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Software Assistant

Riverside, CA
September 04, 2019

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Hassan Kassir

Ph.D., Software Architecture Development Optimization

School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering, UEL: University of East London

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Riverside, CA 92503

Phone: 949-***-****

Ph.D. Candidate,

Department of Comparative American Culture,

Sociology of Technology in American Culture: The PC Revolution School of Social Sciences, Graduate Studies and Research UCI: University of California, Irvine

Primary Qualities

I am an energetic socio-technologist and a fervent advocate, supporter, and promoter of technological advancement and social progress.

I am a scholar and scientist, researcher and academic, experimenter and critical thinker, inventor and innovator, developer and practitioner, writer and speaker, teacher and trainer, leader and advisor, entrepreneur and consultant, and maverick and pioneer. I think outside the box. I am modern and futuristic.

I am a social activist striving against social conflict, market inefficiency, family dysfunction, human poverty, and health suffering. I seek to promote knowledge, science, educational development, multiculturalism, interactionism, innovative financial engineering, economic growth, equality, conflict resolution, and social cohesion. Targeted Opportunities

R&D INNOVATION / SPECIALTY: Pioneer of “The Sociology of Software Architecture” ACADEMIA:

Passionate Teaching Interest: Sociology of Software Architecture, Software Architecture Development Optimization, Sociology, Sociology of Technology, Sociology of Knowledge Society, Sociology of Information Society, Logic and Philosophy of Science, History of Science, Social Epistemology, and Epistemology Page 1 of 6

Frontier R&D Interest: Synthesis, integration, development, and application of the above interdisciplinary studies.

I have developed an innovative and powerful research methodology (“Scientific Method Regression”). It regresses two distinct and different fields of science to common scientific methodology logic, structure, and tracks. Then it synthesizes and mirrors their development into a novel interdisciplinary study.

I am interested in furthering the horizontal and vertical development of “The Sociology of Software Architecture.” Specific areas of focus are: sociology of search, data science, artificial intelligence, social networking, education technology, and fintech. SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE / DATA SCIENCE / ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY:

Research and development, pioneering applications, team leadership, mentor, teacher, trainer, consultant, advisor, strategist, market vision/mission dev, executive management, board member, partnership, entrepreneurship, speaking, promoting, and publishing. Bio

I am a lifelong academic and software development entrepreneur. In 1995, I advanced to Ph.D. candidacy at UCI (University of California, Irvine). My research was focused on “The Sociology of Technology: The PC Revolution.” Soonafter, I jumped into the internet revolution. I spent 25+ years working on internet related software technology startups. I always approached software architecture development with a strong sociological methods/requirements perspective. As a result of my extensive research and development, and real market experience and application, I pioneered a novel interdisciplinary study methodology, namely “The Sociology of Software Architecture. “

I started my passionate involvement in software development and related technology with the PC Revolution in the mid 1980ies. My early applications were in database marketing, a precursor to data science. I applied powerful, emerging, and advanced statistical modeling to direct response marketing and achieved great results. My next big project was in education technology. My third big project was in local search (CEO of eLocal Network). My latest project was a fintech/data science startup. In 2013, I was granted patent #8489480. I had two other important and innovative patent applications in local search and data anonymity. I returned to academia part time with a Direct Ph.D. at UEL program to develop and publish my research. I just completed a 350 pages Ph.D. thesis/book titled "The Evolution of Sociology of Software Architecture." Publishing of this thesis/book is TBA. My goal is to lead a transformation of the software Page 2 of 6

architecture development practice. More research and development in this and related fields of study are in progress.


2013-2019 Ph.D., School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering, UEL, London Research: Sociology of Software Architecture, Software Architecture Development Optimization 1990-1995 Ph.D. Candidate, School of Social Sciences, Comparative American Culture, UCI Research: Sociology of Technology: The PC Revolution 1987-1989 M.A., Comparative American Culture, UC, Irvine 1979-1985 B.A., Economics, University of California, Irvine Activities and Societies

The Enterprise Computing (EC) Research Group

Academic Work Experience

1987-1995 Teacher Assistant in the social sciences at the University of California, Irvine Entrepreneurial Experience

