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Engineer Manager

Richland, Washington, United States
May 06, 2019

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Melvin C. Higginson Cell: 509-***-****

Job Objective: Operations Specialist, Assessment Specialist, Work Control Specialist, Supply Chain Specialist, Security Specialist, Inventory Control Specialist, PM maintenance oversight, Project Control Specialist


Have a diversified background and significant accomplishments in a variety of disciplines including mgmt., oversight of fire protection PMs & corrective maintenance, performance metrics, work control, assessments, PER and CRR problem resolution, project control, supply chain & inventory management, database design and mgmt. of SNM inventories, and major report preparation and writing. Expert in Excel, Word, Visio, & DBMSs. Enrolling in P-6/EVM. Familiar with RCRA hazardous waste requirements and TPA commitments. CSSO for Federal Bldg. Classified Facility – 8 years.

As Inspection, Test, and Maintenance (ITM) engineer for fire protection systems within CHPRC for the past 22 months, successfully completed a variety of assignments including the following:

Oversight of CHPRC Fire Protection PMs to ensure completion within required due dates

Represent CHPRC at MSA Fire System Maintenance (FSM) planning & scheduling meetings

Provide fire protection assessment reports encompassing ITM problems, deficiencies, occurrences and findings

Prepared ITM Matrix of all NFPA fire protection code frequency requirements; the Hanford Fire Marshall and Fire Protection Forum is in the process of adopting this Matrix as the Hanford site standard.

Prepared next evolution of ITM Matrix with all ITM frequencies and requirements side by side by component

Evaluated all water based sprinkler system frequency exemptions and equivalencies for the Hanford Fire Marshall’s office and prepared CHPRC position response

Reviewed FSM ITM procedures for compliance with NFPA codes

Ran Job Control System ad hoc queries to produce reports in EXCEL for Mgmt. & Fire Protection Engineers

Manipulated excel data spreadsheets to identify and track PM work load and backlog

Prepared database and resulting metrics of fire protection system restriction repair times to display effectiveness of in reducing the maintenance deficiency backlog

Prepared spreadsheet and status of all CR open items and modified procedures to resolve CRRS action items

Modified 16 CHPRC fire protection administrative procedures in support of a total CHPRC FP procedure rewrite

Previously, served 12 to 13 months as interpretive technical authority for WRPS tank farms work control procedures providing internal Quality Assurance (QA) oversight of conduct of operations for work control work package preparation, completion and compliance. Independently identified work control processes requiring oversight and provided management and routine assessments within an ISMS framework to implement DOE Orders and TOC procedures.

Identified vulnerabilities and non-compliance issues that could affect contractor success in meeting safety and program milestones. As WRPS Technical Specialist, audited over 2,000 work packages including lock-out / tag-out, safety regulations and JHA compliance by Planners, Field Work Supervisors, and Shift Managers. Possess knowledge of regulatory and safety requirements applicable to TOC facilities and have prepared work control work package check lists for Planners, FWSs, Shift Managers and Auditors. Analyzed Performance Evaluation Requests (PERs), Observations and their trends to determine corrective actions necessary to ensure compliance with DOE orders, Federal Regulations, Codes, and WRPS Operating Procedures.

At WRPS developed new technical approach for implementation of an internal QA program. There I prepared performance indicators and an error database to report progress and trends identifying improvements required in work packages through the PER and E-STARS systems. Provided effective problem solving by developing and implementing action plans to ensure compliance with WRPS/TOC procedures and goals and provided increased training, presentations, briefings, metrics and unique training tools to successfully correct and improve department performance. Followed up with departmental managers, planners, field work supervisors, and support personnel to ensure proper implementation of corrective actions. Also provided recommendations for improvements to work control procedures.

As the certified assessment team leader provided assessment plan, lines of inquiry, inspection schedules, and final report for a full management assessment of all WRPS program/project planning and field activities within Base Operations, Retrieval and Closure, Construction and Preventative Maintenance in preparation for a pending major IG and DNFSB inspection for DOE-EM. WRPS passed the inspection because of this management assessment self-identified 21 observations with corrective actions within the frame work of the National Nuclear Security Administration ISMS Guiding principles and Core Functions that are recommended in DOE Guide 440.1.

RESUME: MC Higginson Cell: 509-***-****


BS Business & Industrial Management (50% Industrial Engineering/50% Business) - San Jose State University

Also - USAF Supply Chain Management School graduate

Military Service - Three years as a Base Supplies Manager (Captain, USAF) including supervision of 52 personnel


Diversified Background Accessible for this Position

Management -16 years supervising an average of 16 employees

ITM of Fire Protection Systems

o2 years oversight of CHPRC Fire Protection PMs & Corrective Maintenance to ensure timely completion

Nuclear Material Inventory Assessment

o10 years as POC to DOE-HQ reporting & assessing nuclear materials and their components

QA Management & Operations Assessments

o4 years assessing Nuclear Material Storage Areas, Software Compliance, and Work Package Control

Financial Management

o10 years preparing budget baselines and tracking of schedule and cost variances using earned value

Project Control and Supply Chain Management

o16 years Work Control, Material Control, and Supply Chain Management utilizing business metrics

Database Design and Manipulation

o7 years; developed and maintained classified database of all Hanford nuclear material on site

o1 year; developed and maintained database of nuclear material traceability that allowed shipment of plutonium to SRS. Two other engineering groups tried but failed in this effort

Major Report Preparation

o10 years providing all Nuclear Material Inventory and Assessment Reporting for Hanford to DOE; rated as best in the DOE complex

