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Mechanical Engineer Project

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
May 06, 2019

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As a graduated Mechanical Engineer and experienced Technologist; seeking a role to express knowledge and gain valuable experience. HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS

• Royal Canadian Air Cadet at 631 Sentinel Squadron (2007-2009) achieved rank of Sargent.

• Self-motivated to take initiative to get things done, and have a strong ability to analyze situations, problem solve and make decisions appropriately.

• Conduct research into the feasibility, design, operation and performance of components and systems.

• Strong organizational, administrative, interpersonal, verbal communication and technical report writing skills.

• Analyzing and providing advice on various issues and requirements.

• Review designs, calculations and cost estimates for the proposed systems.

• Preparing work safety programs and machines safety manual.

• Demonstrated good interpersonal, communication and organizational skills on academic and workplace level.

• Adjust equipment and repair or replace defective parts, components or systems, using hand and power tools.

• Test repaired equipment for proper performance and to ensure that work meets its specifications.

• Prioritize well and can manage multiple projects and tasks simultaneously. organizational skills allow you to be highly detailed while still meeting deadlines.

• Experienced in writing engineering design reports with compliance to procedure and presenting the key points to a wide audience.

• Perform relevant mathematical calculations and statistical analyses.

• Modeled, designed and developed variety of projects that helped with application of theoretical knowledge and enhanced understanding of the related courses required for Mechanical Engineering Design.

• Organize and manage projects, and prepare material, cost and timing estimates, reports and design specifications for machinery and systems.

• Design machines, components, tools, fixtures and equipment.

• Maintenance / Production planner, General principals of project management. Page 2 of 4


• Proficient in engineering software including AutoCAD, Master Cam x 6, and Inventor, SolidWorks, MATLAB.

• Able to handle hydraulics and pneumatics system.

• Able to work with different machines to build a given designs within the required deadlines

• Knowledge of safety factors with different machines

• Hands on experience with Lathe, Drill, Milling, CNC machine, Hydraulic Press, and other machinery in machine shop.

• WHIMIS certificate-Seneca College-2011

• Certificate of completion – AutoCAD 2012 for the professional level.

• In depth knowledge of MS office: Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, word, etc. PISTON CYLINDER ENGINE- (January 2014 – April 2014)

• Having a team of three were performing the CAD drawings and dynamics calculations to achieve the target in given time limit.

• Target given to us was to run the device at 50 Psi.

• With precise machining skills, target was achieved, and device was running at 11 Psi.

• Report writing skills and presentation skills were shown and achieved A+ grade.

• This project was presented in the Centennial College: SETAS Technology Fair


MECHANICAL IRIS (January 2016 – April 2016)

• Project was to make a deign and make model of mechanical iris (mechanism of camera aperture)

• Having a team of three for project where highly precision machining was performed.

• Project was highly based on CAD design and less calculations.

• The use of every machine in the shop was required in this project.

• With time management and proper use of skills, this project was done successfully

• This project was presented in the Centennial College: SETAS Technology Fair


RSPB Re-Gen Suspensions – Passive Regenerative Suspension System September 2018-April 2019 (Mechanical Engineering Degree Project)

• Having a team of four where performing the communications skills and applying engineering knowledge to lead the project in the right direction in given time limit and reporting to the Engineering Supervisor about ongoing progress

• Worked using Lakehead University’s resources in order to create a regenerative shock absorber which improved overall vehicle efficiency by 10% with the added benefits of manual dampening which could be integrated within vehicle systems.

• Using a Solidworks and MATLAB, final design simulation is achieved. Using the available resources from Lakehead University, testing will be conducted using harmonic exciter test machine.

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• Performed various calculations in order to correlate single mass vibration motion equations to generated power via an electromagnetic system. Manual dampening was carried throughout via a potentiometer. All systems were integrated within one shock absorber which can be adapted to any vehicle.

• Manufactured various iterations and prototypes using many machines (Lathe, Mill, CNC and 3D-Printers) while also managing a much tighter budget margin.

• Presented final project in a professional manner during competition stage. Received an exceptional grade

Mechanical Engineering design projects

• Projects includes various topics in Mechanical fields: Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Machine Design I & II, Dynamics of Machines, Fluid dynamics, Mechanical Laboratory. EDUCATION

• B.Eng., Lakehead University - Mechanical Engineering Graduated (2019)

• Finished, ‘Full-Time’ in Mechanical Eng. Technology-Ind. Co-op program at Centennial College. (2013-2016)

• One-year completed in Civil Engineering Technician through Seneca College-2012.

• Ontario Secondary School diploma passed through Woburn Collegiate Institute. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY

Machine shop maintenance (part time – Jan 2016 to April 2016) Centennial College, 941 Progress Avenue, Toronto, ON M1G 3V4

• Working under many professors and finishes given task in time limit.

• Performing and teaching a proper method to operates the machinery in the machine shop. (Under Professor).

• Helping to student to build project using machining, welding, drafting software, calculations, 3D printer, and feedback to their design.

• Operates CNC machine within safety manner to cut desire design from the advance project students.

• Maintenance of machine shop includes; Tool handler, Lathe, Mill, Hydraulic Press, welding booth, Grinding, Bend Saw, and build a required design.

• Constantly overlook the shop for major and minor breakdown and follow safety protocol.

• Given a safety orientation to the students and walk through the designed safety protocols.

• In depth knowledge in 3D printer. Worked as a researcher in 3d printer department in centennial college

• Search the compact solution for 3D printer within school budget.

• Learn how 3D print works with different material such as Rubber, ABS, PLA, etc.

• Know the software CURA which is compliance with the 3D printer.

• Try different material for different application. Page 4 of 4

Mechanical Engineering Industrial Technology Co-op (Jan 2015 to Dec 2015) Centennial College, 941 Progress Avenue, Toronto, ON M1G 3V4

• Lab Technician (setting up the lab for different subject such as Strength of Material, Fluid Mechanics, Quality Concept)

• Setting up the equipment, performing the Lab, and Calculations.

• Tempering, annealing, tools, dies, jigs and fixtures; Machinery and components

• Establish processes and procedures for process control, process improvement, testing and inspection.

• Inspect/removing/replace/repair of belts, chains, small motors and gearboxes, conveyors, pneumatic and hydraulic valves and cylinders

• Performing Quality control lab using CMM using GenPek.

• Machine shop experience such as working under a mechanical chairman of machine shop where certain project will be given throughout the year. The project contains uses of inventor or Master Cam, lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, tool shop, and hydraulic press, welding. Helping students as they need help in their class project.

• Maintaining machine shop, helping students as they need help in their class project, frequently safety checkup till shop is closed. Report must be submitted to the chair of the machine shop if there is issue regarding safety regulations, machine breakdown. And project updates.

• Working under more than ten professors. Using leadership skills, the tasks are done within the time limit.

• Proficiency in all hand tools and power tools, including cutting, grinding and brazing

• Performing lab; Hardness testing, Tensile testing, Impact test, Density and Specific Weight, Viscosity, forces due to static fluids, Bernoulli’s Equation, Shear Testing, Torsion Testing, Bending Test.

• Working with sheet metal (1.5 years)

• Maintains Machine Shop’s Machine Breakdown includes Lathe, Mill, Hydraulic Press, welding booth, Grinding, Bend Saw, etc.

• Safety Orientation to the Students and look over them while classes are running. Design and make required parts to maintain shop.


Will be provided as requested.

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