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Supply Chain Management, Electronics & Communications Engineer

Laguna, Philippines
March 27, 2019

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Unit * Block ** Lot ** Gumamela St. Villa Adelina II Pulo, Cabuyao Laguna

Telephone No. Office (+63)

Cell +63-917-***-****


e-mail Address:



Age : 42

Weight : 140 lbs.

Height : 5’ 6.5”

Birthday : May 23, 1976

Birth Place : Tuguegarao Cagayan

Father’s Name : Napoleon I. Gay-ya

Mother’s Name : Leonora S. Gay-ya


School Date of Graduation


Cembo Elementary School March 1989


Guadalupe Catholic School April 1, 1993


Technological University of the Philippines March 26, 1998


Bachelor of Science in Electronics and

Communication Engineering



Board Exam Date : November 4 and 5, 1998

Profession : Electronics and Communication Engineer

License No. : 0017451


Position Organization

Member Organization of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Students (OECES School Chapter)

Member Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineers of the

Philippines Incorporated (IECEP Inc.)


Latest Job

Companies Name : Procter and Gamble Philippines, Inc.

Address : #10 Main Avenue, Light Industry & Science Park I

Date : Feb. 22, 1999 – Nov. 30, 2015

Procter & Gamble is a global consumer products company with more than 300 brands in more than 140 countries. About 1,000 sites around the world are involved in developing, manufacturing, warehousing and distributing our products. A large number of these sites are contractors and licensees.

Our products include foods and beverages, cosmetics and fragrances, beauty care products, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, medical devices, paper products, soaps and laundry products.

Our products are often subject to government regulations, which dictate minimum quality standards, and in some cases, methods of manufacturing. In many countries such regulation are called GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). Procter & Gamble is committed to assuring that our products not only meet the expectation of our consumers, but also comply with all applicable laws and regulations. P&G is committed to quality products. For all of our businesses, P&G has established our own internal policies and procedures to assure the quality of all our products. All employees share our Company’s responsibility of meeting these requirements.

Position: External Supply Solutions Leader

Department: Site - {F&HC (Bars and Dry Laundry), Personal Cleansing Care, Baby Care and Fem Care}

Term of Service: Jul 2012 - Nov 2015

Position: Contract Manufacturing Leader/Service Provider Leader

Department: Paper - Baby Care and Fem Care

Term of Service: Jul 2007 – Dec 2011


Own & Manage all the Contract Manufacturing Supply Chain Sites/Leadership Team to ensure all daily/weekly targets, task and responsibilities are achieved which are key to account operation. Ensure all Suppliers meets monthly volume requirements while keeping positive Business Partner relationships.

Execute WPI (Work Process Improvement) & SWP (Standard work Process) to all systems & areas of opportunity.

Performs pre-work, online audits & checks on Processes, Systems to ensure compliance to Quality Assurance, Health Safety & Environment, Security & Risk Management, Project Management, & Change Management.

To plan, coordinate, supervise and report upon the work activities of all Contract Manufacturing; providing effective communication, leadership, motivation, inspiration, training & development.

Enables the ESS Team to be a self-sufficient organization by being the Site ESS Key User for all SAP system transactions & a Process Engineer for all ESS Supply Chain operations.

Maintaining Standard Operating Procedures and ensuring best practices are aligned with Supplier & Customer requirements.

Develop in-depth knowledge of the Supplier business while running its Supply Chain. Serve as a liaison between the Plant and Contract Manufacturing counterparts to monitor account issues and implement solutions to address such concerns.

Manage, Control & Improve all operational results, Productivity, KPIs and Cost structure to budget and desired targets.

Deliver the very best possible service from all Contract Manufacturers to support the ever-changing needs of the plant.

Promote positive Active Leadership styles. Ensure all Contract Manufacturing Leadership Team engage effectively with the plant’s operation and plans and execute actions to improve Site scorecards.

Develops operations plans and budgets based on goals and objectives.

Create and maintain a culture of continuous improvement plus a positive working environment.

Develop systems to improve CM operations through innovation and out of the box thinking. Develop a strategic plan for the development of Contract Manufacturing accounts.

