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Exton, Pennsylvania, United States
August 09, 2019

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Kirk F. Doxtader

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Exton, PA ****1

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SUMMARY: Highly focused, innovative SAS Programmer Analyst / Project Leader / System Integrator with a win/win attitude who utilizes the best programming practices to make integrated process oriented systems.


JP Morgan Chase, Wilmington, DE Contract Analyst/Programmer. 01/14/2019 – 07/31/2019

-Community Banking Credit Card Corrections. Responsible for case based corrections having a customer impact within pricing.

-Teradata SQL (Sql Assistant), Base SAS, SAS Macros, SAS Connection and Access, MP Connect, Enterprise Guide, TSYS, Tracs, Sharepoint, UNIX KSH scripting.

-Advocated and installed Git for version control. Performed team demos. Git BASH commands and VIM used.

-Accumulated training resources by use of creation of Word Outlines and Spreadsheets including hyperlink bookmarks integrating correction plans with the actual code that performed case correction requirements.

-Contracted help was applied in a surge operation to dramatically reduce case backlog.

-Championed use of Macro based parameterized programming for the reduction of hard coding so modules could be utilized in multiple cases.

DePuy Synthes, West Chester, PA Contract Analyst/Programmer. 04/2017 – 03/2018

-Software developer at Depuy Synthes, a company of Johnson & Johnson, maker of medical devices, in Post Market Surveillance Reporting department.

-Developed, enhanced, debugged, corrected, and streamlined reporting processes. Transformed code to utilize Oracle Data Warehouse for origin of most of data. Transitioned and remapped data to new set of data required due to a Corporate transformation to new SalesForce front end which collected complaints data.

-Base SAS 9.4, Macros, Proc SQL, Proc Report, and ODS Graphics in a Windows environment utilized to produce reports in RTF format regarding Complaints/Shipments, and Patient Harms. Achieved publish ready output. Reporting done on a monthly basis according to scheduled planned reviews of selected parts. Output used in scheduled reviews by QA and Staff Engineers, and FDA auditors. Documents stored in indexed repository per FDA requirements.

-Inaugurated and implemented use of local BASH Git, and remote BitBucket for version control and source code management.

-Utilized macro programming to move from a break fix to data aware software. Data aware programs use code to derive necessary parameter settings dynamically from data occurrences and min/max values thus reducing the time to produce reports.

-Developed Outlook VBA program which read attached Excel Spreadsheet to satisfy adhoc Complaint and Shipment requests initiated by users. Validated input Excel sheets for correctness. Checked if user had been granted access via LDAP inquiry. Automatically fired off batch SAS program to fulfill request. Provided audit trail. Sent Email Message formed in HTML to user automatically upon successful completion using Outlook’s own Email interface.

-Created a Change Request system in Access to record changes required in the software. Git messages registered CR#, comments within code header as well as annotated within production releases.

-Created development environment for the program testing.

-Interfaced with and directed off-shore team.

United States Census, Suitland, MD Contract Analyst/Programmer. 06/2012 – 04/2017

- Worked for American Community Surveys department. Information that ACS collects used to give communities the information they need to plan investments and services. Contract SAS Institute consultant.

-Updated Data Collection Facility for 2013 – 2017 requirements.

-Programmed in Base SAS 9.2, Macros, MP Connect, KSH scripting, AWK, Python, Excel and ACCESS VBA, SAS BI, Sharepoint Designer. Operating systems; Red Hat Linux and Windows. Used SVN library and ALM(HP Quality Center).

- Counseled department, and demonstrated by successes the importance of consolidation, streamlining, and removal of hard coding. Accomplished process improvements by utilizing passed parameters, macros, lookup tables, dynamic programming, automated audits, and reusable modules.

- United programmatically SVN library, Master Program List, and ALM thereby producing marriage of coding activity with ALM open jobs. Accumulated SVN XML, ALM records via VBA TDApiOle80.TDConnection object connection to ALM MSSQL database, and script search of Activation Packages for registered releases which were married together using a SAS program to get a concise profile of the development cycle; what was in the plan, development, test, and finally into production pipeline.

- Created MS Access database showing total department program recursive calls, from scripts through programs as well as data contents with links that enable opening program listings and logs with all detail elements and stats (ie line numbers, record counts, variable names, etc).

- Development of BI Census Matrix project included Data Integration job with approximately 70 nodes, Map with a dozen lookup tables and filters, several defined elements, capped with Web Reporting constructed with Web Report Studio.

-Built Sharepoint form for Weekly Status Reports.

Bank of America, Wilmington, DE Contract Analyst/Programmer. 1/2011 – 06/2012

-Extracted Market Analysis data for direct marketing campaigns from BoA databases and ported to Epsilon for creation of Analytical Data Mart. Data retrieved from Teradata and DB2, using SAS Proc SQL on Unix platform. Additional tools KSH, BTEQ, Teradata SQL Assistant, Business Objects. Additional programming for subcontractor (Epsilon) Unix platform using SAS on Netezza database.

