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Technical Sales Engineer

Cleveland, OH
March 28, 2019

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Industrial Instrumentation/Automation & Process Control/Quality Control Industry Preference: Valves/Automation/Electronics/Manufacturing/Others Location Preference: Cleveland - OH


I would like to establish myself in a job that offers satisfaction through continuous knowledge acquisition and there by deliver maximum productivity to the benefit of my company and myself. PROFILE SUMMARY:

● A qualified Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer with an experience of almost 4 years.

● Extensive experience in Quality Control, Testing & Analysis of equipment.

● Expertise in designing and engineering of Industrial Process Measurement, Control Instrumentation, Interfacing automated valves

● Sound understanding of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems

(SCADA), Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), Electrical Systems and Distributed Control System Panel Designing, Program Implementation, and Human Machine Interface (HMI). ORGANISATIONAL EXPERIENCE:

Company: Micro Pneumatics Private Limited- A Kitz Group Company. Position: Proposal & Sales Engineer

Period: From May 2015 to June 2016

Job Profile:

● To evaluate customer bid requirements, specifications, and other pertinent data.

● To assure proposed equipment meets technical and performance requirements.

● To prepare Techno-commercial proposals using available information for standard products for “Valve & valve automation system” related enquiries. For nonstandard products, have to coordinate with design team regarding possibility of supplying the same.

● To follow-up with customer to know the current status of the proposal which we have submitted to them & assigned under my name.

● To visit customer place time to time to know about new projects which are coming.

● Support & assist External Sales Engineers to achieve desired sales target by participating in technical discussion with customer & to help them in compiling the data of project.

● Support production/planning/design team by providing them the exact information of customer requirement & to ensure smooth order execution.

● Technical offer preparation involves following points;

Selection of Ball, Butterfly& sometimes Plug valve for different media, Pressure, Temperature, location, & customer requirement.

Selection of Actuator as per the valve torque, opening/closing time requirement, location (For MOC & Seals) & its type (Single acting / Double acting) as per the condition & available air pressure available at customer site.

Selection of Solenoid valve as per the type of Actuator (Namur/Non Namur), Timing requirement for opening & closing of the actuator, & the most important “Location” (Location does matters in selection of enclosure of SOV, Seal material, Insulation, Current rating, Temperature rating etc.).

Selection of Limit switch, Manual override, Positioner, Air Filter & Regulator, & Other accessories like Volume booster, Non return valve, Pressure relief valve, Equalizing valve etc. Customer: Indofil Industries Limited:

Greenfield Facility for Agrochemical Plant When my senior & I started, nobody took us seriously but we kept on trying from the grass root level and at the end we got the whole order. This order value is highest ever single order for the company. Customer: Cipla Ltd, Patalganga.

The main challenge over here was to convenience the customer to use our product. They were more concerned about price rather than quality. But at the end of day we got the order on premium after I worked on plant level & convinced the end user by showing him our product quality & endurance.

Company: Micro Pneumatics Private Limited- A Kitz Group Company. Position: Quality Control & Testing Engineer

Period: From Sept 2012 to May 2015

Job profile:

Pre-Production Inspection-(Materials Inspection - Incoming and In-House)

Conducting Visual & Dimensional Check of raw-materials, to match buyer specifications and decrease quality risks

Interact & explain vendors the importance of the raw-material with regard to quality & dimensions

Maintaining quality standards for incoming materials, while ensuring stringent adherence to quality standards, norms & practices

Examine the making of prototypes/samples, to make sure that manufacturing unit understood the technical requirements of the product

In-Line/In-Process Inspection

Conducting After-Machining &Dimensional Check during assembly-process

Inspecting the first products out of the assembly line, for conformity

Recommending corrective actions that can be taken immediately to avoid delays Final Inspection

Performing quality analysis of finished products, and checking conformity against a list of criteria defined by the buyer

(criteria such as product quantity, workmanship, function, safety, aspect, size, packing)

Conducting Hydro & Pneumatic tests at pre-shipment stage

Maintaining Final Inspection Records

Quality Assurance

Testing the valves according to class ratings and certifying them in accordance with API & BIS Standards

Handling Traceability & Calibration of instruments

Preparing, coordinating, facilitating and following up process audit

Preparing & Maintaining QAP, and ensuring quality assurance for new products in manufacturing by inspection control in various stages, also process control as per standard

Developing a framework of quality standards, procedures & systems and overseeing smooth implementation at client end

Preparing Control Plans, FMEA, and Process Flow Diagrams for newly developed product

Preparing and certifying test reports, as well as updating and maintaining Final Testing Records

Implementing quality tools to ensure process capability as per specification requirements

Implementing improvement and corrective action plans

Working on development of new designs at effective cost and providing effective measures to reduce rejection rate

Offer Inspection for projects held by clients/3 party (inspection agency) PROJECT EXPERIENCE:


Played the Role of a Quality Control Engineer.

