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Rawdat Al Khail, Qatar
August 25, 2019

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*** ******* **********, ** **** *, Jawaan Street, Doha, Qatar

+chriechibwana@974-******** / gmail.50357278 com / / chriechibwana@44323417 (Qatar)yahoo.; +265 com 888850186 / christopher@(Malawi) Core Competencies

Strategic Legal Advisory Planning

Drafting Legal Compliance and Vetting

Regulatory Litigation Matters Affairs

High Negotiations Level

Liaison Coordination &

Team Management Building &

Soft Skills

Enterprising Profile Summary professional with 15 years of experience in Policy, Legal and Regulatory Issues across Telecommunication, Media, Technology and Postal sectors

Skilled line Worked with in the across monitoring guidelines regions overall like legal Malawi, reporting Southern & documentation Africa Development processes in Community (SADC), Community of Eastern and Southern Africa

(Comprehensive financial COMESA)transactions, wider experience Africa, involving Myanmar, in managing the India World legal and aspects Bank, Qatar related PTA to Bank, international African Development Proven management senior Excellence policies, telecommunication, executives skills legal, in framework in developing, Bank, regulatory, identifying media, Chinese and reviewing, legal licensing technology monitoring Banks & operational and and drafting, and action Vendor institutional postal negotiating risks, to Financing be sectors framing taken frameworks in and by the Malawi, the harmonising robust board for SADC risk and the and COMESA Regions, Myanmar and Qatar

Experience governance, consistent Education with setting in the collaborating vision the vision & mission and with assuring of the top company that management all matters and legal for of environment the organizational company are Career Timeline Associate Administrators, Graduate, Feb Masters Law, Bachelor 2011 University (of LLM) Institute Fellow, Laws Degree of UK, (Honours)Strathclyde, of October Institute Chartered in Information, 2016 University UK, of Company Nov Chartered Technology 2008 of Secretaries Malawi, Company Nov and and 2003 Telecommunications Administrators, Secretaries and UK, Christopher An Legal achievement-Operations Nkhonjera oriented / Regulatory professional Chibwana Affairs targeting with an senior organisation level assignments of high repute in Lexon Sep’03 and – Oct’04 Lords

(Blantyre, Malawian Law Firm)Malawi Private,

as Practitioner Legal Counsel

Telecommunications Jun’10 Limited Malawi – (Aug’17 MTL), and as Blantyre, Head Contracting of Regulatory Malawi Affairs Malawi Regulatory (MACRA)Communications, Blantyre, Authority Director Counsel Malawi Legal and as General Deputy Services Nov’04 – Apr’10

Laurasia Oct’16 Communication – Associates Feb’18

Myanmar) Consultants, Kingdom (as Yangon, United Senior Associate Consultant

Open Malawi (OCL) Connect (and Blantyre, Doha, Limited Secretary Qatar) Consultant as Company and Legal

Jan’16 – Jan’19


Innovator Thinker

Collaborator Intuitive

Team Player

Regulatory Communications Qatar Authority

Policies as (Doha, Competition Consultant Qatar)

Mar’18 – Jun’19

Mar’18 Work – Jun’19 Experience

Qatar Communications Regulatory Authority (Doha, Qatar) as Competition Policies Consultant

Key Result Areas:

Evaluated practices Set services Performed ICT Analyzed technology, policies Assessed frameworks Formulated competition, Scrutinized license regulatory regulation up and & obligations, to & regulations & advice enhance benchmarks existing regulatory access and evaluated recommended and updated criteria to took state be to to a incorporated management and competitive framework appropriate management digital of for policies submissions on dominant monitored the defining inputs media regional & into market remedial regulations for service on for & and enforcement Qatar’s & the postal and developing telecommunication, liaised monitoring providers trending actions international regulatory and for with all developed for policies global the operators relevant providing framework best communication ICT & practices appropriate information regulatory regulatory markets, on general their on Highlights:

Played comprehensive the communications a key role databases sector in designing, of for policies, Qatar, evaluating, legal GCC and member regulatory maintaining countries instruments & and updating other for international Investigated & benchmark conducted regulators comparative analysis of the GCC Cloud Computing Regulatory Regimes

Rendered consultancy on best practices for regulating the Internet of Oct’16 – Feb’18 Things (IoT) for purposes of introducing best practices in Qatar Laurasia Associates Communication Consultants, United Kingdom

(Highlights: Yangon, Myanmar) as Senior Associate Consultant Played Republic a key of Myanmar role in setting up of an independent regulatory authority in the Pivotal Republic Posts Rendered (on Assessed for TRA) behalf the and on MPT in of of worldwide competition lobbying Telecommunication consultancy Myanmar Microsoft i.e. Vietnam for trends and International regimes to non-(the for reduced competitive on Indian Viettel)(in IP MPT) the – the Telecommunications TDM, original Qatar spectrum licensing Interconnection (for jurisdictions fees of Ooredoo) 4G/payable LTE Regulatory and of frequencies and by VoIP the the Norway competitors Regulation Authority Myanmar in (the for Telenor) Prepared for the Evaluated Electronic Liaised issues of dominance, over incumbents like with the & to Commerce Reference Myanmar produced align Myanmar top tariff (OTT) with Interconnection Data Law regulation, position the Communications as and Protection a Republic lobbying proposed paper universal for Offer, of and initiative Myanmar amendments MPT Privacy Authority Reference service/on for the Bill, symmetry best access, (Access on MCA) Cyber-behalf regulatory numbering in Offer, crimes regulation responding of MPT regulation practices Bill with plan and to migration, Contributed practices lobbying with for spectrum in the the benchmarking communications MCA pricing & producing sector at regional position and papers international on best regulatory levels for Jan’16 – Jan’19 Open Connect Limited (OCL) (Blantyre, Malawi and Doha, Qatar) as Company Secretary and Legal Consultant