Dollar Financial Group, Berwyn, PA Contract Analyst/Programmer. 8/2010 – 12/2010

-Developed SAS datamart containing application, loan, and customer data for a short-term small loans company. Worked in their Credit Risk Analysis department.

-Proc SQL, and Base datasteps used against a MSSQL Server database.

-Highlights included coding to identify new customers based on whether they had not been active for over a year, or customer's initial loans. The logic to handle 43 different transaction codes, some against original face balances and others against services and interest, and more. All properly bucketed within several balances, such as Total, Face, Service and Interest, Profit, Collections, etc. as well as many more fields, rolled forward progressively in a monthly fashion.

Bank of America, Wilmington, DE Contract Analyst/Programmer. 11/2009 – 8/2010

-Validation, testing, and consolidation work in Credit Card Pricing. Using SAS, SQL, SAS Connect, SAS Access, Proc Report. Assignment completed with PC SAS with Connect to z/OS and DB2.

JP Morgan Chase, Ft Washington, PA Contract Analyst/Programmer. 01/2009 – 02/2009

-Worked with IT Group at JPMC Utilizing SAS 9, Base, Macro, ODS, RTF, on Unix platform to maintain and update, existing mortgage refinancing system for the Household Finance arm of the bank. System utilized embedded PROC SQL to collect and update data in Oracle DBMS. Refi system interfaces with several external agencies as well as queries internal files to pre-qualify individuals for refinancing.

Astra Zeneca, Wilmington, DE Contract Analyst/Programmer. 09/2008 – 10/2008

-Worked in Corporate Marketing Analytics group. Assisted Statistician in structuring data related to Marketing Rep sales presentations to physicians for use in modeling to form predictive outcomes. Developed tools to quickly analyze datasets for omission patterns and key counts of dataset variables (number of missing, non-missing, max, min, mean, positives, negatives, zeros). Utilized SAS 9.1 on Windows 2003 Server.

Bank of America, Newark, DE, Contract Analyst/Programmer. 04/2007 – 03/2008

-SAS 9, Unix, IBM Mainframe, PC, SAS EG, SQL, DB2, Scripting, Focus, Sharepoint Business Unit Site Admin, Frontpage, Sharepoint Designer, HTML. Conversion of Focus to SAS. Trainer, technical advisor, coordinator, conversion programming, Sharepoint web site design and maintenance. Contract SAS Institute Consultant.

-Conversion of programs from Focus VSAM and DB2 old database structure, to SAS Access DB2 for Risk Strategies department. Risk Strategies effort in support of analysis of business risk vs reward associated with BOA credit cards with regards to such elements as credit ratings, interest rates, affinity groups, demographics, promotions, number of applicants, number of approvals, etc.

MERCK, West Point, PA, Contract Analyst/Programmer. 5/2005 – 03/2007

-Wrote SAS version 9 code on an IBM Mainframe MVS and PC environment. Some minor work in Unix as well. Utilized my experience in Base, Macro, DDE, ODS, Connect. Additionally REXX, JCL, ACCESS, Outlook and Excel VBA, and SQL programming. All used in support of retrieval and analysis of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales data, much related to IMS data. Very large 100M+ record data files. Supporting statistical group, management, marketing, and sales teams.

-Business purpose was for the analysis of promotions, and for the analysis of performance of Merck drugs vs the competition.

-Used expertise to consolidate, productionalize/automate, and streamline processes. Automated initiation of processes across multiple platforms via email triggers.

-Moved department relying on tape based delivery to VPN delivery. Reducing the time and expense of manual handling of tapes, the time to process the data, while additionally improving the security of the data.

-Wrote REXX and ISPF Macros to rollout test environments for statisticians.

MBNA America, Wilmington, DE, Contract Business Analyst/Programmer. 11/2004 – 5/2005

-Performed Focus and REXX with Pipelines programming in TSO/MVS environment with data related to APR and fee changes and special projects in this credit card banking Corporate Operations and Fulfillment Department. Strict system development, testing, and documentation methodologies. Rigid deadlines based on banking cycles. Multimillion record databases in DB2, VSAM, and Flat files. Access and Excel VBA programming focused around generation of planning, testing, and documentation for projects. Developed prototype auto-coding system for credit card pricing which ultimatelyculminated into the adoption of a validated rules based system for the bank.

Rohm and Haas Company, Philadelphia, PA, Contract Analyst/Programmer. 11/1997 – 5/2004

-Assigned to rework existing interface systems of Rohm and Haas’ Supply Chain Management System called Manugistics LogsPlus. SAS (Basic, Procs, Macros), FOCUS, VM/CMS, MVS/TSO, JCL, REXX with PIPES, Access, VB, VBA, SQL, FrontPage, ASP, HTML, used in 24/7 support. With the advent of rolling system out internationally remolded processes into a solid system employing best analytical and programming practices. Used parameter driven routines, macro code modules, and table lookups to limit number of hard coding changes thus simplifying overall system. Continuous improvement employed making it accurate, efficient, and stable. System was centerpiece for Production Planning and Scheduling, Order Management, Sales Forecasting, Distribution Requirements, and Logistical Planning. Shortened the time for daily, weekly, and monthly updates to the system by optimizing SAS and REXX code. SAS and REXX code was efficiently designed to read large customer order files and manipulate the data into transactions for the LogsPlus System. Stabilizing system as well as shortening update times added immensely to the company’s ability to satisfy customer demand and reducing costs.

