix system, and Macintosh servers.

Upgraded multi-site Active Directory domain

Windows application server deployment, SQL server with data replication and file share replication

Multi-platform backup system support

Database migration from SQL 7 to SQL 2000

Systems support for Accounting, Finance, HR department, with Deltek Costpoint system

Managed end-user facing technical support team

Data center management

Consulting for technology companies, San Mateo, CA 4 / 2002 – 9 / 2003

Supported MSI, Metilinx, and IBM). Technologies supported but not limited to: Exchange (5.5, 2000), Active Directory, Arcserve2000 (backup server), SQL 2000 database, Linux server (Redhat, Suse), Novell Netware5.0. Provided 24x7 tech support, backup solutions, and new Active Directory domain setup (including IIS server, Exchange server, SQL server.) Sun LDAP on Solaris project tech support. Novell file, printer and server support. Citrix Metaframe XP server system support. Macintosh workstation support.

New data center setup for Leap.

Project leader for Cisco 3640 router Win2k domain and Redhat servers, DNS server and Wins server. Designed and configured the backup (Arcserve 2000) and disaster recovery (Symantec Ghost) plans. Designed policies and procedures to provide 24x7 support of Windows servers.

Metilinx Sun LDAP on Solaris and Linux project.

Project leader for Solaris 9.0 and Linux Suse7.0 server setup. Designed and configured staging environment, software installs, and system trouble shooting and performance tuning.

Levi’s Onsite Tivoli system administrator

Onsite IBM tech for Levi’s Tivoli system setup and maintenance. Designed, configured, documented and provided user training. System span over Unix (HPUX, Solaris) and Windows (Win2k, WinNT).

Ventaso, San Francisco, CA 11 / 2000 – 4 / 2002

Sr. NT administrator. Provide 24 X 7 support. Windows server (Exchange, SQL, IIS), PIX, Cisco Router, Switch, Pix firewall, Nortel Alteon L4 switch, gauntlet firewall, Oracle, Veritas Netbackup, Bea Weblogic, Novell Netware 5.0, Lucent Definity system. Windows NT domain. Win2k active directory domain, WinNT to Win2k domain migration. Exchange server 5.5, Exchange server 2000, Exchange5.5 to Exchange 2k migration. MSSQL7.0 database administrator, Solaris8 with Oracle8 on Sun E420R, E220R. Network security component administrate, Cisco router 3640, PIX 515, Gnat2.0, Gauntlet firewall. Web server admin: Bea Weblogic4.0, IIS, Tomcat. System backup solution: Netbackup3.4, Backupexec. System test environment admin: Loadrunner6.5.

Ventaso Broadwing data center setup

Project leader for Cisco 3640 router and 2900 switch, Pix firewall515, single master NT domain and Solaris servers, DNS server and Wins server, updated to Win2000 active directory domain. Configured Exchange5.5, updated to Exchange2000 recently. Design and configure the backup plan and disaster recovery plan, using Backupexec as backup method updated toNetback3.4, ghost image all the servers for disaster recovery. Designed policies and procedures to provide 24x7 support of Windows servers. Broadwing have 50 users use this data center for Ventaso application.

Ventaso San Jose data center setup

Took part in project for Cisco 3640 router and 2900 switch, Pix firewall515, single master NT domain and Solaris, DNS and Wins servers, updated to Win2000 active directory domain. Designed and configured Enterprise NT server for SQL server cluster, updated to Win2000 advance server. Configured Exchange5.5, and subsequently updated to Exchange2000. Designed and configured the backup and disaster recovery plans, using Backupexec (subsequently updated toNetback3.4), used Ghost to image all servers for disaster recovery. San Jose data center supported over 1000 users.

Ventaso San Francisco data center design

Project leader for architecting a new San Francisco data center. Designed and configured WAN/LAN. Gauntlet VPN link configuration, Exchange server coexistence, SQL to Oracle database transfer, Windows base DNS server to Solaris base DNS server, Win2k DNS server migration.

Ventaso Exchange server migration project

Upgrade Exchange Server from 5.5 to 2000, updated NT to active directory domain, setup Win2000 exchange server relay. Migrate the user base to new Domain.

Ventaso Data center HA(High Availability) integration

Windows NT enterprise server working on Compaq hardware, 2 nodes cluster for SQL, update to Win2000 advance server. Use Alteon L4 switch for Detail design and configuration.

Ventaso backup solution integration. Veritas Netbackup3.4, certified by Veritas.

Ventaso phone system administration Lucent Definity system setup, extended Backup and Disaster Recovery plans specifications. Documented Recovery process and checklist.

Ventaso system performance test QA Load runner system.

System performance test Load runner6.5 setup, scripted all the virtual user.

Ventaso Helpdesk management system Clarify system setup.