Program Planning and Writing

oSuccessfully authored major Program Plans at Hanford including

Plan to Eliminate the Protected Area at the Plutonium Finishing Plant

PFP Software Mgmt. Plan

KE-Basin Sludge Removal and Cleanout Plan


8/2015 to 5/18/2017 – BNL Technical Services

ITM Engineer Sub-contracted to CHPRC Fire Protection, Hanford Site, Richland WA

Provided assessments and reports of:

o100K-Area water distribution sectional ground valves not previously inspected, tested and maintained for a 4 to 5 year period in response to RL Operational Awareness Report

oBackflow air gap requirement at 100K (Cross Connection Control) required by WA State Ecology

oOperational hydrants not being inspected, tested, or maintained

oPM inspection discrepancy for Defective CWC PIV valve locked in open position

o24 month sprinkler system inspections at PFP and SWOC

oArchived data sheets to assess HFD PM performance in meeting ITM requirements

oJob Control System (JCS) ad hoc queries to produce reports in EXCEL for Mgmt. & FPEs

oMaster Excel Spread Sheet kept current weekly of all JCS pertinent work control fields

oListings of PM work packages past their due dates and their status

oListings of PMs by facilities, components, WP status or by any JCS field criteria desired

oListings and status of active, and inactive PMs and Surveillances in the 324 building for CHPRC management and FPEs at the transition of WCH to CHPRC

oCurrent cross-reference listing of all RAFARs and FACPs in all CHPRC facilities

oMetrics to display JCS PM requirements, performance, and delinquencies

oSpreadsheet and status of all CR open items

oProcedure modification to resolve CRRS action items

oAlso rewrote 16 CHPRC fire protection administrative level-2 procedures

RESUME: MC Higginson Cell: 509-***-****

6/11 to 8/15 – Semi-Retired /Part Time Author/Self Employed (Kettle Corn Business)

4/10 to 5/11 – Fowler LLC/WRPS Tank Farms, Hanford Site, Richland WA


oDeveloped Work Control Quality Assurance (QA) plan to improve conduct of operations and completion of work by auditing planners, field work supervisors, shift managers, joint review groups, safety reps and work performed

oServed as interpretive technical authority for WRPS work control operating procedures and governing DOE Orders, CFRs, and National Nuclear Security Administration ISMS Guiding principles and Core Functions that are recommended in DOE Guide 440.1

oIdentified errors, problems, observations, and adverse quality trends and initiated corrective actions.

oPerformed independent quality assurance assessments of the WRPS work control process including auditing over 2,000 work packages. Review maintenance work instructions for adequacy

oPrepared database to record trends; prepared metrics utilizing charts and graphs to report results of work package audits. Provided mgmt. with assessment reports, PERs, and Lessons Learned and made significant improvements

oAs the certified assessment team leader provided assessment plan, lines of inquiry, inspection schedules, and final report for a full management assessment of all WRPS program/project planning and field activities. Identified over 21 PERs with recommendations for improvement

1/06 to 3/10 – Semi-Retired/ Part Time Author/Knees Replaced

9/88 to 12/05 - Fluor Hanford/B&W Hanford/Westinghouse Hanford Richland, WA


oPrepared Software Management Plan and Checklist used as a CIO Office guide for the Hanford site

oPerformed Management Assessments of Software Compliance, Inventory Control Compliance, Engineering Process and Conduct of Operations within an ISMS framework

oDeveloped and managed Hanford's Nuclear Materials Information Database

oPrepared the following annual nuclear material reports for the DOE: Hanford Nuclear Materials Mgmt. Plan, SNM Forecast Report, Storage Study, and Hanford Inventory Assessment Reports (rated best in DOE Complex)

oProvide authoritative technical direction for all Hanford Nuclear Material Assessment reporting to DOE-HQ

oProvided traceability database supporting PFP stabilization and disposition of nuclear wastes (two other Engineering groups tried but failed) allowing the plutonium inventory to be shipped to South Carolina

oRespond to requests (at all levels) for nuclear material inventory information (POC to DOE-HQ)

oPrepared numerous operational program plans including the Plan to Eliminate the PFP Protected Area

oDirectly responsible for 21% (4 of 19 items) of the PHMC Prime Contract Deliverable Items to the DOE

oPrepared Cost Account WBS and Performance Baselines controlling costs, risks, schedules and BAC estimates

1/82 to 9/88 - UNC/WHC, Hanford N Reactor, Richland, WA


oMgr. Nuclear Fuels Processing (Acting) >100 (14 Exempt, >90 nonexempt)

oMgr. Nuclear Fuels Basin Planning 6-10 Exempt

oDevised fuel canister reuse program saving $1 million year

oPrepared and delivered numerous presentations at highest mgmt. levels

oDesigned computer simulation to model and forecast storage and material requirements and fuel inventories

oProjected increased fuel storage needs keeping N-Reactor from shutting down (saving $1M per day)

oResponsible for work control, material control, planning, and scheduling activities including critical path

oDevised monthly trend analyses, production, and material status reports to self-assess progress and analyze risks

oResponsible for fuel accountability inventory records and preparation of flow charts and procedures

oCredited with 2.5 million-dollar savings for canister disposal method

oPrepared production run blend campaigns for PUEX processing; N Reactor Point of Contact for Purex shipping

oSupervised three engineers in modifying and procuring facilities and maintaining water quality standards

oPrepared Industrial Engineering PUREX loading studies and functional and exposure manpower analyses

oPrepared budget baseline and Budget At Completion estimates for $9M expense budget (6 years)

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