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Bloomington, Indiana, 47408, United States
May 05, 2019

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Todd R. Parody

**** **** *** ******, ***********, IN 47408

Email:; 812-***-****


Seeking a position requiring expertise in interdisciplinary scientific research. Highly motivated, goal-oriented self-starter with the ability to work in a fast paced team environment. Able to work independently or lead projects effectively with strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills. I possess extensive experience as a bench scientist as well as hiring/oversight of lab personnel, equipment operations/repair. and extensive grant related research and writing skills. EDUCATION

1998 Ph.D. in Genetics, minor in Biochemistry, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. 1990 B.S. in Biology, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. HONORS AND AWARDS

2002-2004 American Heart Association-Midwest Affiliate Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant 1989 Phi Beta Kappa

1989 Indiana University Howard Hughes Undergraduate Initiative Grant 1987 Golden Key Honor Society


2005-2012 Indiana University, Bloomington, IN Department of Chemistry Research Associate, Laboratory of Dr. Richard D. DiMarchi.

• Expressed and purified >40 novel insulin analogs from yeast (P. pastoris) and E. coli.

• Defined structural elements of insulin and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) ligand analogs responsible for insulin and IGF-1 receptor specificity.

• Developed novel protocols for expression, purification and ex vivo formation of proper disulfide bonds of insulin, IGF-1, glucagon and glucagon-like peptide-1 analogs which were previously deemed not possible to make via conventional biosynthetic methods.

• Developed cell lines overexpressing the human insulin A, insulin B and IGF-1 receptors for receptor binding and activation bioassays

• Use of HEK 293 cell lines for receptor binding and activation assays.

• Laboratory management including reagent and equipment price negotiation and purchasing as well as training and oversight of Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Research Associates.

• Research collaborations with Eli Lilly & Company and Merck & Company. 2001-2005 Indiana University, Bloomington, IN - Department of Chemistry Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Laboratory of Dr. Martin. J. Stone.

• Designed a research project that received a AHA Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant.

• Expressed and purified of >10 chemokines and analogs from E. coli

• Created >20 Chinese Hamster Ovarian (CHO) cultured cell lines expressing high levels of native and chimeric human chemokine receptors.

• Used CHO cell lines to develop a novel high-throughput competitive ligand binding 96 well assay

• Developed a method to purify chemokine receptors from CHO cell lines.

• Quantified CHO cell receptor expression levels using saturation radio ligand binding assays.

• Developed ligand-induced calcium mobilization and competitive ligand binding assays using CHO cell lines.

• Defined agonist vs. antagonist properties of a class of chemokine ligands for human chemokine receptors CCR2 and CCR3.


• Elucidated tertiary structural features responsible for selectivity of chemokine ligand-receptor interactions using chimeric and wild type ligands of MCP-1 and Eotaxin-1 that display reciprocal specificity for CCR2 and CCR3 receptors, respectively.

1990-1998 Indiana University, Department of Biology, Laboratory of Dr. Marc A.T. Muskavitch. Ph.D. Thesis Research: Structure/Function Analysis of Delta in vivo.

• Developed assays for defining protein domain-specific trans-uptake of the transmembrane ligand Delta by the transmembrane receptor Notch and epitope-tagged secreted isoforms of Delta proteins expressed in Drosophila cultured cells.

• Mapped anti-Delta monoclonal antibody epitopes via immunohistochemical staining of cultured cells expressing Delta protein sequence deletion variants.

• Developed Monoclonal Antibody-Induced Cis-Internalization of Delta in Drosophila Cultured Cells.

• Created transgenic Drosophila stock lines that drive ectopic expression of wild-type and mutant Delta variants under control of a heat-shock inducible promoter.

• Demonstrated rescue and enhancement of lethality/viability and phenotypic defects in Delta protein temperature-sensitive genotypes (Deltats ) by simultaneous heat-shock induced expression of wild-type Delta and mutant variants.

• Enhancer-trap antibody in vivo staining of Drosophila tissues to identify cellular correlates to external adult structural defects resulting from heat-shock induced ectopic expression of Delta and mutant structural variants. 1989-1990 Indiana University, Department of Biology, Laboratory of Dr. Marc A.T. Muskavitch. Undergraduate Research Project: Heat-Pulse induced Developmental Defects in Delta Temperature-Sensitive allelic combinations in Drosophila.

• Designed a research project that received a Howard Hughes Undergraduate Initiative Award.

• Identified viable temperature-sensitive trans-allelic mutant combinations in the neurogenic loci Delta (Dlts) in Drosophila melanogaster.

• Performed staged development heat pulse induce loss-of-function analysis of Deltats mutant genotypes for use in defining the temporal and spatial patterns of function required for viability and/or proper development of larval and adult physical structures.


