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Engineering Electrical

Ernakulam, Kerala, India
September 03, 2019

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Sumesh Babu

Email id-

Contact No. +91-702*******

Career Objective

Looking for opportunities to improve technical and professional acumen. Would like to handle challenging assignments and give them a better shape through innovative ideas. Academia

1. M. Tech in Industrial Instrumentation and Control University: APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University, Kerala Graduated on: August,2018 Institution: TKM College of Engineering, Kollam,Kerala,India CGPA:-8.54/10 Branch: Electrical & Electronics Engineering

2. B. Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering University: University of Kerala Graduated on:October,2012 Institution: Younus College of Engineering and Technology, Kollam,Kerala,India. CGPA: - 7.4/10 Projects:

1. M. Tech Thesis (2017-2018)


Abstract: Quadrotors UAVs find use in several applications such as terrain and utilities inspection, disaster monitoring, search and rescue, structures moving and assembling, space exploration and control law design for aerospace applications. In applications involving multiple quadrotors, leader-follower formation control turned out to be the most challenging problem. This work involves the trajectory tracking control of leader and followers using H controller. For evaluating the control performance of H controller, tracking of leader under H control action is compared with another leader designed using PD controller. H controller gives a smooth and fast response with very small overshoot compared with that of the PD controller. Perturbation analysis is also carried out to check for the robustness of the H controller.

2. M. Tech Mini-Project (2016)

Title:”AUTOMATIC MULTI-LIQUID BOTTLE FILLING SYSTEM USING MICRO-CONTROLLER” Abstract: The aim of this project is to design a Micro-controller based automatic bottle filling system that filled multiple liquids, each on separate bottles, with a fixed quantity or fixed level to eliminate the chances like varied quantity from bottle to bottle or inaccuracy which can happen with manual filling. The number of bottles handled by the conveyor on the whole will be displayed. This project will save the power of motor operating the conveyor by regulating the conveyor automation, i.e. the conveyor actuates only when a bottle is sensed. This project reduces the labor effort and makes work more accurate and reliable. 3.B. Tech Project (2012)

Title: “BUS PROXIMITY DETECTION AND UTILIZATION SYSTEM (BUPUS)” Abstract: The goal is to develop and deploy an information system, which provides specific information to passengers regarding an optimal way of moving through town, including bus proximity estimation and actual timings, destination and traffic driven route scheduling and more. The user should be able to obtain such information using affordable small mobile devices. The wireless information network of the BUPUS Project can host other public services as well, including both general and location-sensitive information, available to the users through active bus stops (bus stops with display screens). The system relies on GSM technology. Software Skills

- Programming Languages: C, C++, MATLAB, LABVIEW(basics), PLC Ladder Logic(basics).

- Documentation Tools: MS-Office.

- CAD Packages: Auto CAD. Electrical. V2012

- Good understanding of Internet tools.


From 2nd December,2013 to 3rd February,2014:

- Undergone 2 months training on “Electrical Design Engineering “, conducted by PETROINSTITUTE

(PETROLEUM TRAINING INSTITUTE), affiliated to National Center for Labour and Learning

(GOVERNMENT OF INDIA). Also passed the examination conducted by the Central Board of Examinations of NACELL. Placed in First class with Distinction. From 3rd June 2017 to 21stJune 2017:

- Undergone Internship in the Titanium Dioxide Pigment Unit of The Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd.

(KMML), Sankaramangalam, Chavara-691583, Kollam, Kerala, India. From 15th November,2018 to 14th May,2019:

- Worked as apprentice trainee [Instrumentation section] in The Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd.(KMML), Sankaramangalam, Chavara-691583, Kollam, Kerala, India. Personal Attributes:

- Excellent Communication, listening, time management and motivating skills.

- Team Player.

- Flexible with positive attitude towards challenges.

- Ability to learn quickly.

Personal Details:

Contact Address : Suja Mandir, Sree Saravana Nagar-286, Eravipuram, Kollam, Pin Code-691011, Kerala,

, India.

Contact Number : +91-702*******(mobile number), +91-474-*******(landline number). E-mail :

Nationality : Indian.

Father’s Name : Suresh Babu.

Date of Birth : 28-December-1987.

Language Known : English, Malayalam, Hindi & Tamil. Declaration:

Hereby I am declaring that the above mentioned details are true. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please Contact me for further steps. Yours Truly,

21-08-2019 Sumesh Babu

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