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Graphic Designer Developer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
March 31, 2019

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Curriculum vitae

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Bekim Kurtishi, Macedonia Europe

Al Barsha 1 Dubai, Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


Skype wolfsblessing

Date of birth: 02/01/1977

PREFERRED JOB: Front-End Developer, Web Designer, 3D Designer


01/02/2012–01/12/2018 Front-End Developer - WordPress - 3D - QA INform - Software Development Company, Skopje (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)


-Creating stunning websites so our clients use them to represent them self on the market as well as on presentations.

-Trained 3 other people on how create professional websites from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and finally how to import the designs and code to WordPress.

-Making sure that the Front-End applications as well as the websites are responsive to any screen

-QA on the Holter Devices the company used to make as well as teaching 4 other people how to become best testers and see the potential problem

-By using 3DS Max created rooms and their interior and then importing them to Unreal Engine, so the clients visually see and chose how it looks like in Real Time.

-Having person to person meetings with the clients so we avoid misunderstandings thus saving time.

-Writing documentation for each project with the requirements and achievements so the clients sees exactly is needed and what he gets and not waste unnecessary time.


-In this American company. I became a team leader of 6 people that worked fast and precise, at the same time have fun making the company achieve all goals as well as making the customers be happy with the professional results.

2014–2018 3D Designer

Peregrine LTD, Escondido, CA (United States)


Using 3DS Max and Unreal Engine 4, created many models and mini applications (almost as games), so the client tests the applications before he makes them in real time.


By testing his ideas on the apps I created, he created same looking devices and gained a lot of popularity as well as income.

01/01/2011–01/01/2012 Web Developer & Designer

Lambent, Skopje (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)


19/2/19 © European Union, 2002-2019 Page 1 / 5 Curriculum vitae Bekim Kurtishi, Macedonia Europe

Making websites for various American clients and it was great because the time zone was perfect. While they were sleeping I was creating their websites so when they wake up, they see the great websites and make their day.


Our company had great income and the boss at the time was happy when receiving the clients emails by looking at the finished tasks when they woke up. 01/01/2009–01/01/2012 UX/UI Graphic Designer

INform - Software Development Company, Skopje (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)


As a Lead UX/UI designer created awesome looking and very intuitive Front-End designs with QT for American Client that was making Hearing Aid miniature devices.


Our Company ended up receiving more requests for more designs which increased the income.

01/01/2001–01/01/2008 Translator

GMBH Interkom, Skopje (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)


Translating from Albanian-Macedonian to English and Vice-Versa.

Since the company had mostly clients from China and Switzerland, it was nice experience engaging with them and share experiences as well as helping the boss making deals with them.


I was so good at the translating and doing the job that I actually got a paid travel for 5 days in China along with the boss so the relationship is even stronger. Really good experience.

01/01/2002–01/01/2005 Translator

SEND International, Skopje (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)


Translating and Interpreting on Summer Camps for American Company.


All people in the camp were getting everything they needed, especially the children.

01/01/2005–01/01/2007 Translator

NGO-GDCI, Skopje - Tetovo (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)


Translating from Albanian-Macedonian to English and Vice-Versa for Doctors Without Borders


Being a Team Leader of a group of 10 translators on the various villages we were traveling.


Managed to get the Doctors to many places where people were poor and helped them have a good experience as well the villagers receive the best treatment as well as making sure no one is left out.


01/09/1992–10/05/1996 Machine Technician - IV Degree EQF level 4 EMUC - Nikola Tesla, Skopje (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

- Machine Technician IV Degree


Mother tongue(s) Albanian

Foreign language(s) UNDERSTANDING SPEAKING WRITING Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production English C2 C2 C2 C2 C2

Macedonian C2 C2 C2 C2 C2

Serbian C2 C2 C2 C2 C2

Croatian C2 C2 C2 C2 C2

German A1 A1 A1 A1 A1

Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user - B1 and B2: Independent user - C1 and C2: Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for

Languages Communication skills - Great communication skills gained through my experience with clients from all over the world as website developer and designer with people around the world through internet and in person, as translator.

- Excellent contact skills.

Organisational / managerial skills 9 years experience as Web Graphic Designer and Developer on WordPress using Divi Theme Optimiser from Elegant Themes, Joomla, HTML4/5, CSS, JQuery, BootStrap, SASS, LESS, with VIM emulator on Brackets Text Editor.

Excellent with Photoshop, Gimp, InkScape, Adobe After Effects.

Excellent with Architectural 3D Interior Design using 3D software such as 3DSMax and Unreal Engine.

Proficient at Microsoft Suit. Microsoft Word. Microsoft Excel.

Basic knowledge of Zbrush.

Very good at Unreal Engine.

Very Good at SEO.

Creating Child Themes for Divi Theme customizer – WordPress.

5 years experience with UI/UX design and feel from applications to websites.

4 years experience as Quality Assurance – Lead Holter Device Unit Tester, making sure that the software works correctly in the device and also all platforms such as: Android, iOS and PC according to the Regression Test plan.

Used SVN Tracking systems for bug tickets.

Also good at tracking system GIT, SourceTree, Bitbucket.

Writing Technical Documentation and Test Cases for Regression Testing.

A whole year before working, I've been learning how to build a Joomla website from scratch such as from GIMP/Photoshop to HTML4/5-CSS to Joomla.

2 years experience with JQuery and JavaScript.

Good knowledge in WordPress/Joomla Developing, SEO, - Design from scratch.

Fluently speaking 3 languages: Albanian, Macedonian, English – including the other Balkan languages. (Serbian, Croatian).

19/2/19 © European Union, 2002-2019 Page 3 / 5 Curriculum vitae Bekim Kurtishi, Macedonia Europe

Willing and eager to adopt new approach and methodology for problem solving.

Willing and eager to learn new technologies.

Very ambitious.

Very well aware of running regression testing and debugging and a good eye in catching bugs and glitches.

Very basic knowledge in programming language such as Python. Digital skills SELF-ASSESSMENT


processing Communication


creation Safety



Proficient user Proficient user Proficient user Proficient user Proficient user Digital skills - Self-assessment grid




I have attended Computer Course as well as English courses.

At the State Poetry competition I won the 5-th place.

Active gamer at Dota 2, Destiny 2.

The designs for the project for Earing Aids: The 3DSMax videos I have created:




The Mock-Up sites for the clients that I'm doing at the moment (all responsive) HTML/CSS/JavaScript/JQuery:

Using WordPress:

19/2/19 © European Union, 2002-2019 Page 4 / 5 Curriculum vitae Bekim Kurtishi, Macedonia Europe

Using Bootstrap:

19/2/19 © European Union, 2002-2019 Page 5 / 5

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