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Engineer System Administrator

Jamaica, New York, United States
August 21, 2019

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Muhammad U Chughtai




I have been working in the IT industry for the past 6 plus years as a Linux System Administrator and Engineer. I have provisioned, configured and installed servers through automation tool Ansible. I also have worked on Amazon cloud computing. I used Nagios Core to monitor the health of the System and performed incident management. I am self-motivated, self-oriented, dedicated and able to work independently as well as a good team player.

Skills Inventory

AWS, EC2, S3, IAM, AMI, Glacier, Snowball, Network ACLs, Templates, configuration Mangement tool Ansible & Puppet, Ad-hoc command, Playbooks, Handlers, Roles, Bash scripting, Provisioning server, Kernel Trouble shooting, Dockers, Configuration and Installation of VMWare ESXi, TCP/IP,UDP/IP, Intranet, Text Editor (VI, VIM), Virtualization, Hyper-V, Clusters, PXE along with Kickstart, NIS, LDAP,NIC, NFS, Apache HTTP Server, SNMP, SMTP, YUM, RPM, Samba, LAN, WAN, RAID, Firewall, worked with AIX and IBM servers, RSA, Active Directory, User Management, Defining Group policies, Shell Scripting, RHEL 5, 6 & 7, Centos, Upgrading, Managing vCenters, DNS, Redhat Satellite and Blade Logic, NAS, SAN, NetBackup, BMC Remedy, Bash Scripting, Git, HA, DRS, LVM, Vulnerability Management, Data center and Network Trouble shooting, Wireshark, System Hardening, automation, Bash & shall scripting, CI/CD pipeline, Nagios monitoring tool.


Master of Commerce (Pakistan) 2011

Bachelor of Commerce (Pakistan) 2003

Linux RedHat Training course 2012

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting (Equivalence certificate in the USA) 2013

Certification: Cost and Management Accountant (ICMAP, Pakistan) 2011

Walmart, Bentonville, AR (Feb 2016 - May 2019)

Senior Linux Systems Administrator / Engineer

Design, build, deploy and maintain the health of Linux/ Unix Systems.

General system administration, monitoring, and maintenance of day-to-day operations.

Installed, Configured and Administered VMware VSphere, ESXi, Vcenter Server, Host Clustering with HA, DRS, VMotion, Managing SAN Data storage, NAS, DAS, EMC storage.

Worked in large-scale clusterd environment to manage the system performance and to keep it up and running for 24/7.

Installation, configuration and maintenance of large number of Linux server in clusters.

Used NetBackup 6.5 installation and configuration, problem determination, maintenance, backup and troubleshooting issues.

Maintaining and securing data, and monitoring the system health to ensure its availability all the time.

Monitor, identified and resolved DNS Master, clients related issues.

I have deployed, configured and managed servers in the cluster and monitored their performance through Nagios.

Managing and monitoring the system performance within the cluster and monitoring in house java application.

Install, configure and maintain servers i.e. Apache, DHCP, TFTP, FTP, NIS, NFS, Samba.

Upgrading and patching the system via Red hat Satellite and on CLI using YUM and RPM as needed.

I have exposure with Dockers container and CI/CD pipeline.

Plan, document, review and maintain system administration guidelines and policies.

Creating Data centers in the Vsphere Web client and adding the Hosts to the Data center

Configuring the Host profiles in VMware

Worked on Migration concepts like vMotion and cold migration and Remediate.

Performing Incident Management and creating CRQ for the Production environment.

Deployment and configuration of the virtual machine on VMware ESXi and registered them with Redhat Satellite.

Maintaining and ensuring all the services running on Linux server and AWS instances

Some exposure to LDAP and Duo authentication environment.

Creating, managing and troubleshooting user on LDAP and Active directory on Windows server.

Compliance to security standards including patches, fixes. Kernel tuning and optimizations.

Bash Scripting to automate tasks, Installed agents, Deploy servers, Patching servers.

System and application monitoring by using Nagios.

Resolving and Coordinating with application vendors for upgrades, enhancements, and technical support as required.

Troubleshooting, identifying, monitoring and resolving the performance issues related to IBM, AIX and windows server.

Planning and performing disk expansion with LVM and memory management.

Providing support for development, test and production environments.

