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Manager Plant

Fresno, CA
March 30, 2019

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***** ***** *** ***** ****, Fresno, CA 93730 (h) 559-***-**** (c) 559-***-****



Improved Productivity & Efficiency Increased Profitability Optimal Quality

Highly accomplished, dedicated leader with 30+ years’ experience driving operations excellence within large, multi-faceted production and plant environments. Expertise at streamlining processes to enhance throughput while enforcing strict compliance with regulatory and safety standards. Proficient at providing leadership to large, goal-driven teams across multiple functions and disciplines while effectively managing multi-million dollar budgets with full P&L authority. Record of quickly and effectively resolving labor conflicts in union environments and full bilingual, Spanish speaker.

SUMMARY Areas of Expertise

Team / Staff Leadership Project Management/ MS Statistics Process Control/ERP

Regulatory Compliance Union Labor Management Hardware / HVAC/OSHA /Safety

Facilities Maintenance Problem Resolution Continuous Improvement/ TAPPI

Process Re-Engineering JIT Manufacturing Financial Management /P&L SOP/HACCP/SQF 2000/ AIB

QA / QC / Zero Defects Kaizen / Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma / GMP Processes

CMMS/TPMS/TQMS/AUTOCAD. . Team Builder/Team Player .FDA/USDA/EPA/Prepared Food


Eastco Building Services. From: February 2014 to Present.

Facilities Site, Director/Building Manager. (Federal Contractor).

Overseeing Facilities Operations/Engineering/Maintenance and Projects

Hands on operations and maintenance of 562,000 SF and 28 Acres Parking lot facility, 4,500 tons of Air conditioned, Heating, Steam Boilers, 7,200 KVA Installed, Fire Protection Systems, Alarm Systems, Security Systems, HVAC, VAV, Be limo, VFD, Projects, Engineering Project, Installations of 3 Chillers and Cooling Tower 3000 AC Total Air handled Units. Work Order request, Building Operation and Maintenance Management, CMMS, TPMS, EMS, familiarized with government regulations, OSHA, EPA and Federal Contractor regulations, Quality Control, EH&S, Hazard Mat Handling, Pipeline Installations Design and Maintenance, P& L Responsibilities, Building Manager, Intelligent Building Full automatization, Janitorial/Housekeeping, Landcasping.

Reliability and CMMS administrator for all Operations, working with GDI for a new project and Equipment improvement, Work Order systems Implementation and administration.

Management and hire Contractors and subcontractors, energy conservation programs, Building Maintenance and re-building, Ground Maintenance and Installations, Preventive and predictive PM programs, Utilities control and Maintenance, Safety Programs.

- Hearthside Foods solutions- Attune Foods. (Bakery Company)

From: January 2013 to: January 2014.

Manufacturing Engineering /Facilities Maintenance and Projects; Director.

Oversees management, Hands On engineering, Facilities, Maintenance and Project for Cereal Production and Packaging Plant, material procurement and storage, waste water/water treatment, (high Speed Packing), Budgeting. Staffing and personal relations.

Equipment redesign and Modifications, New Installations, Electrical and Mechanical.

Project and space planning; Cereal, Granola and bakery Process, SQF, Quality Control, EH&S/Safety, Sanitation, AIB, CMMS, Food Safety. Write procedures and get the SQF certification for bakery plant, Equipment Maintenance, Energy Balance, Root cause analysis. 100% Automatization process. And automatic operation ( Robotic), Extruder process, Utilities.

Maintenance of Steam Boilers and HVAC, Exhaust, Baker Ovens and Heat exchanged, Extrusion Operation.

Prepared Food Operations RTE Process.

Wawona Frozen Foods; Plant Manager (Fresno, CA)

From, May 2007 to May 2008, and From May 2009 to January 2013

Oversees management, Hands on Production, Refrigeration NH3 (Ammonia), Packaging, Hands-on Maintenance, Cold room Storage, production (Standard fruits and organic process), shipping and receiving/Distribution, Bakery Process Plant, material procurement and storage, waste water/water treatment, Warehouse, scheduling in a fresh and frozen fruit processing and packing plant (high Speed Packing), R&D, Budgeting, Utilities control. Staffing and personal relations, Organic and not Organic Process.

Project and space planning; Juice Process, aseptic process/HTST Process and bottling, SQF, Ice Cream ingredient process, Pure Process, Quality Control, EH&S/Safety, Pasteurization process, aseptic process, HTST Process, Sanitation, AIB, USDA, GMP, FDA, CMMS, P & L Responsibilities, Food Safety. Supervising Agricultural Field activities Write procedures and get the SQF certification for Fresno Plant, PSM and RMP.

