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Developer Android

Lewisville, TX
March 29, 2019

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Sayyid A. Naqvi

Citi: Developer November 2018 – Present

Joined contract as Android developer @ Citi, responsibilities include android and angular based web development initially

Verizon: Android Developer July – November 2018

Android dev. using AStudio, with backEnd traffic (Transport logs) tracking for box / Application tracking that is sending back data in JSON / XML. Queries on SQLite, Oracle DBs using Sqlite browser / Oracle db Developer. Use Splunk data if necessary

Responsibilities: Improve the client Code-base (android App) by troubleshooting in Prod Environment to resolve them, that are reported from Techs (in Filed using the Tech Tablet App). client db gives clue which backEnd box hit it for the particular scenario reported.

Previous Android development Overview:

Four years of hands on (Linux based environment), Android App development, using Android studio: Android architecture and components, Activity /Fragments, RecyclerView, AsyncTask, Threads, modern Design approaches using Android Architecture Components, Custom-View, Shared-Preferences, SQLite, HTTP APIs, JSON/XML data handling, GCM / FCM. Multiple screen. RxJava ViewModel, Room

Java: S.O.L.I.D, Collection, Clean Code, lambdas

Tools:/Utilities: ADB, php, mySQL, Basic NDK (JNI) with Toolchain, Android Image config, C/C++

Android Development = 4 years [Java: 70, Kotlin: 30]

Java: 4 years, Kotlin: > Year, Python 2 years (data mincing)

OS Fundamentals: Process, Threads, Multi-Threading

Agile / SCRUM

REST API = 2 yrs

T-Mobile Sr. Engr, Sys-Design & Strategy Sep 2015 – Feb 2018

Bellevue, WA:


Worked on DIGITS, An Enterprise-[basically an RCS based] App

Scope of Assignment: Validation + Some design recommendations:

Validation: To provide ‘Messaging’ as Fundamental-Service in addition to the following Features It included the Validation -

and-Troubleshooting of the following Call flows:

Ouaht2.0 (HTTP RESTful): Pre-SIP Provisioning (IAM): client-Authentication /Authorize SIP-IR92/IR94 Calls: 1-1/

Conference, Call Transfer, Device Transfer, Visual Voice Mail/Voice mail-to-text, Push Notifications, Android (GCM), iOS

(APNS), Offline solutions (Carrier / cloud-[forward-storage]). Presence, SIP Messaging [Signaling, MSRP: PM/LM/FT (1-

1/Group)], FB (fallback to legacy: SMSC/ MMSC messaging Network Nodes exposure: SBCs, UAGs, message-store, AS [RMS,

TAS, Presence]

Android Design Recommendations: View Considerations: Navigation Drawer, onSaveInstanceState with limited scope (of

states savings)

Clients (Hybrid) under test: OTT: [Android, iOS] OEM: [Android: Samsung, LGE, HTC]

NVIDIA Corp - Richardson, TX — Sr. Tools Developer Sep 2013 - June 2015


Validation (Performance/Verification/MTBF), using nVIDIA indigenous Tools to collect logs in addition to troubleshooting of test setup. Post processing regarding regression/non-regression testing, raise bugs

using (nVIDIA bug Tool: NVBugs) based upon: Technical aspect, Severity, Possible solution: QA perspective, Work with Tools-team for any iscrepancies/new requirements in testing-tools

Skills/Credentials developed/improved:

Volte: LTE/IMS-based UE-attach procedures, IMS enabled calls, VoLTE SRVCV, CSFB

CS Performance: RATs: LTE, UMTS, 2G (mostly on LTE. Test cases for CS/PS performance in all RATs, from powering up to camp/attach, establishment, and related call flows functionality/performance Android: adb: manage various OS parameters, taking UE just like another Linux Machine. Virtual machines (Ubuntu) (Install/configure)

AT&T (contractor): - Redmond, WA— RF Lab Test Engineer April-May 2013


End-to-End VoLTE testing; that is: IMS based traffic upon the LTE Air interface: a state of the art testing infra- using different IMS configurations: working on CSCF servers; SRVCC, QA qualifications on different AT&T Vendors (form-factors)

Qualcomm Tech Inc (contractor): San Diego, CA — Field Engineer Sep 2011–March 2013

To validate different QTI chipsets on ever improving Builds so MTBF should better; sanity and KPI testing; RF and OS perspective. Debugging includes; RLFs, undue IRAT handoffs and related aspects of UE functionality

3S Network Inc. – Dublin, CA — Field Tech May 2010–June 2011


Worked as sub-contractor for Ericsson [Operators: MetroPCS, AT&T: LTE/UMTS Access Networks]

AERO - Islamabad, Pakistan — Assistant Manager/Supervisor May 2001–Oct 2007


Profiling a robotic platform [3-Axis Test Stand] Validate AHRS for 3-Axis, roll, pitch and heading ( 180), it would be in accuracy of 32-bit word (4-bytes) Test same UUT, in mobility Van to give it real time for roll and pitch n heading (minimal level) for Regression testing. Data-Acquisition using NI-DAQ, and GPIB

Extensive h/w access experience using C/C++/VC++ and Assembly (.asm), memory management

(pointers), Matlab (analysis, RTOS),

EDUCATION: Oct 1995 - Dec 2001

NED University of Eng. and Tech, Karachi, Pakistan — BE Electrical Eng.


Leading People, Project Management, Team Management, Difficult Interactions

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