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Assistant Analysis

Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India
6.0 Lac
May 02, 2019

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Satish kumar Oleti

Present Address & Permanent Address :

Present Address :

H.No. 102, Sakthi Nagar,

Mundra, kutch Dist, PIN-370421,

Gujarat, India.

Mobile : +91-900*******, +91-807*******

Permanent Address :

H.No: 2-244/3, G.Moolapolem (Po),

I.Polavaram (M), East Godavari Dist,

PIN-533464, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Personal profile:

Father name : Naguru

Mother name : Satyavathi

Date of Birth : 12-04-1992

Languages fluency : English, Hindi & Telugu

Marital status : Single

Blood Group : O+ve

Passport. No : P 0259921


Want to work in Oil & Gas operating company, where I can add value with my potential and skills.


Master of Science (Chemistry) from Nagarjuna University, In 2016 with 63.0% First class .

B.Sc (Chemistry) from Sri Ravi Degree College, Kapulapalem, Andhra University in 2012 with 74.10%.

Computer knowledge:

Ms-Office, Windows Xp, Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).


Having 6.10 Years total Experience as Chemist.


Working for GSPC LNG,Mundra, Kutch.Dist, Gujarat,India As a LabTechnician in GSPC LNG Quality control Laboratory From 13-Aug-2018 To till date.

Working for ONGC – HPHT ASSET, DDW Gas Field, KG Basin, E.G.Dist,AP,India As a Chemist in ONGC Quality Assurance Laboratory From April-2017 To 31-July-2018.(1.3Yrs.)

Working for Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd, DDW Field, KG Asset, E.G.District, AP, India

(From Sep-2013 to 31-Mar-2017), as Chemist(3.6Yrs.)

Lord Venky Pharma Pvt Limited, Yanam, as Assistant Chemist from May-2012 to 31-Aug-2013 (1.3 Yrs.)

Laboratory Equipment’s handled:

Gas Analysis:

●Perkin Elmer Clarus 580 With liquid vapourizer, Agilent 7890b GC with TCD-FID detectors.

●Perkin Elmer Clarus 580 with FPD Detector Gas Chromatograph.

●Dew Point Analyzer Beuro of Mines meter & Automatic Dew Point meter(SHAW SADP)

Oil & Hydro Carbon Analysis:

●Digital density meter-Mettler Toledo-DE40,hydromeer

●Visco Meter (Wadegati As per ASTM D 445,446 –IP 71)

●Reid Vapor Pressure, Flash Point - PMCC apparatus,Salt in Crude apparatus (Stanhope seta)

●Pour Point apparatus (Stanhope seta) & Centrifuge (Stanhope seta & Koehler)

Water & Other Analysis:

●pH & Conductivity(Thermo scientific Orion Star A329 & PSAW),Turbidity(Hach,Lamotte 2020Wi), DO Meter

●UV-Visible spectrophotometer (Perkin Elmer Lamda 25 & 365)

●Total Organic Carbon analyzer (Shimadzu TOC-VCSH, TOC-L) with Auto Sampler

●KF Titrator Potentiometric, Coulometric ( Metrohm 795 KFT Titrino plus)

●BOD(Cole parmer Velp Scientifica)

●COD (Spectra lab & Hach)

Analytical Skills & Knowledge:

Having experience in Oil & Gas analysis by ASTM Standards, Water Analysis by APHA standard Procedure.

Job Description:

Experience & Expertise gained in GSPC DDW Sour Gas Field,KG D6 (E&P) Oil & Gas field & GSPC LNG Gas Field.

Laboratory Analysis

Analysis of samples by followings ASTM, APHA, IS & IP Standard Methods and good laboratory practice.

Analysis of Natural gas composition (C1-C10, H2S, N2, CO,CO2, Total Mercaptans) by using Perkin Elmer Clarus 580 & 7890B, by Gas Chromatography .

