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Manager Civil Engineer

Athens, Attica Region, Greece
May 07, 2019

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Filippos Konstantinidis, Civil Engineer

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Senior Project Manager & Business Development Manager (Construction)

Official Arbitrator of the Technical Chamber of Greece

Professional Profile

Pioneer Civil Engineer and former Country Manager of one of the leading construction companies in Greece, with participation in acquisition and growth activities (M&As) to support overall business objectives and plans. Backed by a career distinguished by advanced private and public industrial and urban development projects in the roles of Contract Manager, Project Manager, administrating arbitration issues, technical teams, project progress, as well as technical, financial and contract reports. Experience includes strategic planning and successfully leading engineering and non- technical teams towards the fulfillment of company’s objectives.

Value Offered

Advanced Arbitration Skills & Contract Management

Forming Claims & Disputes

Preparation of Real Cost Analysis

Strategic Time Scheduling

Critical Thinking & Problem Resolution

On-Time Project Delivery & Within Budget

Timely & Objective Reporting

Implementing Contractual & Safety Regulations

Elaboration & Submission Bid Tenders

Coordinating & Evaluating Technical Teams

Major Projects

... summarized ...


Hydraulic Power Station

Mechanical Recycling Plant

Industrial Waste & Treatment Plants

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal


Imittos Ring Road in Athens

EGNATIA Highway & Tunnel, “Derveni – Nymfopetra” Section

Expansion of Mykonos Island Airport Landing Field

Tunnels & Underground Structures:

Construction of Combined Air Operation Underground Center (CARS), NATO HQ, Larisa

Excavation & Construction of Athens Metro Station in Votanikos


Headquarters of the Hellenic Bank of Industrial Development in Athens

Olympic Village in Athens (Section of Urban Structure)

New Exhibition Centre in Athens

Headquarters of MOTOR OIL in Athens

Private Projects of eminent Greek Architects in the Northern Suburbs of Athens

Harbors / Marine Areas:

New Harbor of Mykonos Island

Fishing Reserve of Gerakari Harbor


Freelance Construction Engineer Athens, Greece 2005 – present

(Urban Development & Commercial Building Projects)

Developed high-end luxury urban housing plans & multi-floor apartment buildings within the Athens District.

Oversaw construction activities, conducted on-site loss inspections and negotiated directly with clients regarding all cover and liability issues for claims and disputes that may have arose.

Coordinated technical teams and scheduled project phases in order to deliver projects according to the contractual requirements.

Travelled abroad to expand business activities in Kuwait investigating opportunities through the Kuwait International Property Show 2015 (KIPS).

ΒΙΟΤΕR SA Industrial Technical Works Greece 1989 – 2005

One of the older construction companies in Greece & the 1st to be listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, mainly engaged in large public and private projects (Industrial - Buildings - Infrastructure).

Positions Held: Country Manager & Business Development Manager

Identified acquisition and merger opportunities, directed and participated in acquisition and growth activities of the company for many consecutive years.

Responsible for the day-to-day operating activities of the company.

Oversaw company’s operations to insure production efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources.

Represented the company at legislative sessions, committee meetings and at formal functions.

Promoted the company to local, regional, national and international constituencies.

Prepared and presented annual report for Athens Stock Exchange at the Board of Director meetings.

Reviewed financial statements, planned, developed and implemented strategies for generating resources and revenues for the company.

Evaluated performance of executives for compliance with established policies and objectives of the company and contributions in attaining objectives.

Other Positions Held: Contract Manager / Project Manager / Arbitration Manager

Successfully dealt with changes and post-integration issues due to the merging of 9 other construction companies with BIOTER (2000–2004). All efforts resulted in maintaining post-merger profitability and cash flow.

Monitored all major functions of a construction company, such as Technical - Human Resources (max 2000 employees), Claims & Contracts, Procurement & Tenders and Financial Departments.

Underground Construction Projects Overview:

Construction of Combined Air Operation Center (CARS), NATO HQ, Larisa:

oBudget: 60 million € / Contract signed: 26/10/1998 / Project Duration: 1.200 days

oFully financed by NATO funds.

oConstruction of intersected access tunnels, ventilation tunnels and shafts, Tempest Protection, building works inside the tunnels, self-reliant electrical system, building equipment, sewage system, road construction works.