Work as part of the Contract Manufacturing Management team in developing both personnel and operational processes to improve the overall business operation.

Engage with F&HC LT, PCC LT, Baby Care LT, Fem Care Leadership & Contract Manufacturing Leadership to bring new ideas to the table.

Lead plus network across all functions involved to complete the W2W inventory checking preparation and activity (accounting, reconciliation, and adjustment).

Position: Technical Team System Owner

Department: Paper - Baby Care Pampers Line 5

Term of Service: Jan 2012 - Jun 2012

Develops process systems, troubleshooting skills, Preventive Maintenance procedures, maintenance OPLs/JSAs for all equipments and shares knowledge to the rest of the team.

Plan and schedule SAP based maintenance work order on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and Planned Intervention basis.

Manage scheduled maintenance execution by synchronizing storeroom & purchasing to deliver the needed spare parts, contractor support & special tools.

Has in-depth knowledge of Line Safe Practices/ JSAs, CBAs, Centerlines, Troubleshooting & Maintenance and the rationale for such; and develop the same in the team.

Well versed in static and dynamic centerline settings of the converter and knows the adjustments needed to put back the process into centerline.

Develop low-cost operating solutions for use in low-income markets.

Identify and develop plans for system improvements to deliver benchmark cost and quality.

Networking and benchmarking of reliability loss with Global/Regional/Site counterparts.

Get involved in quality loss elimination as well as quality product defect elimination by working with resources (TOSO & PE).

Create, maintain, disseminate, ensure high accuracy & completeness of SAP M&S work orders & notifications.

Ensure that all AM/PM & IDD tasks will be included in the team plan, are executed following the correct CBAs/JSAs/Safe Practices, tracked and reported monthly.

Position: Paper Logistics Leader

Department: Paper – Baby Care and Fem Care

Term of Service: Sep 2005 – Jun 2007

Role: This role is designed to provide support to paper logistics and contract manufacturing operation for resolving supply chain issues from materials receiving to FG’s deliveries. This individual is the primary accountability point for all SAP movements, accuracy of inventories, data integrity and invoice settlement. He/she must lead SAP initiatives for the module, implement new systems for PE/IM and streamline logistics work processes of PLCO and IHCM operation. Key responsibilities include:


Run MRKO report monthly & reconcile inventory of consignment materials with the vendor.

Resolve payables issues like blocked invoices, GR/IR imbalances, demurrage charges & backhauling charges.

Develop systems to improve PLCO operations, conduct online audits on processes & systems.

Improve system to handle Baby/Fem Care waste, track monthly scraps generated & cost of handling & disposal.

Conduct month-end inventory count in all locations own.

Conduct analysis of PLCO operational gaps & IRA misses.

Improve PLCO standards on 5S & perform SIP audits.

Ensure control in place in all work processes & conduct CSA audit.

Reporting updates/progress of system/areas to supply system leadership.

Providing service provider direction on priorities for the time of critical or emergency situation.

Contribute the loss elimination savings from the PLCO area.

Attending module DMS, responsible for resolving issues in PLCO system/areas.

Manage, Control & Improve Cost structure.

Position: Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) Engineer

Department: Paper – Baby Care Pampers Line 3

Term of Service: Jun 2002 – Aug 2005

Job Summary: Manage all systems both electrical and electromechanical in Pampers Line 3.


Maintaining high electrical system reliability primarily on PLC, Converters, Osprey and ADP.

Flow to the work and help resolve electrical issues by developing root cause analysis and recommending solutions.

Lead the team on electrical PM tasks and will ensure audits are properly executed.

Coach and train teams on electrical equipment & process systems, troubleshooting skills and PM procedures that are related to Converter primarily and also Osprey & ADP, while maintaining the solid performance of the Baby Care Electrical Safety Program.

Led the rebuild and preparation of all electrical equipment, ensuring that training & demo unit is always available and reliable.

Works with Module PC&IS Engineer to execute Power and Controls portion of process upgrades including program updates, CQV support, and TT&T.

Position: Advanced Diaper Packaging (ADP) System Engineer

Department: Paper – Baby Care

Term of Service: Jun 2002 – Aug 2005

Job Summary: Manage all systems both electrical and electromechanical in the Advanced Diaper Packaging machine.