Tasks Undertaken:

Perform inspection of incoming products, materials or customer items according to job order, such as -measure and record the dimension of components/parts using measuring instruments and analyse the findings for discrepancy; - perform non-destructive test or hardness test (if necessary) and analyse findings and raise report where necessary.

Perform initial inspection and raise report.

Perform in-process inspection according to procedures and customer's specifications. Raise report whenever necessary.

Perform final inspection of items including dimensional, NDT and hardness to ensure that all quality requirements or API specifications have been achieved. Analyse result and decide the acceptance level of the final product.

Raise non-conformance report and submit to QA Manager.

Interact with customers and attend to their needs. Client: Indian Oil Refineries

Played the Role of a Quality Control Engineer.

Tasks Undertaken:

Provide technical support to operating facilities for problem solving related to valves and their components, and develop recommendations to reduce or eliminate premature failures.

Provide technical support during the capital project FEL process to provide appropriate input for any valve-related issues.

Assist with the development and implementation of valve standards and best practices so that continuous improvement can be accomplished corporate-wide in design, operation, and maintenance of valves. Ensure that valve purchasing, manufacturing, testing and maintenance best practices are captured and are made available throughout the business unit.

Assist with input to knowledge networks, particularly the Valve NoE, and site personnel to share valve-related problems and failures, as well as corrective measures taken.

Coordinate the Valve NoE membership and activities for comments and feedback

Work with appropriate personnel to develop, implement & maintain a knowledge management system to capture appropriate valve data, update equipment records & repair histories, and provide information to update relevant company engineering standards.

Provide technical input to qualification of rebuild shops, as well as shop repair and testing procedures.

Assist with support to Procurement Services on development and maintenance of approved valve manufacturers list, and to ensure acceptable material quality and supplier QA/QC.

Coordinate with corporate valve emissions program personnel to develop best practices for fugitive emission compliance efforts, including appropriate packing designs.

Keep up with new developments in applicable valve industry codes and regulatory compliance issues. INTERNSHIP:

Organisation : Sky Lab Instruments Limited, Mumbai Period/Duration : 2 Weeks

Scope : Automation& Circuit design of Biomedical Instruments used in Medical Laboratories INDUSTRIAL VISITS:

• HMT Ltd. (Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd.), Bangalore

• Binani Zinc Ltd., Cochin

• FACT Ltd., Cochin


Title : Automated Vehicles for Physically & Visually Challenged Methodologies Used : Embedded C Programming

Tools Used : Microcontroller(AT89V51), Ultrasonic Sensors, Driver Circuits (L298IC), DC Motor, Stepper Motor, LCD

Objective : Design and development of a 3 Wheeled Robot fitted with Ultrasonic Sensor to help physically & visually challenged people to travel alone

Title : Transmitting SMS (text messages) usingLandline Telephone Set Methodologies Used : DTMFDecoding/Encoding, Ring Sensing, Hook Detection, Displaying message on LCD Tools Used : Microcontroller AT89S8252, Telephone (Built In DTMF Encoder), Keypad, LCD, DTMF Cross Pt.Switch, DTMF Decoder

Objective : Use of DTMF Technology (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) and Micro-controller to send signals ACADEMIC DETAILS:

● BE (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from Karunya University, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India) in 2010 with 70%.

● Diploma of Engineering (Electronics and Communication) from S. A. Rajas Polytechnic, Nagercoil, Tamilnadu, India

(Directorate of Technical Education) in 2006 with 74%. CERTIFICATION:

● Programming in Embedded C


● Languages : C, C++,

● Technical Software’s : VLSI, EMBEDDED C

● Computer Skills : MS Word, MS Office.


● Secured Runners up Awards in Debate Competitions, conducted by Carmelite Convent English High School-Mumbai

● Participated in Playing Musical Instruments competition at the district level. DECLARATION:

I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true and I will contribute my best efforts to the fullest extent in achieving the objectives of the organization if an opportunity is given to serve in. Place: Cleveland.

Date: 3/04/2019 Vineetha Sara Joseph

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