Managing the system resources and performing capacity management.

Checking and managing system security by using customized ports, SELinux, Restricted Remote login, physically securing the systems, keep the system updated and by using stronger root password.

Ansible (Automation Tool):-

Installed and configured Ansible on both the control and managed nodes. Used ad-hoc commands to perform a single task on managed nodes. I have used different Ansible modules to deploy configuration changes on Linux and windows server. I have written playbooks to install configure and manage different servers i.e. Apache, NIS, NFS.

Amazon Web Service (AWS):-

I have worked with different AWS services, by installing, configuring and managing servers through EC2 service.

S3 bucket to manage the storage requirement.

IAM service used to manage users and groups management and their permission and security issues related to managing their accounts.

Glacier service to store and retrieve data that we don't need frequently.

Wells Fargo TOMS river, NJ (Feb 2014 - Jan 2016)

Linux Systems Administrator

Configuration Installation and maintenance of the health of the Linux systems.

RPM and YUM package installations, patch and upgrading as per company policy.

Provided access control list (ACL) implementation with customizing permissions to users.

Set up user and group IDs, password settings and resolving of permissions issues.

Performed of daily task such as responding to emails, troubleshooting of end-users problems on Linux servers.

Security configuration and hardening of Linux server SELinux, IP tables, firewall, disable USB use and SUDO privileges.

Configuring and managing networking to avoid a single point of failure applications thus providing high availability and network load balancing.

Troubleshooting, Identifying and resolving issues related to SAN, NAS.

Requesting and adding Storage ( assigned from SAN, NAS team ) to LVM.

I have worked with Bash scripting to efficiently perform my day to day task.

Install, configure and maintain servers i.e. Apache, FTP, NIS, NFS, Samba.

Installation and configuration of the virtual machine on VMware ESXi and registered them with Red Hat Satellite.

Managing file sharing on windows server through samba.

Monitoring and maintaining all the services running on Linux server and AWS instances

Designed firewall rules for new servers to enable communication with the application.

Files transfers across various platforms and servers with NFS, SCP, and FTP.

Managing system jobs scheduling like disabling and enabling cron jobs.

Backup and restore using native tools like tar, dump, rsync.

Performing and managing system hardening to keep the system secure by enabling firewall,SELinux, using ssh banners, reviewing logs and monitoring user activities.

Managing, monitoring, identifying and resolving issues on LDAP.

Monitoring system activities like CPU, memory, Disk space to avoid any performance issues.

Used bash Scripting to automate tasks, Installed agents, Deploy servers, Patching servers.

Worked with Configuration Management tool i.e. Ansible.

Monitoring, identifying and managing issues related to EC2, IAM, AMI, S3, EBS on Amazon web service (AWS).

Bloomberg LLP Dayton, NJ (Jan 2013 - Jan 2014)

Linux Operations Analyst

Provided customer service support in a fast-paced environment, doing hardware assembly and quality control as well as testing & troubleshooting new applications.

Worked and resolved user related issue i.e. creating & resolving user access and connectivity issues.

Collaboration with IT professional to maintain databases.

Good knowledge and experiences of switches, routers, OSI model layers, firewalls.

Maintain and troubleshoot system performance, running processes, and application issues.

Virtualization, storage, and networking issues related to windows and linux servers.

Process user account creation termination requests, and user support on SQL database.

Monitoring and Identifying issues related to system security.

Performed root cause analysis, resolution, and follow-up to ensure the health and stability of the system.

Monitored the health of the system by using Nagios software and resolved the issues.

Configuration and troubleshooting of IPs and DNS related issues.

Worked with Bash scripting to automate my day to day task.

Maintained and replaced hard drives (Hot and cold swap).

Maintained and upgrades systems, patching, backup and recovery.

Configured Raid Levels and resolved remote server issues through ILO, IDRAC.

Worked with VPN, Port Forwarding, TCP, UDP, NSlookup, Dig, Tcpdump, Wireshark, Traceroute to track and uninterrupted flow of data.

Worked and resolved tickets through BMC Remedy ticketing system.

Provided support to the Networking team to check and connect fiber & Networking Cables, Hub, Switches, PCI routing when needed.

Monitoring, managing and resolving issues within LAN, WAN.

Proficient in mentoring and documentation.

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