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Software Sql Server

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
August 18, 2019

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M. PRABAKARAN ***/*, Hudco Colony, TNHB Phase III, Vellakinar Village

+91-902******* Coimbatore 641029

Professional Objective…

Self-motivated and career minded professional looking for a responsible and suitable position in the field of computer programming wherein the experience and computer skill will have valuable application and scope for future professional advancement.

More than 10 years of experience in software development which includes 8 years 3 months of experience in Dot Net (.Net) Project development.

Includes 5 Years and 6 months of experience in Singapore.

Completely responsible for Application Software analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation, maintenance, enhancement and support.

Technical Expertise...

Worked extensively in various applications using ASP.Net,C#.Net & VB.Net

Used AJAX Technology in various .Net applications

Worked extensively in Crystal Reports and SSRS

Web based /Client Server Applications.

Completed 5 SDLC in Ready Software Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Proficiency at grasping new technical concepts quickly & utilizing them in a productive manner.

Self-motivated to achieve tight deadlines in fast-paced environment.

Determination, dedication and disciplined.

Able to work under minimal supervision.

Strong Analytical ability, good communication skills and self-motivated.

Professional Experience...

GPS Tech Lead (May 2018 – Apr 2019)

Infotest Lab IT Services Pte Ltd., Coimbatore, India.


GPS Device and software configuration, Maintenance and Support.

New GPS Software Design and Development

Senior Application Consultant (Nov 2014 – Feb 2015)

NCS Pte. Ltd., under the Agency, “U4 Tech Pte. Ltd.”, Singapore.


Involved in the entire software development life cycle including application development, implementation, maintenance and post-implementation review.

To assist in integration testing which include diagnosing program defects, integration and performance issues and to recommend and carryout the necessary follow-ups.

Involved in providing user support which requires investigating and troubleshooting issues, as well as providing timely improvements / resolutions to address problems and incidents encountered.

Software Consultant (Jul 2013 – Mar 2014)

HP (Hewlett-Packard Company) under the Agency “Encora Technologies Pte Ltd., “



Provide technical support to customer production system running our in-house or distributed applications.

Follow up with customers to ensure issues are resolved and the customers are satisfied.

Conduct testing activities for fixes and new release i.e. prepare test plan, prepare and update traceability matrix, generate test cases, perform test execution, review test results and generate test report.

Track status of issues/activities to ensure timely follow-up.

Information Technology Analyst (Jan 2013 – Mar 2013)

Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel)



To handle queries from business users

Coordinate and liaise with IT team and business users to ensure the deliverables fulfil user requirements and to be delivered based on planned schedule.

To build and maintain effective relationships with clients, peers, and management within the IT team, business user and vendor.

Programmer (Aug 2008 – Jan 2013)

Ready Software Pte Ltd, Singapore,


Principal responsibilities include the planning, requirements, design, coding, testing, debugging, system integration, and documenting of software components of complex, multi-tier government systems.

Responsible for evaluating user requests for new programs, modifications to existing programs, and system integration of off the shelf Products.

Performs research and gathers relevant data to determine feasibility, appropriateness, and cost and time required.

To prepare detailed program specifications.

To develop software according to approved specifications, tests and debug programs for the delivery of quality applications.

To create system and user documentation.

Monitoring ongoing program and system performance.

To provide training and mentors less experienced team members.

Programmer (Aug 2007 to Apr 2008)

Mukesh Technologies Private Limited,

Puducherry, India

Programmer (Feb 2006 to Jul 2007)

QBase Technologies Private Limited,

Puducherry, India

Trainee Programmer (Aug 2004 to Jan 2006)

Sankara Software Service Pvt.Ltd

Chennai, India

Supervisor (Jul 1995 to Jan 2004)

Malladi Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,

Ranipet, TamilNadu

Education Qualification...

Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A), First Class with 70.1% at Bharathidasan University, Trichy, India (2000-2003)

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Chemistry, First Class at Government Arts College, Thiruvannamalai, University of Madras, India (1989 – 1993)

Area of Skills…

GUI Tools : ASP.Net, C#.Net, ASP, Visual Basic 6.0, VB.Net,

Reports : Crystal Report 9.0, SSRS Reports

RDBMS : Oracle 7.x/8i, MS-Access, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008

Internet Technologies : VB Script, Java Script, HTML, XML, AJAX, JQuery

Languages : C#, C, C++

Project Details…

Projects done at NCS Pte Ltd.,


Project Title : MediShieldLife (MSHL)

Client : MOH Holding Pte Ltd.,

Domain : ASP.NET with C#, Net Framework 3.5

Database : SQL Server 2008

Role : Development, Testing

Description : MediShield Life will provide better protection against large hospital bills and expensive chronic treatments. Online forms are provided to facilitate MOHH in administrating updates to Medishield Life Premium Subsidy data which includes Household Composition (HHC) changes and appeals.

