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Senior Design and Experience Strategist

Oakland, CA
March 27, 2019

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Strategy • • Oversaw markets business Ensured and and segmentations; Branding for and stakeholders qualitative product validated Consultant, developed and and and that quantitative technology for work New the case-outcomes larger York, specific teams, research corporation. NY market align persona programs with and models. specific brand across Intel colleagues, major market global key targets January Specific iCrossing, • • • • • Ignite Nike+ pitch measurement GSK including communications Infinite tracking Latin country confidence profit bulls client 2007 New Avodart for American transmedia Venture Fuel – work Light: publicity March performance what York, treatment (about R/of (Canada)Helped and became GA)Partners, 2013 note: NY Bottled principles drinking campaign organization : tracking Target direction create platform : the Investigation Water pro-Nike water identification for to a bono: and business Association: support the created designed Fuelband, choices education brand Brand into the to case and for for urologist/architecture reframe a bottled Developed fitness for urban families, to persona craft a theater water how and centers patient effective children, development strategic development exercise the industry and public office motion marketing and basis offer interaction and perceives adults for for for around create a non- and successful a 32- pit Director of Market Research, July 2011 – November 2011 RAPP, • New LG multiple savvy Electronics: York, web digital presence NY Built channels strategies and platforms, to communicate including client a user-brands friendly effectively and business- through Associate Used architectures, Crispin, • • qualitative Gardasil Cervical Nicorette helped Suck Porter Director Less and win Cancer” (+ research Merck)(with GSK)of Bogusky, social the Communications Nicorette” client : Market : Facebook media Channel insights business Miami, strategies segmentation, digital planning page to FL drive Planning, and channel for became digital work clients. channel April led advertising the to 2010 Mentored planning planning award-– December concepts, winning junior basis and persona for colleagues 2010 “Take brand the “Make development a Step Quitting Against Senior Research-communications • Cognitive Compass in a driven world Anthropologist Commercial creative colleagues of big and and small Bank: strategic and banking Made Planner, briefing Compass’ April and 2006 mid-direction – size December label for creative a 2006 competitive and advantage ROMAGOSA page 3

Research • North Coke Coca-and Zero: Cola American Strategy in Brand 22 years. beverage Consultant, pathways First business year and New media sales York, were tactics NY 34% to steer spike the and biggest 1.3% share product of $launch 90 billion for October Planned research-Doblin, • Nike 2002 Chicago, and based + conducted – iPod March strategic IL Sensor, 2006 national insight Vue Technology, to and guide international design, Johnson brand, field & Johnson research and business (Ethicon)studies. decisions, Generated Kraft, HP Senior Ethnographic E-Lab • • / Design the Pfizer portfolio. CitiCards: Sapient, Thank Consumer Planner, research The Introduced Chicago, You CHC Rewards August and Health portfolio IL innovation the 2001 Care: network. Citi was – ThankYou September Helped planning sold Helped to build Johnson Card 2002 to drive a create new and the & Sudafed leveraged new Johnson “What’s products and Your in early 2006 Benadryl Story” and digital for platforms $campaign 16.product to 6 create BB Senior Planned workshops Researcher, and to carried model Sept out future 1999 ethnographic consumer – March 2001 experiences and qualitative and research new business and client-direction. facing ideation Helped Experience • • iOptions: Intel: transition Modeling Create Create E-connected Lab, practice a a new 44-person business at experiences Sapient. research in financial to extend and design services the global consulting around brand options firm, into trading the EDUCATION University PhD Princeton BA SKILLS (Honors) and MA University of in in Chicago Anthropology Cultural Anthropology testing, concept Ethnographic persona development, and and user-customer focus centered groups, journey research, syndicated creation, qualitative research, workshop and survey quantitative planning research and research, facilitation, and design, usability vendor EPIC conference acquisition, member methods and and participant tools development (since its early days!) Fluent in Spanish and French

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