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Graduate Student

Tempe, AZ
March 31, 2019

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MSE Electrical and Electronics Engineering, actively looking for Co-op/ Internship oppertunities in 2019 in the areas of Power Electronics, Electric Vehicles technologies, DC-DC and DC-AC converters. EDUCATION

M.S.E, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Graduating May 2020 Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona GPA: 3.56 Courses: Advance power electronics, Manufacturing science of Solar cells, Power system operation and Planning B.Tech, Electrical Engineering Aug’14-May’18

Nirma University, Ahmedabad, India GPA: 7.82


Programing languages- Python, C,C++ Software’s- MATLAB, PLECS, Altium, AMPL, AutoCAD, LTspice, Labview Hardware- Arduino UNO, Texas Instruments, Function Generator, Oscilloscope, PowerWorld, Printed circuit boards Application- Microsoft Office Suite, Arduino IDE


Intern, GreenBrilliance Renewable Energy LLP, Vadodara, India May’17-July’17

• Worked on machines used to build the commercially used 72 and 60 cell solar panels

• Operated Stringer and Layup assembly ETS-700 machine for solar-cell alignment and panel heating machine for melting the EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) to stick the panel and the glass.

• Member of the team responsible for manufacturing Solar panel for a 300MW plant. Intern, Kaizen switchgear Pvt Ltd., Vadodara, India May’16-July’16

• Worked under Maintenance Engineer to understand the various units of the company and their production process

• Worked on the formation of voltage and current transformers in terms of mechanical design and electrical uses. RELEVANT ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Bi-Directional battery charger using LLC Resonant converters Fall 2018

• Performed literature review on battery charger, methods of charging Electric vehicles, types of resonant converters.

• Simulated a working model using PLECS to charge an Electric vehicle in G2V mode and to support the grid during V2G mode. Soft switching was implemented using the internal capacitance, output inductance and time delays in gating signals.

• An input AC voltage of 240V was converted to 480 DC with the help of Full-bridge AC-DC converter, Transformer and a LLC resonant converter. Calculations of various parameters was done according to the specifications, a Closed loop frequency control method was implemented for designing LLC resonant converter as required. Battery charger using Sun tracking Solar panel Fall 2017-Spring 2018

• Developed a code using Arduino UNO to determine the battery percent of any solid battery and automatically charge it, if the battery percent is less than 20% using Perturb & Observe type maximum power point tracking.

• A DC motor was used and the input to the motor was given by Arduino UNO pin 2 which supplies 5V. Arduino code was developed which helped in rotating the Solar panel as per the change in direction of Solar radiation. The panel had a rating of 12V and was used to charge the battery of 9V with the help of Maximum power point tracking.

• Developed an algorithm to understand the State of charge of a battery, calculating the State of charge level of a battery and accordingly charging, discharging the battery using DC power from the rotating Solar panel. Realization of Grid connected Renewable energy system using MATLAB Fall 2016-Spring 2017

• Simulation of grid connected renewable energy system with more emphasis on Perturb & Observe technique.

• Developed a two way model which delivered power to residential places and also giving back to the grid in case of excess power situations.


Transmission Expansion planning with more than 50% renewable penetration Fall 2018

• Performed a detailed literature review on Transmission line expansion with and without Renewable penetration and its effects on the customers and Environments.

• Formulated a method to incorporate more than 50% renewable energy sources in a community along with their uncertainties and the other conventional sources.

• Developed an AMPL code for optimizing the total cost and the number of new transmission lines required, when the generation and demand gets tripled using Decoupled-power flow method. ACTIVITIES

• Campaign Coordinator- Prathama Blood bank 2014-2018

• Sports- Team captain for University Lawn Tennis team, University Basketball team 2014- 2018

• Organizer- TEDx Nirma University ; University Cultural fest ; University Sports fest 2016-2018

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