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Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States
August 12, 2019

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Resume for Jack Smith

**** **** ******* ****, ******* Square, PA 190**-***-*** 5685

As a freelance writer my experience has run the gamut from upscale lifestyle to military commentary. I covered the French Foreign Legion’s maneuvers in Djibouti, launched Bill Gates’ HIV/AIDS campaign in Botswana, raced at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, and sparred with light heavy champion Michael Spinks. My work has appeared frequently in the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer (including a twelve-part series on the Philadelphia Eagles), Philadelphia Magazine, Town and Country, GQ, and Robb Report, for whom I penned the “Connoisseur at Large” column for twenty years. This year I explored the mysteries of the Social Register for Robb Report, the super-upscale men’s magazine and for the New York Times I wrote about racing multi-million-dollar vintage Bugattis. The most recent issue of the Observer features my profile of bespoke African safari guide Geoffrey Kent.


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dartmouth College, where I majored in Comparative Literature concentrating in German, French, and Spanish culture, history, and literature.

I also studied at the University of Bordeaux et Toulouse in France and the Albert Ludwig University in Freiburg, Germany.

Professional Experience:

1969 to 1972

Systems engineer, IBM

Immediately after graduation from Dartmouth I joined IBM as systems engineer, overseeing the upgrade to Report Program Generation (RPG) systems at Cooper Medical Hospital in Camden, New Jersey and specializing in power point presentations to management.

1973 to 1978

Eastern Regional PR Manager, Lufthansa German Airlines

A major career change saw me move from IBM to Lufthansa German Airlines,

where I oversaw the airline’s publicity and community relations activities from Maine to Florida. Wrote and delivered numerous speeches and TV appearances, scripted and produced nationally syndicated radio travelogue.

1979 to 1981

Director of Publicity, North, South, Central America, Lufthansa

After six years with the airline, Lufthansa created this position to give me greater scope in global marketing and political strategies. The key to this was to represent Lufthansa as a cultural force. I also represented Lufthansa at numerous international cultural seminars throughout Europe and Asia.

1982 to 1985

Chief Speechwriter, Lukens Steel Company

My background in international politics and economics led to my position as chief speechwriter and director of communications at this country’s leading producer of high tech metals, Lukens Steel Company in Chester County, PA. I reported directly to the CEO with communications focusing on issues of international competition, national security, and protection of intellectual property. I also wrote the landmark book “The Fire Within” about the business of high-tech metals.

1985 to 1987

Manager of Editorial Services, Insurance Company of North America,

I managed a team of ten serving a network of hundreds of exclusive agents across the country. My responsibilities at INA ranged from speechwriting for corporate executives to scripting and producing videos for training. Eventually I was given the added responsibility for communications for the Workman’s Compensation Coalition, traveling across the country writing speeches and op ed columns for state political and business leaders.

1988 to present

Freelance Writer, Corporate Communications Consultant.

As a freelance writer I’ve competed successfully with big name PR and ad agencies for thirty years. When Merck launched its first cosmetic drug (PROPECIA) the company tapped me to create the global product launch. The success of that campaign led Bill Gates and Merck to award me the job of launching their joint HIV/AIDS campaign in Botswana.

When ARCO Chemical saw its most profitable product line attacked as unfit for man or machine the company dropped its ad agency and hired me to conceive their crisis control strategy. It didn’t happen overnight but after four years that once-maligned additive was touted as a safety factor and we topped the success by racing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France.

When Chrysler and Mercedes merged the new company packed me off to Stuttgart to create the series of articles depicting the company and the culture of the future. It was a nice assignment, even if the new company didn’t work out.

For Porsche I became the first driver – along with actor racer James Brolin – to cross the Mojave Desert in a Porsc he. I then became the featured writer for dozens more articles for Porsche’s corporate magazine.

What else can I tell you? I enjoy tennis, pickle ball, squash, and scrabble and live in Newtown Square, PA, with my wife Randy and a cat named Squeazles and I have a web site at

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Jack Smith

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