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Data platform, AWS, Social Media

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 06, 2019

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Taghi Saadat

Sr. Data Architect


●Senior level Software Engineer with 15+ years of IT professional services include consulting

●Wear many hats in large, medium and small projects from discovery, planning through the implementation and delivery

●7+ years’ experience in Data Architect to build, optimize and maintain conceptual, logical and physical database models

●Well-known how to deal with common mistakes encountered during Data Modelling

●Expert level of analyzing system requirements, designing/developing database solutions to ensure company information is stored and retrieved effectively and securely

●BIA-Business Impact Analysis applied on 50+ complex business scenarios like Claim systems

●Subject matter expert in guiding the right DW- Data Warehouse for the company

●DW architecture for both analytical & operational, identify Lack of purpose, building 6 layers of data transformation (lifting &shifting) like implement ETL/ELT migration solutions for existing data

●Key role player run through all stages of data solution life cycle from analyze, data profiling, provisioning, enrichment, cleansing, retire, archival, and Data Consumptions etc.

●Hands-on with expert level of database designing, endorsements, administration and SQL scripting in all four level of (DDL/DML/DQL/DCL), includes Stored Procedure and Trigger

●Expert in design the key area of data visualization/presentation, analytical reporting techniques

●A Tactical/Technical adviser on way forward fixing 4 complex Data Breach issues

●Build-up maturity level of data management concept focusing on Data Quality, Data Architect, Data Modeling, Data Integration, MDM/RDM/Metadata, BI, and Source to Target mappings

●Master in extract, review, deploy, evaluate Business Rules, Business Process, make technical requirements, recommendations on operational approaches, repository, dataflow diagrams

●Solid in design, shape, and mapping any reliable and scalable ETL transformation process by practice in an extremely complex environment on big data platforms with large volumes of data

●A self-starter with ability to work independently, on own initiative, establishing strategic objectives, project plans, milestone and make dramatic improvement in a business

●Working knowledge of Docker and containers

●Having applied knowledge of diversity of industries like Retail, Financial, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas (Energy sector), Transit, Banking, healthcare, Insurance, Distribution, Social Media


oArchitect: Service Oriented, Task Oriented

oData modeling tools: PowerDesigner, Erwin, LucidChart, MS-Visio

oData Integration/migration (BI) tools: eVision, Dell-Boomi, MS-SSIS, Informatica, Talend, DMT

oDatabase & Big Data: NoSQL; AWS-RedShift, EMR, EC2, RDS, AWS-S3 (IaaS), Sqoop, Hive, Column-based Store HBase (Hadoop technologies), PostgreS, Oracle, My-SQL, MS-SQL, DB2

oShell Scripting: Bash/Linux, Unix/Linux, Java, HTML, XML, JSON, Python, SQL, and industry standard version control tools Git/GitHub, and JIRA


ERP Consultant Lannick (Markham, ON) Jun – Dec 2018

●Customized Sales Order screen; add a repository to meet policies/strategy of pricing as a Business Rules Management (BRM) tools for the customer service organizational unit

●Built, deployed and test the rules for pricing and mapped data objects for the business rules

●Achieving high-quality customer service utilizing MS.SQL, C# coding on Sales Order screen

●Consulted with information services& business operations to ensuring appropriate balance between quality of support in sales with increasing buyer satisfaction

Senior Data Architect/Modeler VICE Media, Brooklyn, NY Feb – May 2018

●Architected a big data-platform solution associated with analytic data for the organization across all the business groups in govern the policies and EIA Analytics to be used for Data Scientists

●Collaborated with data engineering team to learn how to use, build & run the basics modules like load, manage and drop data in the current setup in GIT, how to make them faster and efficient

●Proposed a high-level data strategy, CDM/LDM/PDM, DM policies, code review, and roadmap

●Worked closely with Data Engineering team, reviewed latest Python/Spark technologies like Spark SQL, Spark Streaming and data pipelines running on Google/AWS/Adobe cloud

●Defined and build Data Strategy, Data Standard, Data profiling, CDM/LDM/PDM data models

●Collaborated directly with LOBs to hear and facilitated data elements, data flows between 200 different applications includes overview Digital Operational systems in both MaM & DaM

●Extracted RDM and Metadata match up cross-functional of social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter) with each separate data pipelines to deliver (real-time/batch)

Senior Data Architect Emblem Health (Manhattan, NY) Dec 16 – Jan 18

●Engagement on an early stage of a DM-Data Management- program with the main focus on MDM/RDM and Metadata Management from the ground-up to modernizing Customer data privacy for a large Global organization at healthcare industry with 30+ million clients

●Streamlining business processes, rollout benchmarks and bottlenecks through buildup Data Validations, Data Mapping, Data Conversion platform and propose solutions to eliminate them

●BIA to visualize pain points & identified checkpoints for 17 critical data domains includes Claim and Member especially for the collecting, processing, and interpreting eligibility lifecycle

●Assessment of data issues with investigating on interrelationships underlying problem in core data elements across organizations

