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Management Manager

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
August 07, 2019

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CONTACT NUMBER : 076-***-****


DATE OF BIRTH : 17 November 1976

SEX : Male

ID NUMBER : 761***-****-***






Advanced Level



Enrolling for the Masters in Applied Ethics with University of Witwatersrand


Underwriting Learnership – Commercial Union Insurance Company


Certificate of Proficiency - Insurance Institute of Zimbabwe


International Risk Management Programme - Institute of Risk Management (UK)


Six Sigma Green Belt - BMGI


Business Process Management – University of Pretoria


Business Continuity Management – Continuity SA


Post Graduate Diploma in Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management – University of Leicester







Head of Risk Officer & Company Secretary

Head of Underwriting

September 2010 – June 2019

October 2008 – August 2010


Insurance And Risk Practitioner

July 2007 – September 2008


Risk Manager

April 2005 – June 2007


Underwriting & Claims Manager

October 2002 – March 2005


Portfolio Manager

November 2001 – September 2002


Business Development Executive

April 1999 – October 2001



January 1997 – March 1999


1.CSIR : September 2010 – June 2019





Enterprise Risk Management

Take full responsibility for risk management practices focusing on enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) programmes;

Create, promote and maintain a culture of risk awareness and accountability within the organization;

Design and implementation of risk management processes and tools within CSIR;

Monitoring, reporting and analysis of risk management processes, exposures and trends;

Guide and facilitate risk related events and investigations to mitigate organisational risks;

Ensure the CSIR’s risk philosophy is well defined;

Develop strategic plans to implement the risk management strategy for CSIR;

Facilitating the development, establishment and maintenance of an efficient and effective risk management process and monitoring and overseeing the status of risk management throughout CSIR;

Monitor the appropriateness of the CSIR’s combined assurance model and ensures that significant risks facing the organisation are adequately addressed;

Facilitate with business units that organizational strategies, policies, procedures and practices comply with laws, agreements, global practices and ethical standards applicable to all functions within the organisation;

Coordinate development of CSIR business continuity management and monitor its implementation and continual testing

Compliance Management

Lead the establishment, maintenance and coordination of an effective framework and system aimed at ensuring that the CSIR’s legal, regulatory and policy compliance obligations are identified, understood, adhered to and consistently reported on;

Develop, promote, lead and manage CSIR's compliance architecture;

Drive and maintain the ethics and compliance strategy and lead the implementation thereof;

Provide guidance to executive management, senior management and employees on ethics and compliance;

Establish an ethics and compliance program that safeguards both the organization and its reputation;

Ensure and oversee an effective risk-based compliance monitoring program and framework that identifies, assesses, monitors and reports all material compliance risks;

Oversee the development, implementation and maintenance of a compliance manual, and all compliance procedure documentation;

Oversee and monitor the implementation of internal policies and procedures related to ethics and compliance;

Facilitate and coordinate the review of organisational policies and procedures to ensure they comply with statutory and regulatory requirements;

Promote, coordinate and implement an awareness programme that focuses on the elements of the ethics and compliance program, and seeks to ensure that all employees and management are knowledgeable of, and comply with relevant legislation, regulation and organisational policies and procedures;

Investigate and act on matters related to ethics and compliance (e.g. incidents, hot-line calls, or suspected violations) and coordinate relevant action plans;

Embed a culture of integrity to achieve appropriate prevention and detection of improper behaviour;

Continuously monitor the environment to proactively identify potential compliance risks and notify the relevant stakeholders of risks and potential solutions to mitigate legal risk; and

Build and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders as well as the wider compliance community within CSIR.

Ethics Management

Develop and implement Ethics Strategy and plan;

Build a value based ethics program to set the ethical tone of the business;

Embed ethics in to major business decision making and create ethics culture;

Develop, maintain and periodically review and update standards of conduct and expected behaviour, operational policies and procedures on ethics programme and related activities to prevent illegal, unethical or improper conduct;

Develop, streamline and oversee a system for a uniform and expeditious handling of lapses of non-ethical matters;

Identify, assess and document the ethics and procedural lapses risk;

Serve as a reference point for the operational departments for seeking clarifications of various codes and guidelines;

Act as an independent review and evaluation point to ensure that ethical issues / concerns within the organization are being appropriately evaluated, investigated and resolved;

Identify potential areas of ethical vulnerability and to provide corrective action plans for resolution and provide guidance on avoidance of similar future recurrence. Ensure adherence to corporate ethics statement by all employees annually;

Provide reports regularly as well as when directed by the Senior Management, providing information on progress of ethics efforts, social and economic development, good corporate citizenship, environment, health and public safety;

Formulate annual disclosures on ethics issue;

Develop an effective ethics training programme including appropriate introductory training for new recruits as well as ongoing training for maximum possible employees with detailed attention to actions and consequences; and

Monitor performance of ethics programme on a continuing basis and initiating the proactive measures for continuous improvement in ethical matters.

