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Engineering Technician

South Hooksett, New Hampshire, 03106, United States
September 05, 2019

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Mark West

Manchester, NH *****


I'm innately curious and inquisitive. I have a knack for figuring out how things work, why they don't and how to get things up and running again. I take pride in the quality of my workmanship, whether hand soldering, running wires or pneumatic lines, aligning a sensor or writing code for a robot. Often I'm half way to a solution before most folks even realize there's a problem there to be solved. I can work in small teams or autonomously, given sufficient guidance. I thrive on achievement and variety. Externally, I have interacted with tech support, customers, and vendors. Internally, I'm accustomed to supporting Operations, Engineering and Quality. As an Engineering Technician, I learned to research, understand and apply technical information in real time.


Worked from schematics, diagrams, Engineering Prints, written and verbal instructions

Electrical tools used: DVM, oscilloscope, Current Probes, HiPot, function generator

Mechanical tools used: Tap and die, Torque Wrenches, Strain Gauge, Runout Gauge, Micrometer

Built prototype cable assemblies, Vector Board/Dead Bug assemblies from drawing or schematic

Used Agile and Arena ERP while operating under ISO 9000 and ISO 13485

Trained to create designs in SolidWorks and Altium

Learned C+ based programming in MATLAB through OJT

Supported engineering from written and verbal descriptions. Worked on assignments requiring considerable judgment and initiative. Made recommendations for solutions and improvements

Performed technical and record keeping duties in conformance with company and regulatory policies and FDA standards to meet quality and accuracy requirements

Devised and assembled/modified test setups for sub-assembly and complete unit testing

Conducted Engineering tests to collect design data and assisted in general research work

Prototype design circuits and subsystems for R&D and new product development

Through hole and SMT soldering and rework expert. Previously IPC 610 certified

Programmed Atmel, Altera and Xilinx CPU, CPLD and FPGA's

Tested, troubleshot, repaired down to COMPONENT and up to SYSTEM LEVEL. Determined root cause(s) of failure and originated CAPA

Conversant with Ethernet PoE and TCP/IP, RS 232, RS 485, IC2


Mfg Engineering Technician contractor at DEKA Aug 2018- Jan 2019

Programmed and tested control PB Boards. Mechanical build and rework.

Performed all work in accordance with 13485 and GMP

Engineering Technician contractor at Allegro Microsystems Manchester NH Nov 2017-May 2018

Tested and troubleshoot devices for various applications in analog, digital and logic systems

Setup and operated lab equipment such as digital oscilloscope, function generator, thermal test chamber, power supplies, meters to collect and analyze data

Created and used custom written code to control the test equipment and collect data. Presented analyses and reported to the engineering team

Setup and helped devise testing protocols for characterization/comparison testing regimens

Soldering and electronic/electromechanical diagnostics on an as-needed basis

Engineering Technician Microscan Inc Nashua, NH April 2015-April 2016

Brought up ethernet compliance test fixture with no procedure, documentation or assistance from Engineering or Tektronix. This permitted in-house testing and real time diagnostics

FMA of units with poor Ethernet comm tracked back to improperly routed traces and verified with hand-wound balanced pair on prototype unit. CAPA was a complete respin of affected PCBA's

Root cause analysis of ESD failures of USB resulting in design hardening to prevent cyclic reboot

Hand reworked prototype boards to address performance issues found in DVT

All the above with practically no training, antiquated equipment, trial versions of software and little to no internal support such as subject matter experts or procedure templates of prior builds

Electronics R&D Lab Technician contractor at Medtronic Portsmouth, NH July 2014-April 2015

Revived dermal patient simulator without diagrams, schematic, help from the manufacturer nor teammates. This allowed us to forgo a "six-figure" destructive animal testing regimen

Worked closely with Quality Engineering to fine-tune, redline and execute DVT/V&V protocols in order to assure a timely product launch of new medical device under 501K protocol

Designed/Assembled simple test fixtures for testing prototypes

Ran V&V test protocols and created clear and accurate test result reports

Performed hardware and software modifications to unit through design iterations

Senior EE Technician EFI Inc Meredith, NH Feb 2013-April 2014

Built, installed and troubleshot prototype trade show printer for Marketing Manager

Designed and built an electrical interface to plot the performance of a third party motion controller allowing Engineering a 2nd supplier to source from

Empirically modeled and reworked mechanical assemblies designed as field-replaceable upgrades to safety and motion control sensors cutting TTM by roughly 50%

Constructed test devices using written and verbal guidelines from Engineering

Built prototype boards and modified existing PCB's using schematics and Engineering specs

Diagnostics/Repair Technician Philips North America Manchester, NH Feb 2009-Nov 2012

Discovered root cause of approx 80% of catastrophic system-level failures of controllers by recreating field conditions. Clearer installation guide was based upon this to prevent field failures

Discovered inconsistency with test procedure that affected 2 years worth of production. Several thousand units were then reworked of and tech bulletin issued to field users

Identified root cause of field failures retrofitted with new programmable modules. Tech support was able to give the customer a field-friendly remedy making RMA unnecessary

Performed linearity study of air flow sensors correlating date codes to faulty readings. This triggered a PM replacement of pertinent stock in house and field returns

Directed finance to issue credit or invoice according to my analyses of RMA's I repaired

Performed visual inspection of devices and entered my observations into ERP

Troubleshot and repaired RMA and MRB devices to component level


Manchester Community College Manchester, NH 2016-2017

Robotics Certificate Program

Work Ready NH "Soft Skills" Program

Xintra School of Technology Manchester, NH 2002-2003

MCSA Program- A+, Net+, Windows

ISCET Nashua, NH 2001-2004

Associate’s Level Certified Electronics Technician

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