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Hospital pharmacist

Doha, Qatar
March 29, 2019

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Mailing Address: Villa no. 26 Al Dhulaifat Street, Abu Hamour, Doha, Qatar.

Home Phone : (+974)- 40294625

Mobile Phone : +974-********, 30369241, 30097676 E-Mail Address:


To succeed in an environment of growth and excellence and earn a job which provide me job satisfaction and self-development and help me achieve personal as well as organizational goals.


● Date of birth: 1 October, 1987

● Marital state: Married.

● Place of Birth: Al Riyadh, KSA.

● Driving License: Valid and have a car.

● Military service: Exempted.

● Nationality: Egyptian.


Bachelor Of Pharmacy, MSA University (Modern Science and Arts University). 2004 to 2009

● B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Grade: Very Good

GPA: 3.29

● B.Sc. of Science with FIRST CLASS HONOURS having followed an approved Honours program in PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES (University of Greenwich).

. The Saudi Licensing Examination for Health Specialists

I have passed the examination successfully with grade 83%

. at December 2015

. The Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners

I have succeeded passing the exam with score 84% in

● . December 2017


Hospital Pharmacist (Outpatient Pharmacy):

From (February 2016 – Current) at the Ministry of Health Egypt. Responsibilities & Duties:

Check prescriptions to make sure there are no errors and that they're appropriate and safe for the individual patient.

Provide advice on the dosage of medicines and the most appropriate form of medication, for example, tablet, injection, ointment or inhaler.

Liaise with other medical staff on problems patients may experience when taking their medicines.

Discuss treatments with patients' relatives, community pharmacists and GPs;

Make sure medicines are stored appropriately and securely.

Supervise the work of less experienced and less qualified staff.

Answer questions about medicines from within the hospital, other hospitals and the general public.

Section Head and Toll Coordinator:

From (September 2013 – January 2016) at Riva Pharma S.A.E. I was chosen by the managers of Riva Company to be Responsible of Toll (production of Cephalosporin antibiotics in T3A Company).

Tasks: Monthly planning of the production of Cephs (Cephalosporins), Overseeing of production processes, Training of the workers and Quality Assurance of the products to produce a qualified antibiotics.

Responsibilities & Duties:

● Confers with management personnel to establish production and quality control standards, develop budget and cost controls, and to obtain data regarding types, quantities, specifications and delivery dates of products ordered.

● Plans and directs production activities and establishes production priorities for products in keeping with effective operations and cost factors.

● Coordinates production activities with procurement, maintenance and quality control activities to obtain optimum production and utilization of human resources, machines and equipment.

● Reviews and analyzes production, quality control, maintenance and operational reports to determine causes of nonconformity with product specifications, and operating or production problems.

● Develops and implements operating methods and procedures designed to eliminate operating problems and improve product quality.

● Revises production schedules and priorities as result of equipment failure or operating problems. Consults with engineering personnel relative to modification of machines and equipment in order to improve production and quality of products.

● Training of the new Labors and supervise their productivity and their development.

● Training of the new pharmacists and supervision of their progress worked in coordination with departmental managers in preparing strategies to promote firms’ products on the market.

● Meeting with the Riva marketing team to assess our progress in the market and customer needs and putting the priorities to achieve the deadlines. Quality Assurance Specialist (Customer Satisfaction): From (October 2011– September 2013) at Riva Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company. Responsibilities:

● Handling customers' complains, Investigation, Route Cause Analysis and follow up to increase customer satisfaction.

● Evaluating and Reporting performance review production ( Quality, Quantity and time delivery ) to satisfy the customers.

● Recording and Reporting deviations and incidents.

● Batch Record review, Shop orders review and Document Control Admin.

● Writing and documenting all necessary SOPs, work instructions, machines' log books and ensuring that work steps conforming with documents written.

● Quality of the products and assuring the quality processes in the company. ACHIEVEMENTS

● Setting up evaluation system: for the labors based on their productivity, creativity and quality of the work and this evaluation system increase the productivity of the labors up to 15 % because of financial benefits to the labors, acceptance to the overload in work has been increased as well increase the integrity of the labors.

● Implementing a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) system: to the production section of the company for the Changeover Rate, Production losses, Delivery on time (customer satisfaction) and Training for labors.

● Building teams : by developing a new training, orientation program for the new employees, follow up their progress .

● Inspiring Excellence: delivered innovative programs (Route Cause analysis and Quality Goal systems).

● I was awarded from Riva Pharmaceutical Company due to my effective participation in the audit of ISO - International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001).

● I was awarded from Riva Pharmaceutical Company due to my effective participation and documentation in Audit of Ethiopia (representatives from Ethiopian Ministry Of Health).

● I was chosen by the managers in more than occasion to be representative of the company in meetings with other companies as well as participating with the human resources in the employment process of new employees ( Labors, Pharmacists ).

Community Pharmacist (Shift manager): at Dr. Mai Shafee Pharmacy (from June

. 2010 August 2011)

At AL-Tahareer Pharmacy during my studies (from June 2008 till September 2009)



English language: Written, read and spoken in a comfortable manner. French: Fair.


● Pharmaceutical Business Administration.

● Database Management System.

● Psychology and Communication Skills.

● Marketing and customer relations (Riva Pharma).

● Toll Training.

● Quality Assurance training in Riva Manufacturing Company.

● ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) training.

● Marketing and drug promotion.


● Microsoft Windows, Office package.

● Internet use in research and drug information.

● Already user in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). PERSONAL SKILLS

“Mohamed has that ability to get a long easily with people “Pharmacist Amal Mohamed Hussein (Out-patient pharmacy manager) was talking about me.

● So, I am with Good communication skills gained through my experience in managing my shift by communicating with daily patients and medical staffs.

● I was a team player and team leader, so I have the experience to work in teams already.

As a Section Head and hospital pharmacist: I improved my decision making skills, time management to meet deadlines consistently.

Analytical and problem solving skills, I have to solve day to day.

Launched my creativity, also developed my planning and organizing abilities.

Generated my presentation skills and I represent the image of my company in many events with other companies' managers.


● Travelling ( I traveled to Cape town, South Africa in April 2014).

● Sky Diving (I sky dived for about 9000 feet height from flying helicopter in Cape Town, South Africa).

● Climbing Mountains (Lion’s Head Mountain, Table Mountain one of the seven world wonders in Cape Town, South Africa).

● Reading during my leisure time and Following up the news.

● Writing articles (internet articles).


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