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Software Engineer Java

Irvington, California, 94538, United States
August 18, 2019

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Professional Summary:

3+ years of expertise as a Full Stack Developer in algorithm implementations and web application deployment bounded with the suitable frameworks to provide the cross-platform web/client-Server application design and development using JAVA, J2EE involving extensive frontend development. Skills:

Programming Languages C, JAVA, Python, C#, R, Objective-C. Web Technologies HTML5, CSS, ReactJS, Redux, JavaScript, Node.js, jQuery, AngularJS Frameworks Spring MVC, spring boot, Hibernate

IDEs - Tools Eclipse, NetBeans, Bootstrap, RStudio, JUnit, AWA, Visual Studio, IBM Bluemix

Web Services Restful web services, SOAP

Servers Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic

Build Tools Maven, Ant, Jenkins

Bug Tracking tools Jira, Ration clear quest

Version Control CVS, SVN, GitHub

Big Data Ecosystems Hadoop, MapReduce, PIG, HIVE, HBASE Cloud Amazon web services, IBM Bluemix Cloud

Databases MYSQL

Pertinent Course work: C Programming, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming Language, Design Analysis Algorithm, Database Management System, Operating System, Computer Networks, Information Security, Big Data Analytics, Design Patterns, Data Warehouse, Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Object Oriented Analysis of Design & Software Engineering.


Master of Science in CS Florida Institute of Technology, Florida (Jan 2018-May 2019) Bachelor of Science in CSE Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India (June 2013-May 2017) Work Experience:

ALASS: Assembly Line Analytics Support System (Project from Embraer FL.) July 2018 – December 2018 Department of Systems Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology Full Stack Web Development Intern

ReactJS Application


Enterprise Application:

I was involved into team as interface developer to develop several pages in application using ReactJS and redux with Backend Java support which were bound together with MVC framework, ReactJS, REDUX, JAVA & Node.js Responsibilities:

• Expanded web application functionality using HTML/CSS, React.js, Node.js and JSON from login validation to the data reporting to the appropriate Database field.

• Built back-end integration between web app and JAVA Model (using JSON formats) with JDBC.

• Initiated the project with the most optimistic approach called Spring MVC.

• A good expertise in designing User Interface (UI) web applications using HTML5, CSS, Java Script, AngularJS, Node.js, ReactJS with Redux and MVC framework.

• Hands on experience in creating components using React.js. Department of Computer Science January 2018 - May 2019 Florida Institute of Technology

Algorithm Analysis

Strassen’s matrix multiplication using JAVA


Worked on two approaches, they are Divide and conquer to solve the matrix multiplication and achieve the multiplied matrix. Naïve method be the second one which can reduce the number of iterations to avoid extreme complexities.

Artificial Intelligence

A* Search with NLP in IBM Watson.


Astar Search Algorithm with NLP (IBM Watson) using JAVA & CURL. Manipulations over grid to obtain the validated and smallest among the rest. Not only time, but the space complexity matters too. Biometric Authentication

Face Recognition model using JAVA & JDBC


Analysis, Design, Development, implementation and maintenance of application using JAVA/J2EE Technologies like servlets and JSPs. Designed over Spring MVC and Apache Tomcat server functioning to steer the model. HBots Pvt. Ltd. India (T- HUB) June 2016 to March 2017 Software Engineer Intern

JavaScript Application


Cost Estimator: Cost Estimator is a static web page where, It estimates the selling price of the product by taking the input as Cost price, year of purchase & choose which product it is. HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Responsibilities:

• Experience on the application development was my first step into JavaScript.

• Created JavaScript modules to be used with Bootstrap to speed up development

• Identified the opportunities for the process and tool improvements in a optimistic approach with a team.

• Developed user interface elements for web-based applications based on the given specification.

• Implemented a Script which monitored site traffic and proactively implemented site enhancements in terms of capacity and scalability.

IBM Pvt. Ltd India Sept 2014 to Dec 2015

Software Engineer Intern

IOT Application Development


• Slave’D: It’s an IOT project, where it helps old people and also physically challenged People with providing all the services they need. It’s completely a part of home automation. It has 3 modules in it. Java Liberty, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JDBC, Tomcat server, SQL, NetBeans and hardware components like raspberry pi 3(also worked out in IBM Bluemix with WATSON service).

• Smart Fan: Smart Fan is trial of home automation, which tried it before developing "Slave'D" project. It was actually implemented in Kinetise (third part frame). IBM Bluemix (IOT service, Java Liberty, Node.js, Kinetise service).


• Been part of IBM Watson launching team in India as a student intern (Academic Initiative). IBM Watson was provided to leverage my skills as a full stack developer with one-year free cloud access for required manipulations over it.

• Teamed with Manager and Professor to build a model to a proposed device (solution to a problem statements by IT Domain Telangana government).

• Proposed device was to meet the requirements of physically challenged and senior citizens. Model can capture the data from sensors (e.g. heart rate of a person who has “cardiac issues” will be sent to his guardian when it’s not normal) and respond back respectively.

• Using JAVA, JDBC, Spring MVC, Angular.js, CURL, IBM Watson, Java Liberty, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Tomcat server, SQL, NetBeans and hardware components like raspberry pi3. Best team work experience in developing application in IBM Bluemix it was mainly IOT and its compatibility with new the APIS.

• Learnt managing data in cloud and also server-client communication for data fetches. Java Developer Intern May 2015 to July 2015

Being Zero (Training & Internship)

Java Application Development


• Screen Share: Screen share is an application, where in which we can share the screen with LAN Connectivity. It works with client-server methodology. Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NetBeans.

• Quantifying Votes from tweets and retweets: Domain is Data mining. This project is to count the votes or support through evaluating the tweets and retweets. Java (API & servlets), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Tomcat server, SQL, NetBeans.

• E-Voting: E-voting is online voting system, where voter can vote from device. This is mainly part of network security. It can actually reduce the paper work in the polling. This had been implemented with 3 modules. Java, JDBC, Tomcat apache server, Database, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Responsibilities:

• Actual approaches how to face the exceptions issues and multithreading.

• Learnt how to data structures efficiently and develop an optimized code in terms of algorithms.

• Worked on MVC pattern for the creating separate JAVA classes for handling database objects and view creation only by using JSP.

• Developed servlets and JAVA modules to handle server. Side processing.

• Perform code review and unit testing of the modules by creating Junit test case.

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