Major Duties:

Coach line shift team on all Advanced Diaper Packaging equipment & process systems.

Develops process/troubleshooting/maintenance OPLs/JSAs and update old ones as necessary; transfer learning’s to the team.

Manage electrical dynamic and static centerline documentation.

Manage mechanical dynamic and static centerline documentation.

Develop a ROOT CAUSE (why-why) analysis for major downtime(s).

Conducts shiftly process audits for the ADP area and inputs readings to Quality Windows.

Conducts Audio/Visual Inspection.

Leads in changeovers in the Advanced Diaper Packaging.

Maintain appearance standards for the ADP area via execution of process clean up & inspection.

Position: Line Quality Engineer

Department: Paper – Baby Care

Term of Service: Jun 2002 - Aug 2005

Job Summary: Manage the quality system within the converter and packing areas. Leads quality initiatives and project improvements

Major Duties:

Has a thorough understanding of the Laboratory standards, equipment & processes and teaches the same to the team.

Well-versed in the execution of Lab Quality measurements and the HOLD & REWORK Procedure.

Coach line shift team on all Lab Quality equipment & process systems.

Has in-depth knowledge of Lab Quality Safe Practices/JSAs, CBAs, Centerlines, Troubleshooting & Maintenance and the rationale for such; and develop the same in the team.

Develops process/troubleshooting/maintenance CBAs/JSAs and update old ones as necessary; transfer learning’s to the team.

Position: Paper Logistics

Department: Paper – Baby Care and Fem Care

Term of Service: Nov 2000 – May 2002

Manage daily SAP transactions ( PE/IM ) for both IHCM and PLCO, coordinate issues and lead resolution

Lead invoice settlement on time for consignment materials

Streamline logistics work processes to improve productivity and reduce toll fees, PLCO services

Manage SAP encoding accuracy, IRA execution in all locations ( PAD0, 1, 3 & 4, CM00 & 01, ATI1 )

Reconcile Bulks, FGs, pack mats, and raw materials and lead variances resolution on time and accurate

SPOC for SAP resolution across the module

Support / back-up of PLCO / IHCM Owner

Train contractors in SAP execution and other SAP system owners for PE / IM for the module

Lead vertical start-up of paper logistics contract operation and validate work processes

Provide documentations of Logistics work processes, CBAs, SOPs, and OPL

Execute logistics operation and lead resolution of issues

Manage quality of shuttling, handling, and storage of materials and maintain warehouse orderliness

Manage quality of raw materials, track issuance to the line and document movements

Lead reconciliation of raw and packing materials inventory on time and accurate

Position: Production Engineer

Department: Paper – Baby Care

Term of Service: Feb 1999 - Oct 2000

Key responsibilities include:

Lead the team in delivering key Production Quality Cost Distribution Safety Moral (PQCDSM) results, loss elimination, and team capability development in equipment, technical mastery, and systems for Area 1, 2, 3, & 4 of the Pampers Converting Line.

Track and analyze the Area 1 (Ancillaries, Millhouse to Initial Knife Unit), Area 2 (P77 Units, BLC, DFS, Fabric, Glue), Area 3 (Taper, P85, CSB, Folders, Final Knife, Bifolder, Glue, Lotion), Area 4 (ADP Stacker and Bagger, Code daters, Metal Detectors and FP conveyors)performance of the line, benchmark versus other lines/sites, and communicate it to the team.

Know development/issues/gaps in the Area and communicate the information to the team.

Updates the Area block of the Focus/Follow-up Board of the line.

Works unresolved process issues with identified resources within the line/site/region.

Lead the team on Loss elimination efforts and reapplication of improvements/kaizens for the area – cost reduction focus.

Operate and maintain Area 1, 2, 3 & 4 of a Diaper Converting Line.


