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Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
May 05, 2019

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Adil Siddiqui E-mail:


Year Degree Institute/School CGPI(outof 10)/


**** ** *******(Embedded System) CDAC PUNE 72%

2016 & Communication


The LNM Institute of Information

&T echnology


2010 XII(CBSE) New Look School, Banswara 70%

2008 X(CBSE) New Look School, Banswara 75%


Programming Language C Programming, Visual Basic, Java(Basic) Tools & Technology Embedded C, Linux device driver, OS, ARM7, RTOS, UART, SPI Operating Platforms Linux, Windows

Other Skills Networking, Socket programming, kernel programming, TCPdump

EXPERIENCE(one year)


Trace the functions of network device driver

The purpose of this project is to trace the function of network driver and give the data to userspace using IOCTL. Implement this with the help of USB to ethernet adapter, make a driver on this device, trace the functions of the driver and store the data in circular buffer later give the data to userspace with the help of IOCTL. Implementation of backup using character driver and netlink socket The purpose of this project is to understand how the backup of data and character driver module works. For this purpose, I created three programs, one is a simple program which can read and write from and to the char driver, the second one is Netlink application and the third one is char driver. The first program issue command with the file name to write the backup of this file or if the backup of this file is available then read this file from backup. We take backup of any number of the file and read any file from the backup and write back to another file.

The second one is just read the command issued by the first one and ready to receive and write data to the backup file.

The char driver has read-write functionality and Netlink socket function to receive and send data. Implement TCP functionality using socket programming The real purpose of this project is to understand the TCP, so we created a chatting application in which two or more client connected to each other with the help of the server, one client sends data to others. A client has the functionality to send data(with sequence number and checksum) and receive data(check the checksum and sequence no).

if no ack is coming from receiving side than resend the data after 3 second or data is corrupted in middle then resend it quickly by checking the checksum value.

The server has the functionality to corrupt and drop random data coming from client. PROJECTS

Independent Projects

RealTimeHome Automation

Technology: Free RTOS

Description:- The main purpose of this project is to implement soft real time Home Automation System. On the transmitter side we have Beaglebone black board and a custom linux based OS and at the receiving side we used LPC 1769 board with Free RTOS. We have modify RTOS aware board driver for UART to communicate with the transmitter side UART on Beaglebone black.

Weather App

Technology: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap Description: A basic application enabling user to show user place, climate, temperature Internship Project

Disease Prediction using from Pulse

Area: Embedded system Guide: Dr. Amit Neogi Technology: Circuit designing, Matlab, Embedded C

Description: -> Design a portable blood pressure monitor device that can measure person blood pressure and heart rate through an inflatable hand cuff

-> Designed and implemented pressure transducer and band pass filter Autonomous Obstacle Detection and Avoider Robot

Area: Embedded system Guide: Sandeep Saini Technology: Circuit designing, Embedded C

Description: Its simple obstacle avoiding robot that work uses IR sensor and micrpcontroller Course Projects

Microstrip Patch Antenna ( Project)

Area: Antenna Guide: Dr. Smriti Dewedi Technology/Skills: HFSS, Matlab

Description: -> Study the behavior of microscrip patch antenna using different ground structure

-> Use HFSS software to design and optimize the performance of antenna parameters using different shapes on ground

-> Implement the same concept in Matlb and made GUI Low Power FIR Filter using Xilinx FPGA

Area: VLSI Guide: Dr. Kusum Lata Technology/Skills: Xilinkx, VHDL

Description: -> Worked on Xilinx family Spartan3E, device XC3S100E and programmed using VHDL

-> Reduced dynamic power consumption up to 33% using least Tap filter design Stress Meter using Skin Resistance

Area: Biomedical Guide: Dr. Amit Neogi Technology/Skills: GSR Description: -> Used sensors and two probes made of conducting materials into the fabric

-> It registered the mechanical excitation of the muscle fibers and pass the signals to an electronic analysis system

Extracurricular Activities

Member of Admission Cell LNMIIT Jaipur

July 2014

• Active member in admission cell and helped administration organize event successfully Coordinator of desportivos Paralympics(Sports fest) LNMIIT Jaipur October 2012

• Organiser of event and coordinated field arrangements of event Mess Workers Educatoin Program(MWEP) LNMIIT Jaipur January 2015

• Educate mess worker a social service

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