Played a key role in setting up Malawi’s biggest fibre optic cable (FOC) network and OCL for OCL to own & operate the FOC

Played acquisition $Delivered management policy, Contributed 40 Million legal a key company of fibre in and of role processing international regulatory the optic in board secretarial the cable & restructuring securing advisory meetings, strategic network services clearances and partner transactions process consultancy through from to part of Malawian and the the services own business OCL organization and business and to manage the including Common board and and the Market Authorities fund Prepared Agreement, Charge Agreement Negotiated Licences; compliance Developed negotiated investor Over for coordinated & various on amongst and customer & East Transitional Shares, the presented secured enforcement share and commercial, others Debt licence and Southern subscription Network Shareholders’ Services and other & financial Asset other African Facility stakeholder transaction Agreement, Transfer regulatory and Agreement, Services (COMESA) technical by template and applications, Term an and Payment international Regional agreements. Share Network Loan agreements Subscription Undertaking monitoring, Competition Agreement, corporate Services and Jun’10 – Aug’17

Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL), Blantyre, Malawi as Head of Regulatory and Contracting Affairs


Played technical, a key financial role in negotiating, and commercial drafting, transactions evaluating and worth managing over US$ complex 200 Million for Spearheaded Malawi Directed MTL and the Malawi $ the 20 Million Digital Government syndicated Terrestrial Stakeholder bank Television bond Team localising Migration in negotiating all foreign process a debts US$ for Nov’04 – Apr’10 7 broadcasting Contributed MTL/backbone Successfully technology Negotiated mobile with Set Association industry Managed Electronic 4 set Participated telecommunication, licensing Processed periodic Worked regulator GSM million Task up all PTA & services, other on & Forces licence/positions CDMA and frameworks the network Bank licence policy, Communications acted infrastructure technology Chinese as of other network review drafted as operators a mobile Telecommunication removal technical US$ a legal core as applications. local, connecting key media of First 25 for and in & financing member & and the regional Malawi Million of Malawi legal service presented and performance regulatory Communications price Secretary fixed and & service with person of Management Managed and technology capping operators neutral loan loan the Mozambique international requirements Operators various agreements agreement and Legal and in for licence for enforcement in the Spokesperson audit Team policy, MTL the Malawi complex Act Bill development in for reports. authorities for with to and deployment as in Malawi, legal, MTL level building representative restructuring in development the and vendor the for the Government, regulatory for production government’s for commencing playing a of setting fibre of financing common various digital of of of optic field and the the the the up of Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA), Blantyre, Malawi Growth Path

Nov’04 May’07 Highlights: – – Jun’08: Apr’10: General Deputy Counsel Director and of Legal Company Services Secretary Rendered management policy, Drafted, contracts legal negotiated and company and transactions of regulatory the & managed Board secretarial worth advisory meetings, various $100+ services services legal, transactions Million technical, through to the and financial Board. the business organization and commercial including and Assisted financing Communication Contributed processing for access/Spearheaded Communications Cybercrimes Managed operators Broadcasting Designed setting service the licensing & up the encompassing for implemented Act Malawian as Media frequency Malawi regimes the Infrastructure core Act ensuring process Houses and multi-member Government Team monitoring development over New stakeholder and for seamless Project in over of 4 Partnership 500 negotiating GSM – the & 10 World for frequency/management of team Postal and implementation Malawi the process Bank 2 Electronic involved for Operators $CDMA 30 $spectrum 3 Africa’s Million Million for system telecommunication in Transactions reviewing Development negotiating worth and licensees, of World universal Regional of Bank loans and the 15 &

(Broadband Supported and NEPAD) postal Protocol in policies, Infrastructure developing legislation, on Policy various for Eastern & regulations Regulatory model and telecommunication, Southern and Framework licences Africa in for Malawi, broadcasting NEPAD SADC ICT and COMESA regions

Prepared Licensing, communications, Participated & Interconnection, in negotiated legal Competition, research over and broadcasting Quality 10 drafted telecommunication of opinion and Service, postal and advised Numbering, amongst regulations MACRA others Radio and on Govt. management compliance of Malawi and and best postal practices on policy, telecommunications, law, regulation, broadcasting, licensing, enforcement, frequency Sep’03 – Oct’04 Lexon and Lords (Malawian Private Law Firm), Blantyre, Malawi as Legal Practitioner


Involved Managing Conveyancing in civil drafting and and rendering criminal various litigation legal general documents legal advice to clients Personal Details

Date Languages of Birth: Known: 25th English December 1979 Nationality: Malawian

Passport Visa Driving Status: License: Details: MA Available Available 087940 Valid Valid valid up up till to to 2021 29/25/08/03/2023 2020 Marital No. of Dependents: Status: Married 4

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