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Restaurant manager & Nurse

Oshawa, ON, Canada
September 04, 2019

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Vanessa Wilson, RPN

October **, **** **** Cocklin Cres, Oshawa

ON, L1K 0T6


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am pleased to be writing to you today regarding an opportunity to join the team as a registered practical nurse. I strongly believe that my experience and qualifications will allow me to be an ideal candidate for this position.

I have chosen the path to become a nurse as a result of my passion in the healthcare field. I take great pride in my work ethic and leadership skills. I am dedicated to nursing and committed to each individual patient. I am compassionate and able to provide safe, effective and quality care to each individual. I recognize that patient centered care is the key to optimal health, and that in health care; the patient must always be the number one priority.

In my most previous experience, I was able to maintain an organized and professional role in a long term care facility. I was given the opportunity to collaborate with health care professionals including nurses, doctors, and personal support workers in order to work as a team in providing direct and efficient care to a diverse community. I have experience in working directly alongside doctors to perform daily rounds, which included but was not limited to: patient assessment, diagnostic testing, and client charting; during this time, I had the opportunity to expand my level of knowledge in wound care by working directly alongside an enterostomal nurse, in which I was able to utilize transferred skills for the treatment and prevention of wound care. I have also expended my training and hold a certification in advanced foot care nursing, where I am able to demonstrate patient analysis assessment utilizing knowledge based skills, while maintaining quality care and following the nursing process and practice guidelines.

I believe I have what it takes to be an asset for this position. I am truly a dedicated and loyal employee and I am prepared to work hard every day in order to reach my goals. What differentiates myself from many other candidates is that I am willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done; for example, during the last 4 months of my academics I was participating in my placement opportunity at Chartwell Long Term Care for 60 hours per week, while maintaining my full time job as a restaurant manager where I have been working 40 hours per week for the last 11 years. I am currently seeking a career that I am so passionate about, where I am able to utilize my skills and qualifications to my fullest extent; given the opportunity, I will prove to be a successful, loyal, and dependable part of your team at Ontario LHINs. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing my skills further in an interview. Attached is a detailed resume, including my qualifications and experience.


Vanessa Wilson

Vanessa Wilson, RPN

Objective: A Nurse with compassion, dedication and a great understanding of patient needs. I am seeking to join a team of doctors and nurses in a professional health care organization.

Education & Qualifications


Advanced Foot Care Nursing Certification- Ruth Ruttan & Assoc.

2017- Present

RPN certificate of registration/ License to practice – College of Nurses of Ontario


Worker Health and Safety Awareness Certification- Ministry of Labour

2014 to 2017

Centennial College – Scarborough, Morningside Campus

Registered Practical Nursing diploma


CALC Institute – Toronto, Ontario 2009-2013

High School Diploma


Health Care Provider CPR and First Aid

2004- Present

Class G driver with impeccable driving record


The Beaver& Firkin

16 Lebovic Ave


2008 - Present

Manager duties


Unit 4 West

Specialized Stroke Unit

250 hours/ Academic training hours

Providing rehabilitation for patients recovering from stroke among other health problems

Provided personal care, hygiene, pericare, oral care, and denture care

Provided assistance with feeding

Provided assistance with repositioning of patients and accompanied nurse while transferring client in a lift to a chair

Provided medications orally, topically, optically, tympanically, through G and NG tube feed

Monitoring of patients vital signs

Documentation of all aspects of care


Unit 2 West

Medical Surgical Telemetry Unit

250 hours/ Academic training hours

Providing care and rehabilitation for patients recovering from surgical procedures

Providing medications including narcotics orally, topically, optically, tympanically, through SC & IM injections, IV medications, as well as through NG and G tube feed

Provided personal care, hygiene and pericare, oral care, denture care

Provided assistance with feeding

Conducted physical head to toe assessments

Provided ileostomy and colostomy care

Monitoring of patients vital signs

Provided insertion of catheters

Documentation of all aspects of care

Provided palliative care, as well as post-mortem care

Provided wound care

Advocated for family and clients concerns


Palliative CARE Unit

Specialized Geriatric Care

480 hours/ Academic training hours

Provided direct, quality and personalized care for elderly patients, along with patients suffering from behavioral issues as well as patients suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Providing medications, including narcotics orally, topically, optically, tympanically, rectally, through SC & IM injections

Provided personal care, hygiene, pericare, oral care, and denture care

Provided assistance with transporting clients to dining area and assisted with feeding

Provided colostomy care

Monitoring of patient vital signs

Monitoring of glucose and competence with glucose device.