I started my career in academia and direct and database marketing (a precursor to data science). I applied advanced academic social segmentation statistical and data approaches, models, and techniques to invent and innovate direct marketing targeting and response engagement. My next big three projects were in internet development. This included: education technology, local search, fintech, and their data science components. Furthermore, I have been involved in leading several other startup software development teams and projects. My academic R&D continued with every project. I looked at software architecture and development from a sociological requirements perspective. In addition to one patent (#8489480) and two other innovative patent applications, my academic/career development culminated in my Ph.D. in “Architecture, Page 3 of 6

Computing, and Engineering” degree with the UEL. It also produced a 350 page thesis/book

(TBA) titled: “The Evolution of Sociology of Software Architecture.” Title Description Startup

2019 -


Chairman Fintech and Data Science Dev Fin.Solutions, Inc. 2013 - 2018 Founder, CEO, and


Fintech and Data Science Dev Fin.Solutions Inc.

2007 - 2017 Chairman Fintech and Data Science Dev Face Financial 2009 - 2013 Chairman, CEO, and


Startup Software Dev Incubator Osmiasoft Corp.

2005 - 2015 Practice Leader Startup Software Dev Partner Cygility Inc. 2000 - 2005 Chairman, CEO,

CTO, and Inventor

Local Search eLocal Network

1995 - 1999 Founder, Chairman,

CEO, and Inventor

Education Technology Teklat Corp.

1987 - 1995 Teacher Assistant Social science courses UC Irvine 1987 - 1994 Direct Marketer Direct and Database Marketing AMS Response Publications: Intellectual Property

THE EVOLUTION OF SOCIOLOGY OF SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE (350 pages) Abstract: I am a national pioneer, innovator, and inventor of this novel interdisciplinary study and research methodology. This research is a synthesis of the studies of Software Architecture, Sociology, Sociology of Technology, Sociology of Knowledge Society, Sociology of Information Society, Logic and Philosophy of Science, Social Epistemology, and Epistemology. This novel field of study innovates, synthesizes, integrates, and applies sociological methods, approaches, models, and techniques to develop "sociological requirements" for software architecture development. Furthermore, it introduces a new methodology (referred to as “Scientific Method Page 4 of 6

Regression”) for the synthesis, integration, and development of interdisciplinary studies of different and far apart sciences. I believe “The Sociology of Software Architecture” methodology promises to revolutionize the software architecture practice and change the world. I am flaming about the further development of this and related fields and subfields of study. Type: Ph.D. Thesis / Book

Filed: July, 2019

Publication date: TBA (sample chapters are available upon request) Author: Hassan Kassir


Patent number: 8489480

Abstract: A method and system for restructuring debt are disclosed. The method restructures debt by transferring ownership of defined debt packages from debt holders to third-party debt buyers who function as financial bridges between the debtors and the debt holders. The method accelerates the debt resolution process by executing the debt-restructure agreement early in the debt resolution period, thereby eliminating the need for the debtor to accumulate debt settlement funds in an escrow fund prior to the initiation of settlement negotiations (as is the case in debt settlement), and erasing delinquent debt as soon as the debt-restructure agreement is executed. The method is designed and adapted to execution on a computer network system. Type: Grant

Filed: December 16, 2010

Date of Patent: July 16, 2013

Inventor: Hassan Kassir


Abstract: A method and system for anonymously matching debtors with debt holders to facilitate resolution of non-performing debt are disclosed. The method and system involve creation of an anonymous debt database such that non-parties to the debt may comply with regulations regarding maintaining confidentiality of debtor information. The anonymous debt database may be made available to be searched by a debtor using one or more anonymous search Page 5 of 6

parameters to identify any debt in the database that is associated with the debtor. The method is designed and adapted to execution on a computer network system. Type: Application

Filed: December 16, 2011

Publication date: June 20, 2013

Inventor: Hassan Kassir


Publication number: 200********

Abstract: This invention is a software solution for a scalable deployment of geo-localized content on multiple platforms (interactive TV, Internet, wireless, mobile, telematics, PDA, etc.) and devices. The invention allows for the deployment of innumerable localized and content-targeted channels/portals/information systems based on user specifications and parameters. (This is a new art). The specifications and parameters could include (but not be limited to) the following: (1) type of content desired, (2) geographic description based on geo codes, community, zip codes, city, county, MSA—Metropolitan Statistical Area, state, nation, or world, (3) platform specific instructions, (4) device specific instructions, (5) Stylesheet specific instructions, and (6) design specific instructions. Type: Application

Filed: October 26, 2001

Publication date: October 24, 2002

Inventors: Scott Peterson, Hassan Kassir

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