1998-2001 Under One Roof Inc., Bloomington, Indiana CEO/Owner: New Construction, maintenance, repair and renovation

• Responsible for company start-up, management, client recruitment, estimate preparations and billings, accounting, employee payroll, tax return preparation, equipment purchase and repair, employee training and field project leader. Expertise in all aspects of construction. Knowledge of Indiana State and Federal construction codes and guidelines.


9/89-12/89 Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Senior level Genetics Laboratory. Department of Biology, Indiana University in Bloomington.

1/90-5/90 Teaching Assistant: Senior level Genetics Laboratory. Department of Biology, Indiana University in Bloomington.


1/92-5/92 Teaching Assistant: Senior level Honors Genetics Laboratory. Department of Biology, Indiana University in Bloomington.

5/93-12/95 Supervised undergraduate students as part of the Summer Research Opportunity Program, and undergraduate research projects. Department of Biology, Indiana University in Bloomington. 9/97-12/97 Teaching Assistant: Senior level Molecular Biology Laboratory. Department of Biology, Indiana University in Bloomington.

9/00-1/01 Visiting Professor of Biology, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Professor for lecture and laboratory curriculum for senior level undergraduate courses in Genetics and Molecular Cell Biology.

1/02-6/04 Trained and supervised laboratory technicians and undergraduates in start-up, design and progression of multiple independent research projects. Included training in writing and submission of undergraduate research projects.

1/09-6/09 Professor/Instructor: undergraduate course in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. 5/05-5/12 Training, guidance and assistance of Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Research Associates in experimental design, implementation and Thesis writing. 2000-2001 Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Visiting Professor of Biology

• Instructor in Lecture and Laboratory courses in Genetics and Molecular Cell Biology.

§ Devised curriculum for introductory discussion course, “The Impact of Genetics on Everyday Life”.

§ Organized and designed additional undergraduate laboratories for courses in Developmental Biology, Microbiology, Animal/Human Physiology and Immunology.

§ Repaired and/or refurbished broken laboratory equipment.

§ Solicited laboratory equipment, reagents and cooperation from other Universities and Corporate Organizations.

§ Participated in student counseling, College Policy Development, curriculum based design and administration research projects. Included training in undergraduate grant writing and submission. TECHNICAL SKILLS

Analytical: HPLC, LC-MS, UV-Vis, Fluorescence.

Biological Assay: 125I-labeled protein Scintillation Proximity ligand binding assays, Calcium mobilization assays, ELISA, cAMP and receptor phosphorylation-based Luciferase bioassays. Cell Culture: Propagation/Transfection of Mammalian Cells: KC and S2 Schneider Drosophila cell lines, Sf9 insect cells, L1.2, HOS, CHO, HEK 293, and HeLa cells. Chromatography: Ni-NTA, FLAG epitope & GST-tag affinity chromatography, SEC, IEC, Normal, and Reverse Phase Analytical/Preparative HPLC, XAD-7HP, C4 through C18 silica based and XT-20 resin column specifications, packing, use, care and functional restoration. Use, maintenance and repair of Pharmacia AKTA and Beckman System Gold units. Sample lyophilization. 4

Data Analysis: LB 50S Fluorometer and Typhoon light and phosphoimaging, DTX 800 multimode detector, Titertek multiscan mcc/340 with Ascent software ver.2.6, IPLab Spectrum, Origin 8.6 and Excel for bioassay analysis, Vector NTI and SnapGene DNA analysis software, Peak Simple for analytical HPLC. Statistical analysis.

Mass Spectrometry: MALDI-TOF, ESI-TOF.

Molecular Biology: DNA advanced cloning involving novel techniques, PCR, qPCR, QuikChange, RFLP, primer based whole gene synthesis, agarose and SDS-PAGE gels Southern, Northern and Western Blots, Immunoprecipitation. C.elegans culture, Drosophila culture, genetics, germline transformation, embryonic, larval and pupal dissection and immunohistochemical staining. Microscopy: Confocal fluorescent, epifluorescent, light and reverse phase microscopy. Computer Skills: Expertise in Macintosh and PC based computers. Unix/Linux (Ubuntu). Insight II and MOLMOL molecular modeling programs on an SGI interface, All Microsoft Office Software (Mac and Windows based applications), Adobe Suite and 4 Peaks DNA sequence analysis applications. Computer-based image capture and processing. Internet database use: ExPASy Bioinformatics Resource Portal, NCBI, Flybase, Medline, Blast sequence analysis, NEB Cutter and numerous other internet based research sites/tools including Bioinformatics. Profile site and networking on Linked-In ( 5


Parody, T. R., Azriel, J. A., and DiMarchi, R. D. Biosynthesis of high potency single-chain insulin analogs. (manuscript in preparation).