Provided insertion of catheters

Provided wound care and daily treatments

Documentation of all aspects of care in an electronic documentation system

Provided palliative care

Creating, assessing, and evaluating patient care plans

Assessing planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care to ensure it meets the physical,

psychological, emotional, cultural, spiritual and social needs of patients

Assessing and identifying normal/abnormal findings prior to notifying senior medical staff, as well as doctor’s

Attended care conferences with client and their family

Assisted the Doctor with Doctors rounds and assessments of clients

Assisted the Enterostomal Nurse with wound care treatments, and followed a TARS plan as recommended

Assisted paramedics with transport of client to hospital





Excellent interpersonal, critical thinking, prioritizing and time management skills

Client charting, client reviews, including monthly and yearly reviews for MD rounds and assessments

Assessments of client blood glucose levels, and implementing health teachings for clients diet choices

Advocate for clients who are vulnerable and unable to communicate and express needs

Wound assessments including measurements, approximation of wound edges, healing phase, types of drainage, obtaining wound cultures for laboratory, assessing for tunneling, etc

Experience with wound irrigation and packing, and utilization of Jackson-pratt drainage pump

Obtaining and following MD orders including stat, prn, standing, and protocol; via phone, written, or verbal according to agency policy

Obtaining and following policies of the facility and insuring an upkeep of any new or revised policies

Daily head-to-toe assessments, planning, implementing, and evaluating clients as per nursing guidelines

Performing insertion and removal of urinary catheterization as per doctors order

Implemented MARS and TARS as per doctors orders and, ensured all checks were made accordingly prior to any medication administration

Assess and collected stool samples for laboratory assessments

Able to administer an enema, or suppository following protocol order

Provided care and dressing changes for an ostomy appliance

Administered oxygen by nasal cannula, facemask, CPAP, and responded appropriately and efficiently upon assessment of any respiratory difficulties

Experienced with oropharyngeal, nasopharyngeal, and nasotracheal suctioning

Experience with a catheter stabilization device, insertion, and extraction

Ensuring the palliative clients bill of rights are implemented

Assessing the client during the transition of active dying and, respecting and ensuring a plan for a peaceful and dignified death is in place

obtaining all relevant information regarding clients DNR, advance care planning, and advance directives

Pain assessments, holistic and/or pharmaceutical interventions of pain management, ensuring comfort measures are taken and client needs are met

Providing client with ROM exercises, repositioning and, patient transferring utilizing lifts and standing-lifts

Responding as a team member to a code blue and able to receive and follow instruction by health care team, including co-nurses, charge nurses, doctors and nurse practitioners

Maintaining an attitude that fosters prioritizing tasks and critical thinking techniques based on reasoning and research

Monitoring, evaluating, and referring the client for change in diet, including assessing clients ability to swallow, obtaining an order for the client with a reoccurring or new wound, and the at risk for choking client

Developed and expanded care plans for specific needs of the client, along with implementing care and monitoring outcomes

Related Clinical Experience

Interacted and communicated with clients of all ages and ethnic backgrounds and provided quality care

Monitoring patient’s health status, and making the necessary changes to care as needed

Demonstrated critical thinking in order to achieve exemplary care for patients in fast-paced environment

Implemented health care plans for patients with the assistance of other staff members

Providing personal support to patients

Work & Volunteer Experience

The Ronald McDonald House September 16, 2016

Volunteer- Fundraiser, special activities, educated the community in order to raise awareness and $2500.00.

The Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto, Ontario September 16, 2016

Volunteer – Fundraiser, special activities, educated the community in order to raise awareness and $2500.00.

Personal Skills & Attributes

Extensive health care training in nursing

Educated in perianesthesia for perioperative surgery

Exceptional interpersonal skills

Excellent communication skills

Well trained active listening skills

Experience working side by side an Enterostomal nurse and wound care specialist (16 weeks)

Extensive knowledge and skill in patient assessment

Able to communicate effectively with patients, while building a professional nurse-client relationship where the patient may be relieved of anxieties or phobias due to hospital stays

Proficient in using computers

Very organized and time managed

Experience in pre and post medical surgical unit

Knowledge and Experience utilizing the Braden Scale and preventative measures for pressure ulcers

Confident and poised in interactions with individuals at all levels

Detail-oriented and resourceful

Hard-working, fast learning, reliable and conscientious

Highly skilled at multitasking

Able to work well under pressure

Willingness to learn, and always maintain a positive environment with a forward thinking attitude


References available upon request

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