Projects done at HP (Hewlett-Packard Company)


Project Title : CorpCard Automation

Client : GIC (Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd.,)

Domain : ASP.NET with C#, Net Framework 3.5

Database : SQL Server 2008

Role : Enhancement, Testing, Implementation, Support and Maintenance

Description : To automate the uploading process of Corporate Card Data by scheduling a process to automatically pull the encrypted Daily-Weekly Transaction file, Monthly Transaction file and Monthly Account Balance File from UOB and Citibank FTP servers then save into GIC sFTP servers. After the file has been pulled into GIC sFTP servers another process will run to move it from GIC sFTP servers to application server.

Once the encrypted source files were moved into the application server, another process will run to decrypt the file, validate the file and the data inside the file and then upload the data into the workflow database. After the corporate card data has been uploaded, the decrypted source file will be deleted from the application server and the encrypted file will be archive.

As an additional process for the Monthly Account Balance file, the amount in the monthly account balance file will be reconciled against monthly transaction file amount and against the amount in one of the workflow report (“Analysis of posted UOB charges”). An email report that will contain the corporate card number, monthly account balance file amount, monthly transaction file amount, workflow report amount and the difference of each amounts will then be send to the users.

Projects done at Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel)


Project Title : ROAD (Review Of Achievements & Developments)

Domain : ASP.NET with C#, AJAX,.Net Framework 3.5

Database : SQL Server 2008

Components Used : User Control

Role : Support and Maintenance.

Description : ROAD is an online Performance Appraisal System which is a systematic and periodic process that assesses an individual employee’s job performance and productivity in relation to certain pre-established criteria and organizational objectives. These objectives were keyed in by the Employees and it was monitored and given ratings according to their performance periodically by their Supervisors and Counter-signing officers. An automatic email notification will be sent to employees as well as Supervisors and Counter-signing officers on each action. Depending on the final PA rating and promotion recommendation, the employees will get better benefits like increment, promotion etc., All these activities were maintained and follow up by this system. Reports like “Completion Rate reports” on each stage will be useful to the managements to keep track the system.

Projects done at Ready Software Private Limited, Singapore.


Project Title : ReadyLeave (Internet)

Domain : ASP.NET with C#, AJAX,.Net Framework 3.5

Database : SQL Server 2005

Duration : From Sept 2008 to Feb 2009

Role : Preparing System Specification, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, Enhancement, Support and Maintenance.

Description : Ready Leave is electronic leave application that allows employees to apply for leave online via the enterprise network or internet. Employees have the capability to update their personal bio-data without having to contact the HR department, thus saving valuable man hours. Managers have the ability to view leave balances of their headcount, and approve or decline leave submissions at their discretion. It includes valuable reports like Leave Entitlement/ Balances, Overview calendar, Urgent Leave Report, View History Leave Records etc.


Project Title : ReadyStaff - HRMS

Domain : C#.Net,.Net Framework 3.5

Database : SQL Server 2005

Duration : From Mar 2009 to Sep 2009

Role : Conversion of FoxPro Version to .Net. Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, Support, Enhancement, and Maintenance.

Description : Ready Staff - HRMS is a powerful and user-friendly Human Resource Management System that will take care of all your present and future needs. Not only does it help to manage manpower resources more effectively and respond quickly to management, it is also accurate and produces professional reports.

Ready Staff - HRMS maintains employee bio-data and assist you with management functions that include:

Performance appraisals and evaluation

Position details with salary scales

Career path planning

Manpower planning and budgeting

Update training records and history

Training and skills needs

Training program scheduling

Leave management and control

Family and dependent information

Education and Qualifications

Ready Staff - Human Resource has a comprehensive set of HR management reports, leave management and statutory reports.


Project Title : ReadyClaim (Internet)

Domain : ASP.NET with C#, AJAX,.Net Framework 3.5

Database : SQL Server 2005

Duration : From Oct 2009 to Mar 2010

Role : Preparing System Specification, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, Support, Enhancement, and Maintenance.

Description : Ready Claim is an online claim submission system that allows employees to submit expenses or overtime claims via enterprise network or the internet. There is no need for employees to submit triplicate expense claim sheets to their managers anymore. All they need is to submit expense summary online, and the system will notify respective managers or designates of incoming reimbursements via email. Managers will be able to review expense entitlement balances (e.g. medical or dental), and approve or reject accordingly. Approved reimbursements are posted into Ready Pay or Ready Staff, saving your HR dept from mundane data-entry. . It includes valuable reports like Claim Entitlement/ Balances, View History Claim Records etc..


