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Clerical,Government work,and Education

Baltimore, MD, 21214
March 30, 2019

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Charles T Dubin

**** *. ******** *******

Baltimore, MD 21214

Contact Phone: 410-***-****

Email Address:


**/**** ** **/**** ; 10 hours per Week; Contractor; $10,000 per Annum; last promoted Not Specified; permanent employee; not on a temporary promotion; Government Consultants, POB 10921,Baltimore,MD 21234; Same-Louise Dubin(deceased), 410-***-**** ; may contact supervisor.

We are listed for bids with the US Navy and do consulting work.I have some Accounting and Law certifications.

07/2000 to 08/2000; 30 hours per Week; Enumerator; last promoted Not Specified; temporary employee; on temporary promotion; US Commerce Census Dept., Phila,PA; Varied ; may contact supervisor.

We conducted census surveys in Baltimore.We had 10 pt.USVA prefs.

09/1987 to Present; 24 hours per Week; Teacher(sub.level3); $10 per Hour; last promoted 09/2000; permanent employee; not on a temporary promotion; BCPS, 200 E. North Ave. Baltimore,MD 21202; Paula Leonard, 410-***-**** ; may contact supervisor(retired).I worked for BCPS County at SHS’sHQ at 6901 N. Charles St. Towson,MD 21204.I’m a Recreation Leader at Baltimore County Recreation and Parks at CCBC(pt. time).Ms. Karen Brown is the supervisor.

We worked with all classes of youth.We did get to grade a limited sample.

04/1980 to 02/1986; 40 hours per Week; Engr.Tech-Test Director; GS-0802-06; last promoted 02/1986; permanent employee; not on a temporary promotion; US Army, B400 APG,MD 21005; COL.Ron Hendricksen, varied ; may contact supervisor.

We conducted artillery tests and wrote reports on file in APG tech libra

ry.We worked with the director of the JROTC School there.Then we enlisted in the Army

at FT. Wood,Missouri during desert storm our MOS was EYE due to funding

shortages.The ten points are non-comp. and IPD,VA gave us E/6 ratings

after prolonged study.The original disability is economic.Most employers discriminate

after the divorce/age discrimination.My dad was a Naval officer and had similar problems.


Northern HS, Balto.MD; 1970 High School Diploma

Towson University, Towson,MD; Bachelor in BUED, 1974; 2.5 out of 4 Point GPA; 133 Semester Hours

BCCC, Balto.MD; Associate in Math ED., 0; 3.0 out of 4 Point GPA; 40 Semester Hours


US Defence Test&Evaluation College.APG,MD,1981-This gave us studies in

ED. testing.BCPS Sam Banks Teacher courses that were used for professional development.I'm doing Contractor licensing agreements.

UMAB Law School and USVA-CAVC studies.My Dad the famous Navy legal Officer passed on and Pres. Bush gave Mom and myself a memorial.


I'm was a mediator with the state courts and a federal archivist.ND awarded a ParaPro Educator certificate.


Promotions with US Army Corps of Engineers 1980-6. US Patriot award 2003.

MD. Executive Board 3 cases filed.

BCPS level 3 sub-teacher promotion,2000.


200 Test Director publications in APG Ordinance Tech Library.

I wish business and contractual work with accounting in MD/DC.


Active Duty: 01/1986 to 02/1986 - U.S. Army

Campaign badges and/or expeditionary medals received: US Army/Navy AIPD E3/1LT PAO official studies-2002.The LOS is honorary especially in the reserves from the earlier 5 years on the civilian side.We did US VA CAVC 01-2143 and some JAG/CAAF filing.I do ESGR committee work.

General Discharge

Hardship under 10 USC 1173

Retirement Rank: E3/02. Date: 02/25/1986

Date of last Veterans' Administration Letter: 01/15/2005


Charles T Dubin

1. Appointment Eligibility:

Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program Eligible

Reinstatement Eligible

Veterans Recruitment Appointment

2. Citizenship: Yes

3. Appt Preference:

Part Time/Full Time

Temporary (positions lasting less than 1 year)

Term (positions lasting 1 year or more, but less than 4 years)

Shift Work

Intermittent (on-call)

4. Willing to Travel: 3-5 Days

5. Vet Preference: 10-Point Derived Preference

6. Low Salary Accept: $15,000

7. High PP/GR Held: GS-6

8. Qualified Typist: Yes

9. Birth Date: **None Specified

10. Geo Preference: MD,Baltimore/Towson, Andrews Air Force Base ; MD, Annapolis ; MD, Bethesda ; MD, Fort Meade ; MD, Indian Head ; MD, Silver Spring ; MD, Solomons ; MD, Suitland ; DC, Washington


SEX: Male

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