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Electrical Maintenance

100000 Rupees
September 03, 2019

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( 3Years )

TOTAL EXPERIENCE: 9+ Years in Commissioning and Maintenance

(Oil & Gas, Petro Chemicals).


Testing & Commissioning, Installation, Showdown,

Trouble shooting, Operations & Maintenance.

Job Profile:

Commissioning &Start-up of Electrical equipment’s in oil and gas.

The project involved, Commissioning Start-up & Testing of transformer.

Power Panels, Circuit Breaker, motors, Soft starter,VFD, Scheme Checking, Planning, etc.

Testing of Transformer Winding Resistance, Insulation Resistance, Impedance, Oil Temperature Gauge, Winding Temperature Sensor (RTD), Vector Group &

Erection and Maintenance of Batteries and Battery Charger.

Battery charging and Discharging, Testing of Breakers Open & Closing Timing,

Testing of windings and cables using Megger.

Installation and testing of MV,LV electrical equipment's. This includes motors, breakers, battery’s and UPS.

Troubleshooting and maintenance of over hoist cranes

Knowledge in reading of electrical drawings.

Operation and maintenance of Substation and switch gears equipment’s.

Preventive, Corrective & shutdown maintenance of plant electrical equipment’s.

Installation, modification & repairing of Electrical Equipment’s.

Troubleshooting of power and control electrical circuits.

Monitoring of power distribution system.

Emergency response during any power failure in the plant.

Isolation of all types of HV, MV and LV circuit breakers for maintenances.

Aware electrical Lockout & tag out procedure.

Supervising, problem solving and analytical skills.

Preparation for plant shut down and turnaround P.M. jobs.

Able to Read and understand the electrical drawings.

Modification and rectification of control, metering, indication & protection circuits.


1.Follow the 10 Life Saving Rules to Keep You Safe

2.Permit Receiver in SABTANK KSA.

3.LOTO System Electrical Person in Isolation &DE isolation (Lockout &Tag out)

4.Performing Authority & Isolation Authority for (PTW)


1.H2S Certificate

2.Elementary First Aid,

3.Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities,

4.Personal Survival Techniques,

5.Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting,

6.Helicopter Underwater Escape Training.


June 2017 to June 2019 Client : SABTANK (SABIC)

Project : Commissioning & Maintenance


Position : Electrical Commissioning Technician

Commissioning &Start-up of Electrical equipment’s in oil and gas.

Commissioning Start-up & Testing of transformer, Power Panels, Circuit Breaker, motors, Soft starter,VFD, Scheme Checking, Planning, etc.

Pre commissioning and commissioning of Electrical equipment. The project involved Mechanical completion of all electrical equipment,

Testing of Current Transformer & Voltage Transformer Insulation Resistance, Winding Resistance, and Polarity Test, Ratio Test & Magnetic characteristics Curve Test.

Follow for all equipment per commissioning Activities,

Battery charging and Discharging, Testing of Breakers Open & Closing Timing,

Contact Resistance in micro ohms & Trip test by Secondary and Primary Injection for such as VCB, ACB, MCCB, Testing of Switchgear Bus bar and Cables Hi-pot test.

Testing of Transformer Winding Resistance, Insulation Resistance, Impedance, Oil Temperature Gauge, Winding Temperature Sensor (RTD), Vector Group &

Sensitivity & Stability Test with Restricted Earth Fault and Earth Fault Relay.

Receive Work Permit for different kinds of Electrical job.

Functional and Interlock Testing of ABB 4.16 KV Switchgears such as Two Incomers with Bus Tie and Two Incomers without Bus Tie.

Doing safe isolation and provide LOTO for MV and LV equipment’s.

Maintaining records for energized substation and its associates.

Low & Medium voltage switching.

Confirm that work complies with Quality, Safety/Health and Environment requirements and to take corrective action in case of problems.

Receive Electrical work certificate.

Receive Limitation of access.

Familiar with different kinds of HV PPE, like electrical arc flash suit, gloves,

Boots, Etc.

April 2014 to Feb 2016


Rig Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment’s and repairing.

Preventive maintenance of 11KV and 420Voltage substation & switchgear’s systems, Motor Control Centre and lighting systems.

Operation and Maintenance of HV & MV Distribution Transformers, like visual checking of transformer oil level, oil temperature, winding temperature & breather silica gel. If any abnormalities, rectify that.