Parody, T. R., Azriel, J. A., Kaderabek, A, M., and DiMarchi, R. D. Synthesis and characterization of single-chain insulin analogs of variable receptor isoform specificity. (manuscript in preparation). Tan, J.H.Y.,Canals, M., Ludeman, J.P., Webberburn, J., Boston, C., Butler, S.J., Carrick, A.M., Parody, T.R., Teleski, D., Christopoulos, A., Payne, R.J., and Stone, M.J. (2012). Design and Receptor Interactions of an Obligate Dimeric Mutant of the Chemokine Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 (MCP-1). Jour. Biol. Chem. 287: 14,692-14,702.

Parks, A.L., Stout, J.R., Shepard, S.B., Kleug, K.M.,Dos Santos, A.A., Parody, T.R., Vaskova, M.,and Muskavitch, M.A.T. (2006). Structure-function analysis of Delta trafficking, receptor binding, and signaling in Drosophila . Genetics 174: 1947-1961.

Parody, T. R. (2005). High-Level Chemokine Receptor Expression in Flp-InTM CHO Cells. Quest 2(2): 8-9.

Mayer, M., Parody, T. R., Datta, A., and Stone, M., J. (2004). Specificity Determinants for Chemokine Recognition Identified Using Eotaxin-MCP-1 Chimeras. Journal Cover and Co-1st author; FEBS 571 (1-3): 166-170.

Parody, T. R., and Stone, M.J. (2004). High Level Expression, Activation and Antagonism of Chemokine Receptors CCR2 and CCR3 in Chinese Hamster Ovarian Cells. Cytokine 27: 38-46. Klueg K., Parody, T. R., and Muskavitch, M. A. T. (1998). Complex proteolytic processing action Delta, a transmembrane ligand for Notch during Drosophila development. Mol. Biol. Cell, July 7 (9): 1709-1723. Parody, T. R., and Muskavitch, M. A. T. (1993). The pleiotropic function of Delta during postembryonic development in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics 135: 527-539. PATENTS

Richard DiMarchi; Julia Azriel; Zach Kaur; Jonathan Meyers; Todd Parody; Yan Zhao. “Single Chain Insulin Analogs Exhibiting High Activity at the Insulin Receptor”, United States WO/2011/159895. Issued December 22, 2011. International Application no./Patent No. PCT/US2011040699. US patent No.: 9458,220 B2. Issued October. 4, 2016.

Richard DiMarchi; Jie Han; Pengyun Li; Todd Parody; “Hybrids of Incretin Peptides with Insulin Agonists for Targeting & Polypharmacy”, U.S. Provisional Patent Application submitted March 14, 2013. PRESENTATIONS AND MEETING ABSTRACTS

Parody, T. R. – Attended and assisted in organization and orientation of 2009 American Peptide Symposium, Bloomington, IN.

Parody, T.R., Mayer, M., Cheng, C.Y., Datta, A., and Stone M.J. Analysis of Chemokine:Receptor Interactions Using Novel CHO Cell Lines Expressing CCR2 and CCR3. Poster presentation, 2004 Keystone Symposium: G-Protein-Coupled Receptors: Evolving Concepts and Drug Discovery. 6

Parody, T. R., and Muskavitch, M. A. T. Impacts of “dominant-negative” forms of the neurogenic signal Delta on postembryonic development. Platform talk, 1995 36th Annual Drosophila Research Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Parody, T. R., and Muskavitch, M. A. T. Heat-shock expression of wild type Delta in a Dlts background rescues heat-induced phenotypic defects. Poster presentation, 1994 35th Annual Drosophila Research Conference, Chicago, IL.

Parody, T. R., and Muskavitch, M. A. T. Monoclonal Antibody-Induced Cis-Internalization of Delta in Drosophila Cultured Cells. Platform talk, 1992 Annual Midwest Drosophila Conference, Allerton Park, IL. 7



Richard D. DiMarchi, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry & Gill Chair in Biomolecular Sciences Indiana University, Department of Chemistry

800 E. Kirkwood, CHEM A508

Bloomington, IN 47405-7102

Tel: 812-***-****


Martin J. Stone, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Monash University

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Building 13D

Wellington Road, Clayton, VIC 3800, AUSTRALIA

Tel: +61-3-9905-9537

Fax: +61-3-9905-3726


Marc A.T. Muskavitch

123 Blake Road

Lexington, MA 02420

Cell Phone: 781-***-****


David Smiley, Ph. D.

Associate Research Scientist

Indiana University Department of Chemistry

800 E. Kirkwood Ave

Bloomington, IN 47405

Tel: 812-***-****

Fax: 812-***-****



Catherine Reck, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Chemistry Undergraduate Office

800 E. Kirkwood Ave., CHEM C021

Bloomington, IN 47405

Tel: 812-***-****


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