Like second activity I Management and lead the project of Expansion of Sunkist Juice/Oil

Processing Plant. Pasteurization, Aseptic, HTST, in Tipton, CA for 1 Year

OptiSolar Inc. From May 2008 to May 2009

Facilities Project/Operations and Maintenance Manager (Company Closed Operations)

Responsibility for operations and maintenance of 1,150,000 SF facilities with 4,500 tons of HVAC, heating, 120 MW installations and Robotic Installation, Capital Project Control, Energy Balance, Utilities .

Oversight of the project (construction projects Of Solar Farm and installation of the Solar Power Generation Plant), Design Installations, PV Process and Panels Assembly, Pipeline.

Management responsibility for janitorial services, landscaping, building maintenance, process equipment maintenance, operations of gas (O2, H2, N2 and Selenium), Water Treatment, Reverse Osmosis operation plant, housekeeping, pest control, waste water, space planning/ distribution, logistics and suppliers, Offices allocations and furniture’s assignment.

Managed 6 Department Managers including EH&S, 28 technicians/engineers, estimators, and subcontractors.

Commissioning, Fire Protection Systems, Alarm Control Systems, Process design, Equipment Design. Total budget over $ 200 million. Startup operation.

IAPWS – From Jan 2006 to Jan 2007

Facilities Site Manager IRS Fresno Regional Center

Hands on operations and maintenance of 562,000 SF facility, 4,500 tons of Air conditioned, Heating, Steam Boilers, 7,200 KVA Installed, Fire Protection Systems, Alarm Systems, Security Systems, HVAC, Projects, Engineering Project, Work Order request, Building Operation and Maintenance Management, CMMS, TPMS, EMS, familiarized with government regulations, OSHA, EPA and Federal Contractor regulations, Quality Control, EH&S, Hazard Mat Handling, P& L Responsibilities.

Foster Farms; From June 2005 to May 2008

Night Shift Superintendent Plant Manager

Hands on Maintenance/Production, Refrigeration Maintenance( Amonia), Steam boiler Operations, Maintenance, Refrigeration, Shipping/Receiving, Facilities engineering, Product handling and storage, Quality Control for Chicken processing Regular and Organic Process,

Cry-vac, Waste Water Treatment and Sanitation. Oversee 14 supervisors, 4 Department Senior Supervisor, 456 hourly employees.

Responsibilities over production, 1st process, evisceration, packing process (High Speed Packing), cut-up, 2nd process, de-boning Cone line, Tray pack, Frozen Process, SQF, IQF, Further process, Par-Fryer, Quality Control, shipping, P&L responsibilities. (Union Plant), GMP.

Pilgrim’s Pride/Conagra Frozen Foods – From Dec 2003 to June 2005

Production Manager/Continuous Improvement Leader

Responsible for; Two Process Improvement Engineer,6 Supervisor and 276 hourly people

. Oversee Food crafts, De-bone Machines; De-bone cone line, Split/Trim, and DSI. GMP,

Drum Mari nation, Wings Cuter Operations, MDM Operation, Packing Process (high Speed),

WIP Coolers, Shipping, Dicing, Maintenance of Refrigeration Systems and Air Conditioning.

Water and waste Water treatment.

Siman Paper Group- From August 2001 to Oct 2003.

Project and Plant Manager - Florida/Centro America and Caribe

Plant & Project Manager for one of the largest paper plants. (Tissue paper, Kraft paper, Copy) and Conversion paper, print process, writing paper; Label print process, notebook factory, envelope factory, Power Generation, sanitary napkin factory, baby diaper manufacturing plant, plastic extrusion/injection/ blow film/ Folding Carton, flexible packing printing and ink mixing process, Corrugated Process, Flexography printing and Quality Control, Big Water Treatment plant and Waste Water Treatment plant.

Process/Manufacturing Engineering, Determination of, Flow Process, process re-engineering, material specifications, equipment specifications, material certifications and qualification, Product quality specifications and test, CMMS Integration.

Paper mill construction, Installations, and startup operations of 6 Facilities plants Project.

Management of more than 1,000 operator employees and 20 processing and quality control engineers, and Tissue Paper Mills Installations/Start Up, Cogeneration Plants.

Cajas y Bolsas-International Paper- From: August 1993 to July 2001

Technical & Manufacturing Corporate Director-El Salvador Centro America and EL Caribe.

Paper, Plastics Extrusion and Printing Industry for CYBSA-CELPAC, the largest group manufacturer and designer of packaging systems and printing in Central America and the Caribbean.

Manufacturing corrugated boxes plant, folding carton, pure pack/Ello pack/aseptic packing. Label printing, and flexible packaging, plastic extrusion and injection, blow film, ink formulation and mixing process plant, graphic design/packing systems design,

Responsible for the overall plant operations production, quality control, facilities, research & development, logistic, and maintenance, Flexographic and Rotogravure printing.