Analysis of H2S by using Perkin Elmer Clarus 580 by FPD detector Gas Chromatograph

Measurement of Moisture and Hydro carbon Dew point by (Beuro of Mines meter & Automatic Dew Point meter ), Testing for H2S, CO2, O2 by Dragger Tubes.

Analysis of crude Oil & condensate: Determination of Pour point, RVP, Density,

BS & W, Salt Content in crude & Total Acid Number in Crude oil.

●Perform routine and non-routine samples of Well water and gas separator Gas, Sales Gas, Condensate, Produced Water, Utility Water, Potable Water, Boiler Water, Cooling Water, Steam Condensate, Sour Water, Water samples as per international standards like ASTM, API, UOP and APHA etc.

Analysis of water samples such as Raw water, Produced Water, DM water, Boiler water and cooling tower samples.

Environmental Sampling & Analysis: Periodical environmental analysis such as BOD, COD, Oil and Grease, TSS in plant like ETP, STP, etc.

GDU, GSU samples analysis (MDEA, Glycol, etc samples).

Implementation test schedule along with outsourced manpower supervision.

Analysis of Caustic, Water, HCl, Hypo, Chlorine

Preparation of solutions For Laboratory required Normality,molarity & standard solutions.

Internal corrosion monitoring

Internal corrosion monitoring by analyzing the dissolved gases like Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Microbiological studies like Total Bacterial count, Sulphur Reducing Bacteria).

Corrosion monitoring (coupon installation, and analysis) and Chemical residuals checking by NACE standard test methods.

Calibration and Maintenance of Instruments

Gas chromatograph (G.C) Agilent 7890B, Dew point Apparatus (Beuro of Mines meter), Dragger Tubes Testing for H2S, CO2, O2. Ionic chromatograph (Metrohm), U.V-Visible Spectrophotometer (Perkin Elmer Lambda-25), TOC analyzer(Shimadzu),

KF-Titrator (Metrohm).

Digital Density / Hydrometer, Kinetic Viscosity bath, RVP apparatus (Stanhope seta), Oil test centrifuge, Pour point Apparatus, BOD analyzer, COD analyzer, Turbidity Meter (HACH), DO Meter.

Preparation of standard solutions, Reagents.


ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004,

OHSAS- 18001-2007

Preparation of Test procedures, Sampling procedures and SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) like Table top, Instruments and Methods as per ASTM, APHA, IS.

Worked as laboratory supervisor for preparation of laboratory IMS.

Preparation and follow up of internal & external audit.

Preparation of Specification, Scope, Instrument Inspection, Installation, Supply chain management of total instruments maintenance, instrument spares and AMC.

Inventory Management

Chemicals and consumables stock management & maintenance.

Preparation of inventory Management report for the laboratory consumables and instruments spares.

Reports & Formats

Preparation of Raw material analysis report, Raw material Reassessment report, Certificate of Analysis (COA), finished product analysis report, Water and Waste water analysis report.

Lab training and training validation format, Sample point Audit check list, Fume hood Inspection Check list, Housekeeping Audit check list.

Preparation of Analysis reports, Weekly reports, monthly reports & Trend charts.

Professional Excellence in GSPC:

Participated in the preparation of the specifications, scope and requirement of lab instruments / chemicals. Preparation of Chemicals / material Inspection reports. Facilities requirement to establishment of Chemistry Laboratory of GSPC, DDW Field.

Roles & Responsibilities

Responsible for sample analysis and its reports.

Maintain reliable and calibrated equipment in Laboratory.

Work as a team to coordinate and manage workload and having responsible for decision making.

Drafting of shift schedules and planning of manpower in day to day shift activities in the department.

Responsible for proper training and guidelines to the out sourced man power.

Responsible for safety and Good Laboratory Practices in laboratory.

Responsible to attend internal, external and Environmental audits.

Maintain good relationship with Customers and Contractors & Operation team.

Satishkumar Oleti

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