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Graphic Designer Project

Amman, Amman Governorate, Jordan
August 10, 2019

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Tasneem Taha Aliwat

Address: Amman/Jordan

Telephone: +962-*********



I am a self-tough artist with passion for hand and digital drawing, I graduated as a Graphic Designer in 2010, then developed the ability in 2D traditional animation and the animation principles very well, In time I gained some knowledge in storyboarding so I worked harder and learned it, and in some of my projects I needed to know some motion graphics so I learned from people around me and I trained myself for some time and gained the ability to do motion graphic and info graphic videos, and since I know how to animate and well informed of the programs I started at 2D cut-out animation.


I am looking for an opportunity to do more development in both animation and drawing if possible to reach my dream of being able to do 2D animation movies someday.

Key Competencies

Ability to work as part of a team

Self motivated


Have attention to detail

Creative with wide imagination

Ability to manage my time

Fast learner

Career Summary

From Oct-2010 to Aug-2017

Animator (2D traditional digital animator), at Alwaseela production

I Started at the company as an animator that's when I first learned to animate, and because I am a fast learner I picked up quickly at my job and started to help other teammates and new employers to develop as well, and our animation department grow to make a great team of the best animators I know, the company gave us an animation principles curse for 3 months, and a storyboard curse as well, which I learned the art of storyboarding.

From Jul-2017 to Nov-2017

Animator(cut-out animation), Hekayati (freelance)

Worked as a freelancer animator for an educational 2d cut-out animation with Hekayati

From Sep-2017 to Aug-2018

Motion graphic/storyboard artist, at Alwaseela production

Our team started a simple motion graphic project, that’s when I first learned how to fix a green screen and make simple graphics, and with other projects I learned more and more with the help of other teammates, I can call myself a decent motion graphic designer now, then I started making storyboard and as soon as I was done with the storyboard I joined the team as a motion graphic for the same project.

I worked on few other storyboard for motion graphic projects, info graphic project, and an animation project

From Aug-2018 to oct-2018

Animator (cut-out animation), at Tomeandora

Worked with our team on adobe animate for two episodes before resigning, but continued working as a freelance for another four episodes

From oct-2018 till may-2019

Graphic designer, at Brandman

Worked as a storyboard artist, and a graphic designer, and motion graphic, using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe After effect.

Also worked on an animation, some on adobe animate (cut-out animation), and others on after effect (cut-out and pones animation)

From jun-2019 on going

Animator(cut-out animation), (freelance)

Working as a freelancer animator for an educational 2d cut-out animation with a new upcoming team

From Aug-2019 on going

Storyboard artist (animation), (freelance/ Tomandora production)

Working as a freelancer storyboard artist for an educational 2d cut-out animation with Tomandora production

Professional Development

Hand drawing (self taught)

Senior 2d traditional digital animation

Cut-out animation

Graphic Designer

Motion graphic

Story board artist


Diploma grade in graphic design from queen alia college (2008/2010)

Principles of animation course for three months at Alwaseela production

Storyboarding course for a month at Alwaseela production

Key I.T Skills

Toon Boom Studio

Toon Boom Harmony

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Animate

Adobe After Effect

Extra Skills

Arabic (native language)

English language (IELTS GRADE 6)

Korean language (Beginner level 4)

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