Operation and Maintenance HT & LT Motors

Operation and Maintenance Motors trouble Shooting Problems arising.

Operation and Maintenance of Circuit Breakers.

Operation and Maintenance of UPS.

Preventive maintenance of panel boards, SF6, ACB, VCB,& motors will be carried out with planned schedule. Over hauling of AC motors up to high capacity.

Operation and Maintenance motors,

Operation and Maintenance Alternators, AVR.

Operation and Maintenance DC generators,

Operation and Maintenance transformers, Battery banks, UPS system & lighting circuits.

Operation of Diesel Generator sets and Parallel operation (Synchronizing) of alternators also done.

Design review, design coordination of electrical drawings.

Preparation of coordination of drawing for External Utilities works, Electrical cable tray, conduits, lightings and termination etc.

Familiar in cable meggering, continuity checking and cable termination.

Lighting Installation Works for Building and Plant Area

Cable tray and underground & above ground conduit Installation

Cable tray & ladder tray installation, cables laying (underground cabling & above ground cabling) Cable meggering, continuity checking, junction Boxes and field instrument installation.

Cable glanding and cable termination in the Electrical Equipment’s, junction boxes and control room.

And carry out effective implementation of work schedule to clear punch list.

September 2013–March 2014


Plant Installation & Commissioning

Erection, Testing & Commissioning, shot down & O & M Motors, Breakers, UPS, Batteries,

Installation, Testing &commissioning of protection interlocking scheme and modification and preparation cabling and inter connection schedules .6.6KV,11KV and low voltages Switchgears.

commissioning Activities of 11KV Transformer.

Earthling of electrical installation and distribution systems.

Knowledge in reading of electrical drawings.

Receives work assignments briefing and guidance from assigned Company staff.

Complies with safety conditions and practice on all equipment on which he is working and observes the work permit regulations.

Knowledge in motor overhauling, like dismantling bearing removal & testing, replacing, inspection windings and assembling.

Follow test procedure for relay testing like over load relay earth fault relay, under voltage relay, and prepare test reports.

Perform battery charging (lead acid & alkaline batteries) like electrolyte preparation filling up and putting charging etc.

Check-up of load readings in the switchgear.

Installation and maintenance of emergency lighting system.

Oct 2009 – May 2011

ONGC – Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, India.

Commissioning & Maintenance

Erection and Commissioning of 11kVSubsatation 3.3kV Panels, HT/LT motors 11kV/3.3kV (4000kVA transformer)

O&M of 11/6.6 kV Switchyard equipment. Like lighting arrestor, isolator switch;

Routine maintenance of HT & LT transformer, like distribution & lighting transformer;

Testing the transformer oil Di electric strength by BDV test, if lesser value oil filtration will be carried out.

Over hauling of ordinary and flameproof HT, LT motor;

Erection and Maintenance 2500 KVA Transformers,

Testing of motor protection (Relay) over load relay, earth fault relay, over current relay & under voltage relay.

Overhauling checks of all Plant Corrective maintenance;

Troubleshoot, fault find and repair electrical systems and equipment used on production process and utility systems;

Operational Maintenance of Transformer activates such as monitoring the Load Currents, Winding and Oil Temp of Transformer

Operational Maintenance Switch Gears also.

Confirm that work Complies with Quality, Safety / Health and Environment Requirements and to take Corrective action in case of problems.

Take Provide Continuous assistance to engineering dept. to resolve site related issues.

The Area Engineer, the Safety / Health / Environmental Group.

Design review, design coordination of electrical drawings.

Installation of Anode Junction Boxes

Installation of Grounding Anodes

Installation of Reference Electrodes

Installation of Testing Points

Laying and Termination of Power cable and mass tower Lightings.

Passport Details

Personal Details

Fathers Name: P.Thanga nadar

Age: 30

Date of Birth: 25-03-1989

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Single

Languages Known: English & Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam.

Passport number: K2502290

Place of issue : Madurai

Date of issue : 27-01-2012

Date of Expiry : 26-01-2022

Permanent Address

No:171,Vivekanadha Street,, Kumarapuram thoppur,

Kanyakumari District,

Tamilnadu-629402, India.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place : India Yours Faithfully

Date : 22/08/2019 (Suyambu Rajan)

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