Centeon, King of Prussia, PA, Contract Analyst/Programmer. 5/1996 –11/1997

-Modified and developed SAS(Basic, Procs, Access, Macro, Graph)/INGRES/SQL/DEC-VMS-UNIX based Clinical Trial system for RPR's LLC Centeon Clinical Data Analysis Department. Performed NDA, Phase II, and III clinical programming requirements. Generated listing, tables and graphs related to Demographics, Medical History, ECG, EKG, Adverse Events, Serious Adverse Events, Concomitant Medications, Laboratory Results, Drug Efficacies or Response under different regimens, et al. Repeated analysis of variance and their significances were performed on patient response to regimen over time and as well as dose levels. Reports submitted to FDA for the plasma derived drugs Albuminar and Gammar P. I. V. Submissions made per ICH & CDER Guidelines. Performed and created edit checks, and developed and ran efficacy and safety reports. Created ancillary systems in Excel VBA for Investigator Patient Tracking and CRO Evaluation Survey.

Campbell Soup Company, Camden, NJ, Contract Analyst/Programmer( (Part Time)See original contract of 6/1991 for further information). 3/1995 – 9/1998

-Expanded capabilities of the system, using SAS, Fortran, and FOCUS, extending link from the Nutritional Department processes to the Label Submissions department. This was contract follow-on to the successful completion of a previous contract at Campbell’s. System was left unchanged from 1993 to 1995, a testament to its ability and stability. Upgraded with the aid of another person who was an employee of my company, DoxData Consulting.

Lockheed Martin Astro Space, Heightstown, NJ, Contract Analyst/Programmer. 8/1994 – 5/1996

-SAS and Cobol IDMS used in the conversion to and implementation of the large scale Aerospace Strategic Material Requirements Planning II (MRPII) system. Improved business competitive edge in the marketplace. Improved overall efficiency of plant and supply chain control.

-Enabled enhanced schedule control with the development of the Production Planning Report. It was a major element in promoting system from MRP to MRPII Class A status.

-Migration of SAS programs to Unix system.

Bio-Pharm, Blue Bell, PA, Contract Analyst/Programmer. 1/1994 – 5/1994

-Designed and developed FOCUS and REXX system in IBM VM/CMS environment that validated/edit checked clinical trial data.

-Startup CRO had no edit checking software prior to my arrival.

Martin Marietta, Lawrenceville, NJ, Contract Analyst/Programmer. 8/1993 – 1/1994

-Consolidated existing MVS/SAS code, in this TSO/MVS environment, in over 50 programs to 2 programs by parameterizing processes used in MRP System. Greatly enhanced manageability, accuracy, and response to modifications required by users.

-Produced Material Shortage report that mortgaged replenishments against the requirements in MRP system.

-Hired on contract because of my hands on experience with the PIOS MRP system while I worked for GE.

Campbell Soup Company, Camden, NJ, Contract Analyst/Programmer. 6/1991– 4/1993

-Designed and developed Nutritional Labeling System to comply with statistical requirements of the FDA. Written in FOCUS, SAS, and Fortran in VM/CMS environment. System included large data files consisting of laboratory data for all Campbell Soup products accumulated over many years. Statistical analysis of the data included T-Test, determination of outliers, standard deviation, and variance. Information in regards to analysis was logged with tags back to the original data. These referenced data are used by the company to support their claims to the FDA about their products nutritional content. Supplemental product claims of low or non-fat, low sugar and non-sugar, low carb etc. are supported by the database. Claims and lab results are submitted to the FDA for authorization of product labeling.

General Electric, King of Prussia, PA & Columbia, MD, Various positions. 6/1973 – 6/1991

-Program Schedule Analyst/Cost Manager, SAS, FOCUS, RBASE, ARTEMIS, Sun-Unix Interleaf; Space Station, SP100, ERTS programs

-Decision Support Site Manager and Programmer Analyst, SAS, FOCUS, RBASE, DBASE, Excel, Desktop Publishing, IBM Dialog Services

-Programmer, Cobol IDMS, Fortran, MVS, JES2, CLIST; PIOS/SID MRP System

-Manufacturing Systems Specialist, Cobol IDS, Fortran, Honeywell DPS; Purchasing Business Analysis using PRIDE Methodology and system programming

-Production Control Specialist; Large Appliances Range Department, Multihundred Watt program

-Time Standards Specialist; Large Appliances Range Department


West Chester University US-PA-West Chester, Bachelor's Degree (Honors), BA Psychology

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