Ensure all area critical tasks have updated JSAs/Safety Practices

Train all team members to understand and follow area JSAs/safety practices

Identify and eliminate unsafe conditions


Understand and track the quality variables and attributes impacted by the output of the area

Execute material rejection procedure as applicable

Execute glue cap tests

Check pad quality for the area impacted attributes and variables


Understand and execute process control strategy in the area

Conduct the shiftly & process audit for the area and input readings in the QW

Check GCAS codes and record material lot numbers in the MU form

Work with resources (TSO / TOSO / PE) to resolve process issues; writes down issues, countermeasures, and results on the follow-up board

Develops ROOT CAUSE (why-why) analysis for major downtime(s) and stops.


Update and improve Clean Inspect Lubricate (CIL) standards and CIL time from Global AM database

Maintain Clean Inspect Lubricate (CIL) appearance standards in the area via execution of process clean-up & inspection

Schedule and execute Static and Audio-Visual Inspection

Identify area defects and lead/follow-up elimination

Feedback progress on area measures to AM team

Execute PM & IDD tasks in the area following the correct CBAs and Safe Practices/JSAs

Seek out reapplication ideas on Global MP database, ISIS and add own kaizen’s to it

Lead changeover pre-work and execution for the area


Computer literate (Windows and Microsoft Office)

Knowledge in Electrical and Electronics wiring and installation

Knowledge in Basic communication facilities installation

SAP 720 (Systems, Application & Products in data processing) key user (Maintenance and Storeroom, Production Execution, Purchase Order, Inventory Management (Logistics Transactions))

Lift Truck (Operations & Maintenance)

Knowledge in Diaper (Pampers) & Napkin (Whisper) Production (Operations & Maintenance)

Initiative Management

Electrical troubleshooting


A) Industrial Orientation Program - School Year 1993-1994

Electrical – Electronics Department and integrated Courses Organization

Technological University of the Philippines

B) Solar Energy, Laser Technology, Electroneumatics, Computer Networking, & Cellular Telecommunications - Dec 1-2, 1993

ET-EST Department and Integrated Course Organization

College of Industrial Technology

Integrated Research and Training Center

Technological University of the Philippines

C) Optical Fibers - Mar 12, 1996

Organization of Electronics and Communication Engineering Students

College of Engineering

Integrated Research and Training Center

Technological University of the Philippines

D) Satellite Communication - Jan 22, 1997

Organization of Electronics and Communication Engineering Students

Integrated Research and Training Center

Technological University of the Philippines

E) 1st IIEE-CSC Mega Seminar

Function Room A and B, Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall

a) Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) - Jan 15, 1998

FESTO Incorporated

b) Optical Fibers - Jan 16, 1998

International Communications Corporation

c) Instrumentation and Process Control - Jan 16, 1998

Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC)

F) Global Equipment & Parts Data Base Registration & Automatic Purchase Requisition

Procter and Gamble Philippines, Inc.

G) SAP 4.5-Training for Production Execution

Procter and Gamble Philippines, Inc.

H) SAP 4.5-Maintenance & Storeroom

Procter and Gamble Philippines, Inc.

I) SAP 4.5-Inventory Management

Procter and Gamble Philippines, Inc.

J) Electrical & Instrumentation – Nov 2004

Procter and Gamble Philippines, Inc.

K) PLC Training - May 2005

Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley Philippines) 10F Ayala Life – FGU Center 6811 Ayala Avenue Makati City 1226

L) Quality Maintenance Training – Aug 2005

Procter and Gamble Philippines, Inc.

M) Quality Assurance Key Elements Silver Platter Refresher Training - November 2005

Procter and Gamble Philippines, Inc.

N) Finance for Non-Finance Cost Center Owner Training – Sep 2006

Procter and Gamble Philippines, Inc.

O) Finance for Non-Finance Cost Center Owner Training – Oct 17, 2008

Procter and Gamble Philippines, Inc.

P) Initiatives Management Basic College - Mar 10-12, 2010

Procter and Gamble Philippines, Inc.

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Expected: Php 65,000 Negotiable


Ric Narvasa Diane Arboleda

P&G Phil. Laundry Cost Engineer ABLE CEO

Direct: +63-02-558-**** Direct: (+63)-02-

Cell: +63-920-***-**** Cell: +63-917-***-****

Daniel Vanderwolf

DHL Supply Chain Australia Site Manager

Cell: +61-439-***-***

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