Business Continuity Management

Lead the establishment, implementation, maintenance and coordination of an organisation-wide business continuity management framework, system and architecture that addresses business recovery and emergency response management;

Design and develop a BCM program structure that is aligned with the business context taking into account strategic, operational, regulatory, relationship and other requirements;

Design, develop, implement and maintain policies, principles and standards, as well as a process and control framework, to assess, measure, communicate and report on the six components of the BCM program;

Design and outline Business Continuity Management goals, objectives and scope of business continuity plans and Crisis Management;

Provide guidance and leadership on the identification and protection of various elements or aspects of the organization (e.g. people, processes, activities, IT systems, suppliers, customers, advisors and other business partners and stakeholders) that must be maintained in order to meet strategic objectives despite serious incidents and disasters;

Lead the development, implementation, management, exercising, maintenance and execution of the BCM Program Management and maintenance, assessment and analysis, crisis/incident management, business recovery, IT recovery, awareness training and exercising and BCM program execution during a crisis;

Design, coordinate, facilitate and execute maintenance and testing programs for all business continuity plans and emergency response plans and other information/communication; and

Act as a coordinator for continuity efforts after a disruption event.

Insurance Management

Manage CSIR’s insurance programme through ongoing assessment of structure and costs of insurance and restructure programme accordingly;

Prepare for enhancements and/or improvements to the insurance programme by establishing the possible impact and / or implication of new regulatory requirements or any changes to the business model and / or strategy;

Facilitate the annual insurance renewal processes;

Monitor the security ratings of participating insurers to ensure that only suitable insurers underwrite the CSIR insurance portfolio;

Manager CSIR’s self-insurance fund;

Assess the possible short comings and / or inefficiencies of insurance programmes across the group through audits, and advise corrective action;

Evaluate options with regards to ad-hoc requests and/or identified risks by assessing the risk and establishing options within the insurance markets or captive facilities;

Notify brokers of losses by following claims protocol and timeframes involved;

Act as go-between between stakeholders in the Group clusters and insurers by ensuring that information to substantiate claims is collated by relevant cluster or business unit;

Evaluate the claim by estimating the potential quantum of the loss and advise the insures in terms of provisioning for the loss;

Request the appointment of loss adjusters in respect of complex claims and/or matters to advise insurers on validity in terms of insurance policy and the quantum of the claim; and

Obtain buy-in for developing new and/or enhanced processes (e.g. operational processes) that will improve the functioning of stakeholders' businesses by highlighting benefits in support of the implementation of recommendations.

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management

Facilitation and coordination of SHEQ activities across the organisation

Review and maintain SHEQ management processes and systems that will ensure business continuity and proactively inform strategy and policy development.

Ensuring that all organisational business units maintain sound SHEQ management practices

Promote safe work activities by conducting health and safety audits and ensuring that all business units adhere to the specific requirements within their environments;

Directing and facilitating the implementation and maintenance of certification requirements in respect of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001;

Developing, monitoring and testing emergency preparedness;

Directing the identification, assessment and reduction of health, safety, occupational hygiene, environment, security, fire and emergency preparedness risks and making recommendations to ensure legal compliance.


Developing CSIR governance framework to ensure that CSIR’s objectives and mandate are attained and ensuring that CSIR is able to demonstrate good corporate citizenship through environmental awareness, ethical behaviour and sound corporate governance practices

Coordinating the development and implementation of the CSIR Strategy

Lead the compilation of CSIR Shareholder Compact (Strategic Plan), Annual Performance Plans and ensure compliance with statutory reporting requirements

Coordinating the approval of all strategic deliverables and approved initiatives, monitoring and providing feedback to Executive Management and the CSIR Board

Ensuring the appropriate governance of information technology. Ensuring that all IT related risks and controls are addressed and an Information Security Framework is developed to ensure compliance and to optimally serve the research and development and administrative objectives of the CSIR

Providing guidance and advice to the Board, CEO and Executive Management on matters of good corporate governance and the requirements of the Scientific Research Council Act and the PFMA.

