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Engineer Electrical

Jacksonville, FL
March 30, 2019

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Davy Baker

Design and Test Electrical Engineer Jacksonville, FL 904-***-****

A electronics test automation and design expert with experience in highly regulated environments seeks a role as a software and electronics expert. Davy has designed, procured, manufactured, assembled, and tested electronic prototypes in both R&D environments and in manufacturing factories. He has mastered testing of products by using various instruments, PLC's, sensors, custom analog and digital circuits, data acquisition cards, microcontrollers, FPGA's and different vendors' hardware and software together. His task specific software for many industries over the past two decades has allowed him to develop best practices that allow for reuse in other projects. Davy has mentored many junior engineers and technicians to quickly come up to speed for continuous process improvement, efficient design reviews and fostered troubleshooting teams using the latest technologies with proven architectures. This approach has passed NASA approved safety audits via traceability with approved configuration and data management techniques. His key competencies include:

● Software and hardware test automation with National Instruments data acquisition systems and LabVIEW language including add on toolkits for FPGA (PXI/cRIO/sbRIO), database, report generation and microcontrollers

● PCB circuit board and schematic design in Altium, Eagle, OrCAD and Pulsonix

● CAD/CAM solid modeling in Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor and Fusion 360, including G code output for CNC manufacturing

● Embedded development with microcontrollers and SOC (System On Chip) (RTOS, ARM M0/M3/M4, ST Micro, TI, Freescale HCS08’s, Microchip, Analog Devices Blackfin) RTOS thread analysis and optimization. Compilers used: Keil, IAR, CCS, Eclipse, Atollic Studio, CodeWarrior, CubeMX

● Analog and digital electronics design, selection, procurement, and troubleshooting with buffers, A/D’s, isolators, level shifters, transceivers, and sensors

● Instrumentation selection, control and automation for: oscilloscope, function generator, DMM, SMU, Network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, MUX and Matrix switches, counter, arbitrary pulse generator, power supplies, electronic loads, logic analyzers, LCR meters, bus monitors with decoding, with PCI, PXI/cPCI, Ethernet, GPIB and USB, Thunderbolt, USB-C

● Protocols and busses - TCP/UDP, Datasocket, RS-232/RS-422, 1553, SPI, I2C/IIC, PWM

● In circuit test and end to end troubleshooting in board bring up and system evaluation

● Wire harness design and construction, pogo pin assemblies, SLC, industrial connector selection and procurement

● Vacuum forming, injection molding, lathe, CNC mill, 3D printing, sand casting

● Sensor integration with: thermocouples, thermistors, strain gages, pressure, flow, LVDT, quadrature encoders, load cells, proximity detectors, hall effect, thermistors, accelerometers, gyros, humidity, gas concentration, piezo ceramic/ film, and microphones for decibel level testing.

● Software Safety (formally trained by NASA)

● Defect tracking and version control systems with database integration

● Fault tolerant systems in harsh environments

● High power electrical systems, battery and solar panel testing PID control systems with HIL (hardware in the loop))

● UNIX, CISCO, Microsoft Windows networking (MCSE), MS Office/Backoffice

Willing to relocate: Anywhere Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Micro Electronics Engineer Johnson & Johnson Vision - Jacksonville, FL March 2018 to Present

Designed PCB's (in latest Altium leveraging BOM and alternate distributors with Octopart libraries integration), specified and procured parts, assembled and tested multi board rigid flex pogo pin test jigs to test smart contact lenses. Automated control and monitoring of arrays of devices for data collection and parametric search (using LabVIEW), with a Linux RTOS and Xilinx Zynq (sbRIO) and Virtex FPGAs (FlexRIO). Used DAQ cards, scopes with I2C bus decoding, and high channel count PXI mux/matrix switches and SMU’s, for ASIC interrogation and characterization.

LabVIEW software architect / Data Acquisition Specialist Joby Aviation - Santa Cruz, CA November 2017 to January 2018

Test conductor for experimental aircraft and developer/architect for existing code base. NI hardware used: cDAQ, cRIO, PXI, PXIe, motion, vision, RT, FPGA NI software used: Veristand (for high current faults), SystemLink/Skyline, LabVIEW suites

Test Development Engineer Insight Global / Advanced Energy - Fort Collins, CO June 2017 to October 2017

Testing of high current and voltage power supplies with LabVIEW, TestStand, PXI, oscilloscope, DMM, and National Instruments switch matrix. Validation, verification and defect tracking with database, SVN and Jira integration. Analyzed test configurations and test flows with reentrant vi's to optimize production yields. Leveraged object-oriented architecture for reuse across many different product lines.

R&D and Flow Lab Data Acquisition Lead General Electric - Jacksonville, FL March 2016 to June 2017

Assisted in inheritance and move of legacy testing infrastructure from four different valve factories and consolidating them into one new factory. Transitioned environment of Visual Basic 6 and older data acquisition equipment to LabVIEW and National Instruments cRIO and cDAQ hardware. Specified and designed analog and digital systems for reuse in a variety of tests including automated control and monitoring of pneumatic equipment in destructive and nondestructive testing and logging data in ASCII and TDMS format with searchable metadata.

Validation Engineer Alstom - Melbourne, FL October 2015 to December 2015

Testing of embedded and networked electronics and firmware for railroad industry. Use of Borland StarTeam for defect tracking.

Senior Electrical Engineer United Dynamics - Shawnee, OK July 2015 to September 2015

Corrected troubled high current electronics with Altium schematic and board layout revisions, and tested circuit systems with LabVIEW. Coordinated with others to bid new jobs and meet critical shipping deadlines on existing ones. Specified and procured equipment for ATP and ESS procedures with test plans, work instruction, and destructive testing.