●Contributed with DG/DQ teams on analysis internal / external policies, disciplines, business glossary, and regulation issued by multiple sectors like federal, provincial or local governments as well as non-governmental public/private sector to see how effected to the business

●The grate exercise in resolving the most Data Breach issue affect to the organization which was confirmed as a result of poor data handling

Solutions Architect Consultant The City of Mississauga Sep- Oct’16

●Provided a higher level architect with technical point of view for AWS cloud solution as an extension of resources on 2 data center when they needed without failures

●On Demand hardware provisioning with both types of PV and HVM AMIs virtualization

●Relies on Xen Virtualization hypervisor for launching wide selection of instance types likes Ec2/RDS and AMI- Amazon Machine Images

Sr. Big Data Architect United Healthcare Group, MN Feb- Aug’16

●Reviewed the design, Gap analysis, examined data environment within 6 layer of sourcing, integration, data repository, management, meta data marts, and delivery layer

●Controlled ETL(Talend) process, realized current Data Warehouses, and Data-lake structure to examine capability of store pre-processing data in staging tables (Sqoop, Hive, HBase)

●Built Metadata Management includes repositories, data dictionaries, Mappers, data type conversions, Links, mapping rules, filters, expressions, lookups and configurator

●Worked on staging layer database for stores extracted raw data from 40 of the different source data systems to Hbase- Hadoop Database structured data

●Worked on integration layer and integrates process in disparate data sets and transformed them in an operational data store (ODS) running on Hive database

●Good knowledge of Talend data integration development and basic components like Jobs, Joblets, Input/Outputs Connections, Contexts, tMap, tSort, tDie, tWarn etc.

●Revised import/export the large amount of data from RDBMS to HDFS and vice versa on Sqoop

Implementation Consultant Contractor Feb15-Aug’2016

Unique Sports (Alpharetta, GA); Hornady(Grand Island, NE);Gullco (Newmarket, ON)

●Delivery engagement on key collateral of Epicor modules within client engagements includes requirement gathering, design, functional design, providing different scenarios, prototyping, and implement/testing business solutions

●Streamlining data flow processes to improve data accuracy and viability across the enterprise with 500 customers and over 1900 stores (EDI – ETL eVison) scripting with Java

●Using Meta Data to extract data from MS-SQL server and integrated with SSRS report engine

●Achieved significant +63% profit in GM% as result of sophisticated OLAP calculation and trend analysis on 15 critical lines of business

●Guided and mentor clients with their implementation of B2B

Big Data Architecture Terra Nova Analytic, Toronto, ON (full time) Feb -Dec 2014

●Architecture an end-to-end custom data analytics Platform-SaaS cloud computing from design to implementation and delivering to support dealt with 3 databases Redshift, Postgres, MS-SQL

●Performed multidimensional analytical CDW in Big-Data allied with Logical/Physical Data Model

●Gap and Gate analysis for a Lift-and-Shift to the cloud initiated by MS-SSIS functionality forced into of a self-serve, un/managed, fully automated un/structural data movements ran on RDS

●Provision Data Hiding/Encryption in database layer(MS_SQL) and streamlining audit processes through the logically isolated section in the Virtual Private Cloud for the data in rest and in transit

●Implemented an extremely saleable, reliable, highly configurable DW with dynamic prioritization and elastic migration service to feeding data from client side to the new SaaS solution

●Generated multiple single analytical Big Data SQL query required for analysis petabytes of data

●Applied Python scripting on 4 methods of permissions on AWS-S3 like IAM/Bucket policies, Access Control Lists (ACLs) and URL-based access (Query authentication)

●Source to Target Data mapping, Interpreted, Data development for data analysis report

Epicor Implementation Korhani Home Inc., Concord, ON (Full Time) Jan 2011-Mar2013

●Working with functional team to ensure APIs solutions being implemented aligned to business

●Participating in dress up Epicor 9 from Installation, Configuration, to Implementation and release

●Implemented High Availability, security access, control policies on MS-SQL and Java scripting

Reporting Systems Analyst Rogers Communications, Toronto, ON Jan-Aug 10

●Performed strategic, high-level management tools from design to release a CDW across many dimensions with Snowflake schema to generate a business Scorecard with business rule’s KPI

●Created Logical/Physical data model, Integration layer with MS-SSIS tools focusing on BI system automated ETL data feeds 5000 Call Centre Rep. from different database engines like Oracle

●Responsible for defining the data structures and all RDBMS objects on MS-SQL to support data integrity,CDC, performance and recoverability across batch, real-time and normalized them


2014, Internet Marketing (SEO) certified, University of Waterloo

2013, Servers Configuration, IBM/Lenovo certified

2012, Crystal Report, Epicor BPM, EDI, SSRS, SOA at EPICOR University

2008, Project Management certified, Oracle DBA, SSIS, Network Administration and security (Kerberos) ‘MCSA' certified

2007, Intermediate Web designing, CCNA1-4 ‘CISCO'

2002, OOP Programming using Rational-rose

2001, Certified Implementation and Database design ‘MCSE', Visual Basic Programming ‘MCSD’

2000, Human Behaviors in workplace Ask for a list of other roles, accomplishments and references…

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