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Software Engineer Developer

Los Angeles, California, United States
May 02, 2019

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Technical Skills

Languages / Platforms

C#, F# (intermediate), .Net, .Net Core, VB.NET, Visual C++/CLI, D (intermediate), T -SQL, C/C++, Azure Functions, Microsoft Azure, VSTS (CI/CD), Azure DevOps

Web Architecture + Mobile

ASP.NET MVC Core, ASP.NET MVC + Web API, HTML5, jQuery, Javascript, REStful Services, Ajax, CSS, JSON, Xamarin, UWP/WPF, IoC/DI

Databases / Persistence

MS SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, RethinkDB, RavenDB, LiteDB, Entity Framework Core, Entity Framework, Firebird, Sqlite, ArangoDB, Elasticsearch

Operating Systems / PaaS

Windows Server 2016, Ubuntu 12.04 - 18.04, Microsoft Azure, Windows 10, SendGrid, SparkPost, Vultr,, Cloudant, CloudFlare


Xamarui, Los Angeles CA, November 2011 - Present

Sr. Full stack Developer and Principal Software Architect

Responsible for the architecture and development several custom web, desktop and mobile applications for various startups and enterprises including Sony Crackle, Bloomberg, BabyBox University, Paxie and NBC Universal (Golf Channel). Responsible for developing highly performant and highly available consumer facing web and mobile applications using the Microsoft .NET platform. Each software system was designed to be vertically and/or horizontally scalable, fault tolerant and highly available. From a software design perspective the software systems were constructed utilizing the latest industry standards and best practices (OOP + SOLID). Managed and provided technical direction to team members to ensure product success and on time delivery. Core technologies implemented were based on the .net platform including WPF, UWP, ASP.NET MVC + Web API, ASP.NET MVC Core, Xamarin Mobile (Android, iOS + UWP), Azure Functions, Rethin DB, Postgres (CitusDB), MS SQL Server, Aurelia, ReactJS and JQuery. Application deployments and rollouts were deployed to the cloud using Azure and VSTS. Languages used in various projects: C#, F#, C++, SQL and Javascript.

BabyBox University, Los Angeles, CA, April 2016 - April 2017

Lead Sr. Software Engineer + Architect

Responsible for designing and architecting .Net and React based web applications for BabyBox University. Managed a team of four .Net engineers and one front-end React engineer. Successfully lead the team to build out the ASP.NET MVC Core application platform under a rigorous launch schedule meeting the project timeline/deadline. Implemented Vimeo video streaming for the initial launch and later migrated the video streaming to Azure Media Services without issue. Successfully launched the application in six months to meet the aggressive feature set and launch schedule.The front-end and middle tiers were implemented with ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI 2.0 and ReactJS for the client-side front-end. The React front-end communicated with a JSON API built using .NET WebAPI 2.0. The API was implemented and secured using JSON Web Tokens (JWT). The middle-tier and backend system were implemented using object oriented design principles in addition to implementing and taking advantage of the best features of the functional programming paradigm. This was accomplished using the C# and F# languages on top of the .NET Framework.

Bloomberg Law / Exemplify, Santa Monica, CA / New York, January 2014 - April 2015

Sr. Software Engineer and Lead Developer

Responsible for recreating the web interface experience for the windows desktop. Implemented a VSTO based Office Add-in as the main UI for the client desktop application. The addin was designed to submit a server side RESt request fetching thousands of documents (exemplars) for comparison with the currently opened document along with previous exemplars. The project was architected from utilizing several industry standards and design patterns (i.e. - Command, Visitor and Decorator patterns) as well as dependency injection (inversion of control).

Writers Guild of America West, Los Angeles, CA, March 2004 - April 2011

Senior Software Engineer

Responsible for multiple web and desktop software applications written in Visual Basic 6, ASP.NET WebForms (Classic) and Microsoft SQL Server. Ported numerous legacy applications from Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic .NET and also migrated legacy desktop applications to ASP.NET WebForms using the C# .Net language and platform. Created MSSQL stored procedures so that multiple applications targeting the same database could reuse shared business logic., Los Angeles, CA, December 2002 - July 2013

Lead Engineer + IT Director

Lead software engineer and full stack developer primarily responsible for the online architecture and design of consumer facing internet/web portal. Aided in design and development of flagship website using ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# and MS SQL Server. Initially migrated critical portions and eventually the entire website from Classic ASP to ASP.NET (WebForms). Designed and implemented highly available and load balanced web server platform with redundant and fault tolerant web servers located in the Chicago and Los Angeles regions. Additional responsibilities included in-house network administration, dev-ops and infrastructure maintenance.

Orange County Transportation Authority, Orange, CA, February 2002 - January 2003


Developed in-house custom CRM implementation to help internal customers keep track of clients and relationships using VB6 desktop application and Microsoft SQL Server.

1-800-DENTIST, Los Angeles, CA, July 2001 - February 2002


Responsible for development of customer facing online dentistry website portal in addition to in-house call center web applications. Implemented custom business intelligence and analytics intranet for executives. Technologies included Classic ASP (VBScript), Javascript and Microsoft SQL Server.

GoldMine Software Corp, Pacific Palisades, CA, April 1998 - July 2001

Sr Tech Rep/Jr. Programmer

Provided technical support to a nation wide client base for the Goldmine CRM software application. Responsibilities included newsgroup and direct phone and email support for 3rd party ISV's wishing to integrate their product with the company's flagship CRM application. Received promotion from Technical Support representative to a Jr. Programmer position in which I was responsible for the development of various add-ons for the Goldmine Everywhere Web CRM product offering.


Woodbury University

Computer Information Systems, 2001 - 2003

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