Project Title : ReadyNoticeBoard (Internet)

Domain : ASP.NET with C#, AJAX,.Net Framework 3.5

Database : SQL Server 2005

Duration : From Apr 2010 July 2010.

Role : Preparing System Specification, Design, Development, Implementation, Support, Enhancement, Testing, and Maintenance.

Description : eNoticeboard is a online electronic notice board which allows the users to display messages and announcements within their organisations. This is particularly useful in offices and schools where daily messages to staff or pupils needs to be communicated. The display consists of a web page that shows static notices specific to the registered organisation. Once you have logged in to the eNoticeboard module, a display of all new and existing company notices will appear allowing you to check for new notices in the various notice categories at a glance. Click on the specific notice category to view all the notices in it.



Project Title : ReadyForm (Internet)

Domain : ASP.NET with C#, AJAX,.Net Framework 3.5

Database : SQL Server 2005

Duration : From Sept 2010 Feb 2011

Role : Preparing System Specification, Design, Development, Implementation, Support, Enhancement, Testing, and Maintenance.

Description : ReadyForm is a on line Form Management System. In this system, the Admin can upload various kinds of Forms such as Sales Form, Order Form, Online Support Form, etc., and they can allocate the Forms to all the employees. The employee can download the desired form. After filled up the form, they can apply the form to the respective Managers for approval. The Manager can check the form and can able to Approve or Reject the Form Application. Upon the Form Application and Approval the email notification will be sent to the Managers and Employees respectively.


Project Title : ReadyPayAdvice (Internet)

Domain : ASP.NET with C#, AJAX, .Net Framework 3.5

Database : SQL Server 2005

Duration : From Mar 2011 to Jul 2011

Role : Preparing System Specification, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, Support, Enhancement, and Maintenance.

Description : Ready ePayAdvice is an on-line ePayslip system that enables the employees to login with user ID and password to view or print their payslips. At year-end, it enables the employees to view or print their IRAS forms like IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8A and Appendix 8B. Ready ePayAdvice is an employee self-service system that are for employees who have computers and complements the payroll department's current method of distributing laser sealable payslips or presealed dot-matrix payslips to employees who do not have computers or would otherwise prefer hardcopy pay advice.


Project Title : ReadyPay (Internet)

Domain : ASP.NET with C#, AJAX,.Net Framework 3.5

Database : SQL Server 2005

Duration : From Sep 2011 to Oct 2012

Role : Preparing System Specification, Design, Development, Testing, Implementation, Support, Enhancement, and Maintenance.

Description : Ready Pay is the online payroll system that cares of all our present and future needs. Using this software we will have the power to respond quickly to management, employee and government requests with accurate and professional reports. Another key feature is User Defined Formulae which allows payroll department to customize any formulae that suits to any organization. Sample formulae include:

Allowances (subject to contributions, declared for tax or prorate for partial month)

Bonuses and AWS - Annual Wage Supplement

Reimbursements & deductions

Shift premium and unpaid leave

Pay revision by percentage or amount

Prorate basic pay for new or resigned employee

Ready Pay incorporates Singapore payroll regulations relating to CPF, CDAC, MBMF, SINDA, ECF, SHARE, FWL, SDL, National Service Pay, Monthly Variable Component (MVC), NWC, direct deposit via bank giro, CPF contribution via CPF PAL-Internet or CPFLine, IRASLine, IR8A, IR8S and IR21.

Projects done at InfotestLab IT Services Pvt., Ltd.,


Project Title : GPS Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

Domain : ASP.NET with C#, AJAX,.Net Framework 4.0,Bootstrap,Jquery

Database : SQL Server 2008

Duration : From Oct 2018 to Feb 2019.

Role : Preparing System Specification, Design, Development

Description : A vehicle tracking system is an electronic device installed in a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's location. This Vehicle tracking system that works using GPS and GSM technology. It is an embedded system which is used for tracking and positioning of any vehicle by using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global system for mobile communication (GSM). Using this software we can track the vehicle, monitor the fuel consumption, control the vehicle through GeoFencing and Immobilizer technology, can collect datas such as speed, distance travelled, stoppage time, etc., . The system will send useful mobile SMS alerts to track and control the vehicle.

Personal Details…

Gender : Male

Date of Birth : 20th June 1972.

Marital Status : Married.

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