Ensuring Board members are apprised of governance trends and developments;

Developing and proposing corporate governance policies and best practices;

Providing expertise, advice and recommendations related to a broad range of corporate governance and board issues by identifying concerns and developmental needs, and providing strategic advice to the board, committees, and CEO;

Promoting and facilitating open and full communication links, and ensuring an effective flow of information between the Board, its committees, management, and outside advisors;

Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of governance policies and directives, and recommending proposals to address deficiencies in order to achieve organisation’s overall strategic objectives;

Orientation of new directors and on-going board education;

Evaluating the performance of the Board, its Committees and individual board members;

Scheduling Board meetings and those of its Committees, compiling agendas of the meetings, tracking decisions taken to ensure that there is follow through and ensuring that all meeting documents are compiled and delivered to the members of the Board within the stipulated time frames;

Consolidating and reviewing the Shareholder’s Compact annually; and

Monitoring and reviewing of CSIR’s corporate governance framework including Board and Committee Charters, relevant policies and procedures and ensuring alignment of such documents to regulatory requirements.

Ensure board members are apprised of governance trends and developments to assist them in formulating and developing effective policies and making informed and contextual decisions to ensure CSIR operates within the confines of its best business practices;

Develop and propose innovative corporate governance policies and best practices by recommending policies and procedures to the board and committees for approval and implementation while balancing governance needs and the CSIR’s goals;

Provide expertise, advice and recommendations related to a broad range of corporate governance and board issues by identifying concerns and developmental needs, and providing strategic advice to the board, committees, and CEO;

Promote and facilitate open and full communication links, and ensure an effective flow of information between the board, its committees, management, and outside advisors;

Monitor and evaluate the implementation of governance policies and directives, and recommend proposals to address deficiencies in order to achieve organisation’s overall strategic objectives; and

Support and direct governance processes.

2.SA DISCOVERY HEALTH/PRU HEALTH : October 2008 – August 2010




Heads up SA Underwriting with reporting links to UK Head of Underwriting and Risk Management Actuary;

Increase risk profits through management of the loss ratio and ensuring company underwriting philosophy;

Identifying and implementing underwriting and pricing strategies to enhance risk profit, maximize the customer experience and promote efficiencies;

Consistent and strong decision making within the legal and policy regulations affecting underwriting;

Monitoring and analysing technical reports, identifying trends and taking relevant action;

Assessing escalated and complex cases to deliver understandable and risk competent decisions;

Review, maintain and create procedures;

Insurance and risk management training; and

Man-management and provision of leadership to a team of 15 underwriters.

3.CAPESPAN (PTY) LTD : July 2007 – September 2008




Risk management- implementation of process to identify, evaluate or analyse and control risk, review current systems and procedures and align them with international risk trends and monitoring the entire groups risk portfolio and register;

Designing & implementation of enterprise-wide risk management;

Aligning enterprise-wide risk management with strategic goals and constantly changing business landscape;

Advising and providing management with risk adjusted basis for decision making;

Ensuring the risk management program has a two pronged approach: protection of shareholder value and opportunity to increase value by optimization of opportunity & placing the group with competitive advantage;

Having foresight and ability to identify operational and strategic trends that will have an impact on the business if the business direction and position is not adequately secured;

Entrench role of risk ambassador of the group ensuring risk management awareness;

Provide specialist advice and knowledge to colleagues, co-insured’s and other stakeholders to support the achievement of organisational objectives and enable compliance with organisational policy;

Review, maintain and create procedures;

Insurance and risk management training;

Processing of claims and ensuring that they are resolved within prescribed timelines;

Plan & prepare a schedule of information required from subsidiaries that enables the placement of risks;

Prepare a consolidated tender document for the broker with information covering claim stats, risk profile & creative methods of initiating the procurement of tailor made economic effective insurance;

Instruct cover placement in accordance with consultation & agreement;

Review; assess viability of policy wordings that conform to the negotiated cover, with specific focus on legal clauses, warranties & exclusion with min restriction on claim action;

Effect proportionate recovery from customers and reconcile the actual payment versus the recovered amounts by deciding what the suitable drives are (at own discretion based on risk profile & claim history of each member) to distribute the premium according to loss ratio & risk profile of each entity;

Identify sources from which losses may occur by conducting annual site visits and counselling with customers in assessing all the risks that affect the business entity;

Select effective and efficient techniques to minimise risk by recommendation of (rate) (risk reduction, avoidance, transfer and elimination);

Insurance claims management- collation, adjudication, pre-approval and allocation of funds;

Insurance policy management- facilitation and processing insurance policy requests;

Insurance policy placement and renewal of group short term insurance portfolio;

Credit insurance management- processing and maintaining export credit insurance applications, updates and analysis of age analysis for monthly reports and facilitation of credit claims;

Investigate and analysis of claim documents to ascertain claim validity and forward to insurers for settlement;

Adjudicate claims in terms of different classes of insurance to decide accountability and validity of claim;