Processing/Manufacturing Engineering, R&D Department, Design of automatic production control on line, MRP, design process specifications, flow process, equipment operations specifications, material specifications, material test and certification, labor and training determinations, product test certifications, implementation of the manufacturing systems JD EDWARDS/CMMS and Integration systems, start up new extrusion line

Managed 850 employees in production and was in charge of all packing and printing processes,

Development of 5 year Strategic Operations Plan under Bain & Company, strategic and consulting group. EPA and FDA regulations compliance.

La Sultana, S.A. DE C.V. / (Cargill Division) – From: January 1988 to July 1993.

Plant Manager /Technical Manager (P&L Responsibilities)

Managed all of the technical activities for this poultry company; Feed Mill Plant, Corn Mill, chicken grow, Slaughterhouse, Par-Fryer Product distribution, Quality Control, extrusion operations, Processing engineering, Logistic

Design/ Evaluation and execution of new projects, industrial maintenance of the facilities including the refrigerated rooms, develop an automatic control on plant.

Also was in charge of the technical installation and operations of a large chain of restaurants. Compliance as well as investment planning.

Project of, Construction, Installations, Product handling and startup of Feed Mill Start Up

. Processing/Manufacturing Engineering, Design flow process, determines process

Specifications, material specifications, product design /specifications, labor requirement,

Compliance as well as investment planning.

Dec1973 to January 1988

Texas Instruments

Operations Manager - Aguas Calientes, México:(Semiconductor división) 1986 – 1988

Operations Manager 1987 – 1988

Managed the complete operations, Production, facilities, HVAC, maintenance, goals and objectives setting process, EPA and OSHA regulations

Manager of Building and Plant and Electro plating shop.

Plant Start-Up Project 1986.

Project Manager Mexico, Responsible for planning and project set up, Building

Design and plant distribution, Clean room design and installations, control of

all builders companies, legal compliance/ personnel Hiring, and operations start up.

El Salvador (Semiconductors Division) 1973 – 1986

. Production Superintendent (1985 - 1986)

Responsible for managing 16 engineers and more than 750 production operators. Responsible for the implementation of production models and cost reduction programs. Implemented Programs like just on time, Statistical Process Control, cero defect.

Manager of Process & Equipment Engineering and Maitenance1980 - 1984

Design and implementation of flow process, design material specifications and certifications, product tests procedures, equipment specifications, labor and training determination, product design, Implementing Different Process and maintenance Integrations Systems. Like PMS/CIP/RACK/PICS. Robot Installations and start up.

During 1984: I was assigned, Project Manager to rebuild the Plant of Texas Instruments in Malaysia and Texas Instruments Singapore.

Redesign the Plant to increase the production Capacity in 80%.

While in El Salvador managed supervisors, engineers and engineering technicians in addition to the following; automatic control system, plastic encapsulation and injection, molding operations, trim and form operations, cure oven, computerized equipment (electrical and mechanic shop) and technician development programs, Reverse Osmosis Plant Installation and Operation

Facilities Manager 1973 - 1980

Responsible for the Semiconductor Division; design and operations of air-conditioned HVAC units, cool rooms, clean room design and installations All under OSHA regulations, electrical plant distribution and UPS systems installations, electrical and mechanical installations, facilities installation and maintenance, electro plating Shop, Installations, operation and maintenance of gas plant, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, reverse osmosis,5 Megawatts power generation and air conditioning distribution, power generation and distribution.

Project Manager 1979 traveled to Brazil as a Project Manager to rebuild the Production Plant: building and facilities installation, and production startup for the Texas Instruments in Sao Pablo. All the experiences in Texas Instruments were developed in semiconductor and materials and thermomagnetic controls.


Electro-mechánical Engineer Degree: Universidad Nacional de El Salvador, BS Degree

Business Administration BA Degree UCA; El Salvador.

Electro-mechanical Advanced Engineering Technician, ITCA ;El Salvador AA Degree

Advanced Top Management Program, (INCAE) Harvard Sponsor for Central America Post grade.

Especial Training

Senior Engineering Management, World Trade Center, Singapore

Good Manufacturing Practices, Implementation, American Management Association

Transactional Analysis, Quality Improvement and Statistical Process Control; Zero Defects, Just In Time, Six Sigma Program, TQM, Continuous Improvements. Texas Instruments

Safety Management and his tools; Instituto Technologic de Monterrey, Mexico

Air-conditioned Centrifugal Certifications; Carrier Company Syracuse New York.

IQF-2000, AIB, HACCP, Low PH process

Numerous other seminars and training programs in management and controls.

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