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Data Analyst

Malden, MA
March 31, 2019

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Northeastern University, Boston, MA Jul, 2019

Master of Professional Studies in Analytics, GPA: 3.5/4.0 Related Courses: Database Management, Data Mining, Data Forecasting, Intermedia Analysis, Risk Analysis, Corporate Analysis Macao University of Science and Technology, Macao, China Jul, 2017 Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business Related Courses: International Trade Law, Introduction of International Trade, Customer Relationship Management, Statistics PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Canhui Ceramics Co., Ltd., Chaozhou, China Jul 2015- Sep 2017 Market Operations Intern, Marketing Department

Analyzed the company’s multi-year marketing data, used SQL and tableau for data analysis, completed the company’s performance report, and provided analysis of the company’s revenue

Created 300,000 CYN sales for the company by analyzing market dynamics, referred to market trends and changes to promote the company’s new product promotion strategy planning and program design in China Import and Export Fair in 2016

Provided 500 user sample materials to help the company optimize its customer relationship management on company’s local area



FindExactly Recommendation System,Analyst Jan 2019- Apr 2019

Scraped more than 10,000 reviews data form by Python. Used bs4 and request package and Chromedriver to gain data from JS dynamic website.

Applied Naïve Bayes algorithm for building the recommendation system

Made the questionnaire and collected 300 data in great Boston area

Established the recommendation system based on Naïve Bayes algorithm and content and collaborative filtering. Pharmacy User Database Analysis, Analyst Nov 2018- Mar 2019

Specified the data, set the relationship diagram between the data

Created the relationship diagram by the dimension-fact model to represent the relationship between the tables. Optimized the table make the database closely linked and easy to understand

Analyzed the database in SQL, analyzed the data of pharmacy members through functions such as union, lag and lead, and got the results required by the administrator. For example, which insurance company pays the most for the medical expenses of the user, the frequency of the user purchasing the medicine, and the preference of the user to purchase the medicine Gender Prediction System, R&D Nov 2017- Feb 2018

Preprocessed the voice sample in R with acoustic analysis using the seewave and tuner software packages, with an analysis frequency range of 0hz- 280hz

Changed and rearranged the data to categorize the sound data according to the rules. Collected a total of 3,000 data; classified the data based on frequency, coughing, and whistling, and created the data used in forecast

Used R programming to analyze data. The best model achieved 99% accuracy on the test set. According to the CART model, the average fundamental frequency may be sufficient to accurately classify speech SKILLS

Skills: SPSS, Excel (PivotTable), PowerPoint (designable template), SQL (database dimension model), R (randomly Forest Map, Predictive Model), Python, Machine Learning Model, Text Mining, Statistical Analysis (A/B Testing, Time Series Analysis) Language: Chinese, Cantonese

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