Excavation & Construction of Athens Metro Station in Votanikos (Attiko Metro S.A.):

oBudget: 10 million € / Commencement of Project: 21/12/2001 / Project Duration: 2,5 years.

oFinanced by European Community Funds.

oExcavation works, concreting, incorporation of specific materials, specific constructions for disabled people.

oArea known for the urban high traffic environment, archaeological importance and exhibits, as well as for underground waters.

Arbitration Management:

Evaluated the execution of contracts according to financial and technical requirements.

Ensured all site costs are recorded in detail, ensured the on-time site purchasing process.

Prepared and drafted claims against Client, acting as a representative of the company in court.

Collaborated with the Legal Advisors and other external partners.

Participated in the Arbitration Procedure, by analysing the contract specifications, drawings, contract orders, photographs and any other relevant information that will assist to the raising of the claim(s).

Some very important cases that I took active part and BIOTER won were BIOTER vs. Philipps Holtsman in front of the International Court of Paris and BIOTER vs. Public Gus Corporation (ΔΕΠΑ at the Greek Court).

Professional Highlights / Milestones:

Involved in the construction and operation (as a Deputy Shift Manager) of the Waste Management & Recycling Factory in Liosia (13 acres covered area, 120 employees).

Construction of Hydraulic power station of Mesochora with relevant works at Acheloos river (150 MW capacity).

Present at the hearings on behalf of the Claimant “J/V ARMOS S.A. – BIOTER S.A. for the Project of Public Gas Corporation (DEPA) against the Respondent Public Corporation of GAS.

Professional Licenses

Licensed Civil Engineer (since 1989) General D’ Class Diploma: Licensed to Manage Public Projects Valued between 180 000 – 720 000 euro (highways / national roadways, harbor / pipelines, hydraulics, energy - industrial and building projects), issued by the Greek Ministry of Environment & Energy (2002)


Master of Science in Civil Engineering awarded: 1991

The Victoria University of Manchester (UMIST), Faculty of Technology Manchester, UK

Major: Construction Project Management

Dissertation: “International English and Greek Construction Arbitration Procedures”

Diploma in Civil Engineering (5-year curriculum – MSc Equivalent) awarded: 1989

Polytechnic School, University of Patras Patras, Greece

5-year curriculum – MSc Equivalent according to international academic standards

Additional Information

Languages Greek: native speaker English: Excellent written and oral communication skills

Computing Familiar with Office & CAD applications Project Management Software

Military Service Fulfilled, Hellenic Airforce (1989-1990)

Other Major Projects ... amplified ...


Capacity / Area



Hydraulic Power Station of Messochora and Relative Works

Annual Total Generation of 385 GWh

25.238.400 €

Mechanical Recycling Plant

Total Surface area: 13.000 m2

Treatment – Capacity: 1.20 tons of waste / day

57.000.000 €

Various Industrial Treatment Plants in Greece

Concerns the Towns of Amphilochia, Pirgos, Kozani (and more)

60.000.000 €

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal (Revithousa Island)

1st Phase of Project

1.507.674 €

Underground Constructions

Construction of Combined Air Operation Center (CARS), NATO HQ, Larisa

100.000 cubic meters of earth excavation / 70.000 cubic meters of concrete / 10.000 tones of reinforcement steel

60.000.000 €

Excavation & Construction of Athens Metro Station in Votanikos (Attiko Metro S.A.):

60.000 cubic meters of earth excavation

10.000.000 €


Imittos Ring Road in Athens

Total Length: 5,5 Km

5.869.406 €

EGNATIA highway & Tunnel in northern Greece, “Derveni – Nymfopetra” Section

Total Length: 32 Km

105.164.800 €

Expansion of the Mykonos Island Airport Landing Field

Total Length: 500 m

2.186.400 €


Headquarters of the Hellenic Bank of Industrial Development in Athens

Total Surface: 10.000 m2

Number of floors: 13

13.969.200 €

Section D of Olympic Village in Athens (Urban Structure)

Residences: 535

62.196.800 €

New Exhibition Centre in Athens

Total Surface : 23.500m2

Number of floors: 5

14.747.000 €

Headquarters of MOTOR OIL in Athens

Total Surface: 2.360 m2

Number of floors: 6

14.793.800 €

Private Projects of eminent Greek Architects in the Northern Suburbs of Athens

Total Surface Area 20.000 m2

35.000.000 €

Harbors / Marine Areas

Fishing Reserve of Gerakari harbor

A harbor in the middle of the Ionian Sea

616.288 €

New harbor of Mykonos Island

650-length Artificial Harbor

11.598.000 €

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