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First Class It

Providence, RI
September 03, 2019

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Just for the Fun of It:

An LLC Course Development Workshop

Winter 2019

Assignment #3

This assignment should be completed before class on February 14. Print out your working document and bring it to class.


• Review your course description. Use it to generate content for your answers to the next questions.


• What kinds of collaborative activities would best fit your content and why? Presentations? Short presentations with discussions? Other?

• Make a list of weekly topics for the selected collaborative activities

(i.e. for presentations or discussion). For a ten-week class, perhaps there will be time for two topics per week, not counting the first and last days of the semester?

• Write a draft set of guidelines (for your syllabus) for class presenters/discussion leaders. Can you specify the kinds of content, generally? Are there questions they need to answer or areas they need to explore? How long do they have? How will/should they involve the class?

• Draft the “format” section of your catalog description. In just a few sentences, state the nature of your weekly sessions; what will be expected from class members; if they are presenting, how will they choose the topic; if there is there to be done before the first class; what else will happen in class—speakers, films, etc. This should be no more than 50 words in length.

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