System setup. System administrate and upgrade. Trained first level support staff

Ventaso Code management Starteam system administrate.

System setup. Trained first level support staff.

Ventaso Production index server AltaVista system setup and administrate.

AltaVista server setup. Index whole company database and web site. Provide search result for more than 1000 users every day.

Ventaso Weblogic replace IIS server project.

Weblogic server setup, working on both Sun Solaris and WinNT. Provide Web host service for more than 1000 users, script the management tools. Document Disaster recovery and upgrade.

M2networx, San Francisco, CA 6 / 2000 – 11 / 2000

IT manager / system engineer. Provide 24 X 7 support.

WinNT server (Exchange, SQL, DNS, DHCP, WINS), PIX firewall, Cisco router, Lucent phone system Definity, Imanage, Sun Solaris for SAP.

LAN / WAN setup and administrate: WinNT, Cisco router 2524, PIX515, WinNT server.

Document management tools administrator: Imanage5.1

WAN/LAN setup, design company IT infrastructure, national wide domain model, provide second level IT support for 5 cities around 150 users.

MS SQL server for Imanage system setup, impalement the Imanage system with Exchange server.

Exchange server admin, setup exchange server migrate user from all kinds of web email to Exchange.

Manage the Definity phone system including disaster and maintenance plan. Implement Lucent Definity phone system, certified by Avaya.

Company Imanage system setup and Maintenance. Setup Imanage server with multi container. Rollout client system National wide. Implement Imanage with Company software.

Provide Imanage support for Client company, implement the Imanage with Company software.

SAP system management and integration.

GE Capital ITS, San Francisco, CA 5 / 98 – 6 / 2000

System engineer. WinNT 4.0 server, Proxy server and Netware4.11 network. Also use Unix(Solaris 2.6) system, Lotus Notes4.6, Cisco router setup, Citrix Metaframe server 1.8.

Calyx and Corolla

Frame Replay Wan link setup and WinNT local domain setup including DNS server, Wins server, DHCP server and Proxy server. Team leader for migrate the entire user to Win98 and WinNT client.

Vencor Company Berkley

Lotus notes server4.6 setup and Novell4.11 server setup. Configure Cisco 2503 ISDN router for client’s Wan link. Setup local NT workgroup and printer server.

Fremont Insurance Group

Daily base tech support and Frame Relay link setup. Team leader and tech support for whole company WinNT rollout project, company has 27 subdivisions national wide around 2500 users. Developed custom NT network management system for new software rollout. Provide company management with project and deployment plans. Trained first level support staff. Document all the process for Fremont. Migrate users from all kind of mail platform to Lotus Note. Citrix Metaframe 1.8 server on NT for remote application.

Oakland Police department

MSSQL6.5 server setup and maintenance. Support 2 department 100 users. Migrate Access database to SQL database, rescue all the client data from broken system. Document the disaster recovery plan and maintenance procedure

Swiss Reinsurance

DSL WAN link setup, Cisco Router 2503 configuration.

Local NT domain setup and migration. Migrate all user to WinNT domain, setup resource domain for Printer and file system

Odyssey Reinsurance

Frame relay WAN link setup and Router configuration.

NBCI relocated project

Migrated 3 single master domain around 1000 user and accounts into new active directory domain.

Create Cisco switch based Vlan to replace the Nortel switch.


Exchange Server MS SQL, Windows Server, Windows95 - Windows 10, Mac OSX, IOS, VMware Fusion, Player, Viewer, ESX 3-6, ESXi, VMware vSphere, vCenter, Linux, Solaris, Citrix Xenserver, Xenapp, Hummingbird, Blackberry Exchange Server, Symantec Anti-Viruses, Ghost, Backup Exec, Netbackup, ArcServe, Microsoft Office including Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, One Note, Project, and SharePoint, Active Directory, Lotus cc: Mail, Notes, Google Analytics, Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Meditech, Apache, IIS, Frontline, Remedy, Spotlight, McAfee, Adobe, Clarify, PC Anywhere, WebEx, Kace, Timbuktu, Dreamweaver, Costpoint, SAP, IBM Cognos, TM1, Enterprise planner, PDA, iManage, PCDocs, MFDs, IPRO, Suite, FTP/Portal client, Ribstone, Scan gear, LANDesk, VMware shavlik, Compaq Insight Manager, IBM Tivoli, HP openview, Nagios, Jet admin for HP, UniTrack Client, iTrack, Xerox CentreWare Suites, Fiery Scan, NEC, Avaya, Shoretel, Roxio, Nero, Ahead CD/DVD burning, ATT Dialer, ATT Aircard, Cisco IOS Devices, Casper, IssueTrack and MobileIron


Master, Merit Scholar in Computer Science, University of San Francisco

Bachelor, Applied Mathematics, TongJi University, Shanghai, China.

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