Hardware/Software Test Engineer Aerotek / Plantronics - Santa Cruz, CA August 2014 to April 2015

Designed application and instrumentation rack to control RF attenuators and generators, sound cards with isolation transformers, GPIB power supplies, and X series NI DAQ card for testing wireless embedded system. LabVIEW integration with third party .NET (non-National Instruments) dll's for multiple sound cards and RF USB devices with Python scripting. Documented hardware and software with Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360, Visio and Word and logged ASCII data on events and binary data on analysis failures. Networked applications for one to many monitoring via datasockets.

Sensor Emulation Engineer Oxford International / Nexteer - Saginaw, MI March 2014 to June 2014

Designed hardware, software, and firmware for FPGA, Windows and RT to emulate digital sensors (IIC and SPI slaves) for functional testing of customer's product. Used sbRIO and PXI R series boards and integrated them into NI Teststand with LabVIEW. Designed, manufactured and assembled PCB boards and harnesses for high speed digital communication. Verified with CAN bus and Vector hardware.

Senior Software Engineer II NASA Goddard - Greenbelt, MD May 2009 to January 2014

Satellite, battery, solar panel test automation built with LabVIEW using many types of Serial, GPIB, PXI and FPGA instruments (NI FPGA with FlexRIO, sbRIO and 3rd party integration with Condor 1553 bus controller to emulate spacecraft). He is heavily involved with board bring up and troubleshooting to the component level and developing custom ground systems equipment with embedded microcontrollers and FPGA's. As a mentor, Davy brainstormed with a gifted student who created a SPI based custom board to emulate spacecraft, that allowed for testing a satellite power supply distribution unit before all of the radiation hardened subsystems were available. This design was leveraged in two different missions, with one being LVDS and the other being RS422 - using the same PCB. Davy also implemented a high voltage power supply controller using a low cost, off the shelf MIDI drum kit without being asked, that saved countless hours in the lab with multidisciplinary teams, since attention distracting text commands were able to be avoided with the SPI based custom controller. Helped deploy satellite in Japan by mentoring junior engineer with battery dis/charging with LabVIEW developed software and GPIB Agilent power supplies before launch.

Electronics Test Developer Measurement Specialties - Hampton, VA October 2007 to March 2009

Sensor test automation on manufacturing production line, with: piezo based medical devices, LVDT, quadrature encoder, and piezo film coax cable. These test stands used programmable logic controllers (PLC's) and spectrum analysis during and after manufacturing. This included validation and verification with ISO 9002 document and quality control adherence along with passing PPAP audits. Six automated test stations created, maintained and updated for production personnel to manufacture and/or test sensors. This involved several instruments including oscilloscopes, mux, and USB/PCI DAQ cards along with GPIB racks and motion control systems. Functionality with remote TCP/IP datasocket monitoring was also implemented leveraging local LAN to enable manufacturing personnel to operate multiple stations concurrently. (extruder, taper, braider, rewinder, final function test by one operator)

Director of Virtual Instrumentation General Aviation Modification, Inc. - Ada, OK April 1994 to November 2006

In this role, Davy was responsible for the following projects:

● Test Cell system - ground based monitoring station which remains in step with code of the airborn system. Used for R&D of prototype parts before flying with them. Simulated loads with hydraulics.

● Vibration analysis - Accelerometer profiling of shaker table In-flight hi speed test system for combustion event analysis - Fiber optic pressure sensor monitoring and statistical analysis of waveforms.

● Flow Bench - This station was the finishing step in making Gamijectors - Product of the year Consumer Aviation Magazine. Measurement to 0.1 lb/hr accuracy.

● Data mining - Post processing analysis software creation for examining binary data sets of combustion events.

● Viewer - Remote software for viewing engine test cell performance by many different locations.

● Strain gage medium speed monitoring and logging application for in-flight test

● Crankshaft torsional measurements using custom circuits bonded to crankshaft with Lebow torque meter calibration

● FAA decibel level testing using delta sigma A/D's on PXI board

● DO-178b FAA certification experience

● Flight testing experience in Cirrus, Bonanza and T-34 (ten years) with

● strain gages, accelerometers and pressure sensors.

● LabVIEW test script implementer for offshore oil exploration - Testing of Digibirds with bed of nails and GPIB rack for custom circuit boards

● PID control of valve from RS-232 based pressure sensor

● Analog and digital design verification testing (DVT) and design for manufacturing testing (DMT) of high speed WDM board using I2C bus via call dll with 3rd party board controlled by LabVIEW. Walking 1's testing for high speed detection of shorts or opens in digital I/O.

● System integration and testing of fract trucks - with high channel count NI counter and A/D cards, monitoring hydraulics

● LabVIEW development of test stations for camping equipment with regard to strain and harmful byproducts - SCXI and SCC based


Altium Live conference in San Diego San Diego, CA October 2018 to October 2018

TechShop in Electronics and Fabrication Maker - Pittsburgh, PA March 2009 to December 2017

National Instruments Week in Data Acquisition monitoring and FPGA control (SPI and I2C master AND slave) Austin Convention Center - Austin, TX August 1999 to August 2017

Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering Senior Oklahoma State University-Main Campus - Stillwater, OK June 1989 to June 1997

Associate degree in Electronics Engineering Technician OSU Electrical Engineering senior Oklahoma State University Stillwater 1989


Team building (Less than 1 year), Altium circuit board layout and schematic design (7 years), LabVIEW FPGA (10+ years), Inventor (5 years), Solidworks (3 years), PCB, Electrical Engineering, Oscilloscope, Embedded, Microcontrollers, Steering, DFMEA, PCB layout (7 years)



CLAD October 2017 to October 2019

Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer

Additional Information

● People skills - Team building, Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

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