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Engineer Engineering

San Jose, California, United States
August 08, 2019

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425-***-**** / San Jose, CA-95136 /

Work Permit:H4 EAD


To seek challenging assignment and responsibility, with an opportunity for growth and career advancement as successful achievements.


Masters in Telematics, VR Siddhartha Engineering College, Vijayawada, India August 2015 Major in Telematics,Ad Hoc Networks, Location Based Services, Wireless Comm & Networks, Intelligent Transportation Systems, INVANET Technology

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication, ALIET April 2013 Satellite Communications, Wireless Communications, Embedded Systems, IoT TECHNICAL SKILLS

Software Development Languages:Python, Java Hardware: Raspberry Pi, Altera Max 7000S IDE: Eclipse, IDLE for python Tools: Selenium, Logic Analyzer, Jenkins, Github, LabView,iperf3,WireShark Operating Systems: Linux, MacOS, Windows


SpanIdea Systems Milpitas, CA - Systems Engineer -Intern May 2019 - Present

● Analyzed TR-398 Document which detailed performance testing strategies of WiFi

● Designed test cases using Python and Automated the scripts using Jenkins tool

● Performed manual testing of WiFi and checked for accuracy of Throughput,Range,Stability,Sensitivity

● Developed Testing Document-Test Plan,Test Scenario and used Git for source control

● TestBed includes Cisco Router,Aruba controller-7008,Aruba Access Point-315,Instant Aruba AccessPoint-315,Fios RouterA Mac OS and Ubuntu systems

Indian Space Research Organisation, Hyderabad — Intern August 2015 - August 2016

● Generated Satellite data using CCSDS format using Python

● Used Master Programmable logic unit to dump the code in ALTERA MAX7000S

● Published CCSDS SATELLITE DATA SIMULATOR AND FSC DETECTOR ALONG WITH FREQUENCY READER in International Journal of Advanced Research in Electronics and Communications

● Published a paper on Estimation of Channel performance of Satellite Communication and Frequency Reader to the journal International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology

● Mentored new interns by conducting workshops


Outdoor healthcare patient monitoring system using Zigbee, ALC

● Employed different sensors like Temperature Sensor(LM35), Pressure Sensor(MPX10), Heartbeat Sensor (LM358) to monitor patients vital characteristics.

● PIC microcontroller is used to read this vital data and transmitted via Zigbee and also used to receive this data.

● Used C++ for development.

Sun Tracker to efficiently use Solar energy, ALC

● Developed a module to detect the maximum Sunlight using ATMega Microcontroller, DC Motor and Light Dependant Resistor. Used C++ for development.

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