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Assistant Customer

Houston, TX
March 31, 2019

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Houston, Texas ***** TAYLOR BYRD 832-***-****


* Prepared food items such as meats, poultry, and fish for frying purposes.

* Maintain clean, neat and properly stocked check stand area.

* Upheld standards of cleanliness, food handling and safety.

* Affected quick resolutions to customer problems and brought in management when needed.

* Established and maintained a positive work environment. 05/201305/2013 - 09/2013 FryCook Fry Cook WWhhaattaabbuurrggeerr

* Retouched, enlarged and trimmed photos according to customer orders.

* Faced isles 8-10 plus the cooler and freezer and swept and mopped the entire store

* Cultivated a customer-focused shopping environment by greeting and responding to all customers in a friendly manner.

* Identified potential shoplifters and alerted management.

* Answered customer telephone calls promptly and in an appropriate manner.

* Fostered a positive work environment by consistently treating all employees and customers with respect and consideration.

06/201706/2015 - 02/2017 PhotoTech Photo Tech WWaallggrreeeennss I worked on the charge line and had to put boxes and packages into the correct location that was set up behind me. I had to work in a safe but fast pace setting, and had to lift between 1-100lb boxes througrout the shift 11/201711/2016 - 08/2017 PreLoader Pre Loader UUppss

* Tagged baggage and routed to an appropriate location for loading and screening.

* Checked in luggage and confirmed all carry-on items met federal guidelines.

* fliped luggage onto its side so it'll be easier for passengers to get to their luggage on the belt. 05/201805/2018 - 07/2018 PassengerAssistant Passenger Service Assistant BushAirport Bush Airport

* Selected products from specific locations based upon customer orders.

* Utilized an RF scanner to pick items to the proper bins.

* Packed products according to company specifications.

* Tracked time spent on assignments each day for productivity reporting.

* Picked products for specific routes according to pick sheets. 05/Present05/2018 - Present OrderSelector Order Selector HEBWarehouse HEB Warehouse EDUCATION HISTORY

I am very creative and know a thing or two about computers 05/201805/2018 TheHouston The Art Institute of Houston Animation,Interactive Animation, Interactive Technology,Video Technology, Video

GraphicsSpecial Graphics and Special

Effects,Bachelor's Effects, Bachelor's


06/201306/2013 ClearSchool Clear Brook High School High School Diploma, HighSchool High School


CCoommmmuunniiccaattiioonn TTeeaacchhaabbllee TakesWell Takes Authority Well Advanced Advanced Expert


Highly motivated and results-driven warehouse professional bringing experience in distribution. Team player and natural leader with excellent communication skills.

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