Carrying out insurance and risk management audits and surveys; and

Support for Group Risk Manager

4.TABIGUEST CONSULTANCY : April 2005 – June 2007




Develop and manage integrated project plans. Understand and track critical path;

Monitor progress and proactively facilitate delivery;

Ensure that delivery stays on track by removing obstacles (finding innovative solutions);

Identify, manage, resolve and escalate issues and risks. Identify dependencies and actively manage;

Understand strategies and business cases and ensure that the projects are aligned;

Ensuring adequate risk management strategies and plans are in place;

Carrying out independent insurance and risk management audits;

Identification and quantification of key company risk vulnerabilities;

Development and execution of enterprise risk goals to cover- occupational health and safety risks, environmental impact risks, security risks, reputational risks and insurance risks on behalf of clients and integration of different risk categories and develop systems to manage them;

Leading and managing project teams and committees in implementation of risk management;

Setting up audit criteria and audit areas and undertaking risk management audits;

Implementation of continuous risk management improvement intervention and monitoring its effectiveness with clients risk departments;

Interaction with clients and stakeholders in the implementation of risk management;

Co-ordination of risk management committee meetings in liaison with clients;

Facilitating control risk self-assessment workshops for clients on a continuous basis;

Continual updating and maintenance of risk and control database / register;

Assisting clients with the drafting of risk management policies and procedures; and

Ensuring that clients have business continuity and disaster recovery plan and carrying out periodic checks to ensure its being followed.

5.CHAMPIONS INSURANCE COMPANY : October 2002 – March 2005




Set-up the new company;

Formulation of business plans, marketing and strategic plans, managing the company’s business relations;

Manage day-to-day activities in the operations department and ensure that all customer issues/enquiries are resolved as per agreed service standards. Continuously review related procedures in the department and systems to recommend and implement improvements and enhancements to operational procedures, workflow in order to meet the agreed service delivery standards;

Developing the operations process manual(covering all aspects pertaining to underwriting, claims and risk management) and ensure that these processes confirm to the standards of quality and operational efficiency and include effective internal controls to manage operational risks and stand as test of audit;

Scrutinizing monthly classified risk reports (underwriting and claims) and recommending appropriate course of action against non-profitable classes of insurance to reduce possible losses;

Implementing a standardized insurance classes sub-accounts classification so as to track profitability and follow-up recovery procedures;

Reviewing the companies rating guide in light of various macro-economic factors and claims/premium ratio;

Ensuring end-to-end processing of claims and assisting with problematic and complex claims handling;

Pursuing claims recoveries from reinsurers and third party;

Product development and marketing the company and its products and sourcing of business from brokers, direct clients;

Management of the reinsurance portfolio- negotiation and renewal of the reinsurance treaty programme;

Underwriting and claims management;

Designing and establishing an integrated risk management strategy philosophy and policy statement;

Establishment and maintenance of a detailed risk management methodology;

Advice to clients on risk management techniques and provision and facilitation of risk management advice;

Monitoring the application and effectiveness of risk management processes on behalf of clients;

Coordination of the delivery of information on risk and risk management; and

Performance of risk management audits, surveys and training.

6.ZIMBABWE INSURANCE : November 2001 – September 2002





Formulation of business plans, marketing and strategic plans;

Managing the company’s business relations;

Relationship marketing;

Recommending risk management strategies to clients;

Risk management audits and surveys;

Public relations and advertising;

Entertaining clients and sourcing for new business; and

Supervision of subordinates.

7.BANCASSURANCE, CGU INSURANCE : April 1999 – October 2001




Setup Founders Insurance Division and ensure that the division operates smoothly and profitably;

Product formulation;

Business development and marketing;

Cross selling of the then Founders Building Society’s (now Intermarket Building Society) financial products;

Public relations and entertainment of clients;

Provision of risk advisory services to the building society;

Working in liaison with the building society’s mortgages, marketing and risk management departments;

Underwriting and claims management;

Portfolio analysis and recommendation of various means and ways of managing and improving performance and profitability of the unit;

Overall management of the bank assurance unit.

8.COMMERCIAL UNION INSURANCE : January 1997 – March 1999




Issuing new policies;


Ensuring proper underwriting terms are applied, retention limits set and reinsurance classification done;

Accepting reinsurance inwards;

Doing quotations and endorsing policies; and

Attending renewal meetings.


Mr Raynold Zondo Mr Ish Makuzwa Ms Antonella Da Cunha

Chief Operating Officer Chief Executive Officer Group Risk Manager

AFHRI Cell Holdings Capespan Pty Ltd

South Africa Zimbabwe South Africa

Cel: - 27-717**-**** Cel: - 263- 912 415 783 Cel: - 27-82-457-****

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